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  • This is a FaceBook Cover video we made for a client. We are offering a special price for SPN members. If you are interested contact me

        • If you use the middle icon for posting YouTube videos that will help. Wait for the preview to pop up and don’t post things with more than one preview in them.
        • @spnlocal2017 Hi Mike,
          I have tried to post a couple of times and add video (youtube) urls and have had them kicked back , FYI.
          I am also offering a package to you and SPN consisting of a Facebook Cover video, and Instagram video and an animated logo for $500 if you are interested.
          This is what the FB video looks like:

          • Use the middle icon for YouTube videos. You are also using a larger than normal format, so it may take longer to process the request than the 60 second time limit that is in place to limit the size of files people upload. It could be the size of the format.
          • Baby Chimps for Sale!! Great climbers!! It’s 2019 … you know you need video.

            Greetings, @SPN! 

            EMG is looking for new partnerships this year: • You are a company with a product or service that needs to be actively promoted.
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          • Looking to partner with Marketing, Web-Dev and SEO companies!

            • You are a Marketing/SEO/Web-DEV company without an in-house video department.
            • You want to offer high-quality social video to your client base on a consistent basis.
            • You’ve looked into forming your own video service, but realize that, in itself … is a full-time job.

            EMG is…[Read more]

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