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About Me

If your company doesn’t have an Enterprise B2B LinkedIn Strategy, you’ll be slaughtered in the Digital War.  You just don’t know it, yet.  The Digital War is real…


With over 660,000,000 (that’s 660 MILLION) people on the LinkedIn (LI) platform, Market Disruption is exploding in every industry.   


Have you bothered to notice?  Or is the looming recession blinding you?


If you don’t implement a LI Strategy today, you’ll fall well behind your competitors in 12-18 months because…


The metrics show Disruption is here:


·      80% of LI Members connect with companies to enhance their product/service decisions.*

·      80% of B2B Leads come through LinkedIn.*

·      64% of corporate website hits come from LinkedIn.**

·      50% of LI Members would buy from a company via LI engagement.*

·      45% of LI article readers are in upper-level positions (Managers, VPs, Directors, C-Levels).***


Do you grasp what your competition is, or will be, doing?


The statistics are sobering. 


The smart B2B CEOs & Entrepreneurs are weaponizing LinkedIn.


You won’t survive your competitors’ Digital War, much less the looming recession…


Unless you have the courage to adapt & conquer.


We build lethal Enterprise B2B LinkedIn Strategies.   We focus on scaling your company & dominating your market.


Because if you don’t optimize your LI strategy, you show your customers & prospects that you’re either an amateur…


Or simply can’t be bothered to keep pace with technology. 


But, I’m not your average techno geek.  You won’t find anyone who’s more focused on growth in every area of life than me in addition to my work in sales, marketing, strategic planning, and leadership development. 


I’ve worked specifically with major companies like BMW, AutoNation, Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, and numerous tech startups just to name a few.


That alone makes working with me profitable for you and, frankly, just plain fun.


By the way, “it ain’t braggin’ if it’s true”.


I’m also a classical musician with firearms training; a former trusted On-Air Personality; and a recreational Ballroom, Latin, & Argentine Tango dancer, bypassing beginner’s classes in some cases, just because I thought…


“Girl, please.  You ain’t got time to play.”


Know this:  You, too, ain’t got time to play. 


Not all businesses fit the profile to drive leads from the LI platform.  Message me to see if your B2B business is a fit for a LinkedIn strategy.  


* (Source:  LinkedIn)       ** (Source: Econsultancy)       *** (Source: Omnicore Agency)