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    Doyle Buehler How are you going to adapt & learn? https://www.linkedin.com/posts/doylebuehler_digitalstrategy-digitaltransformation-digitalmarketing-activity-6592540773856747520-GHeE
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    Paula Goodman Happy Tuesday friends! “In all that you do And all that you say It’s always ok To feel anyway!” #opism
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    Susan Gonzalez Hi glad to connect with everyone! Susan here. I write a lot about being authentic and owning all your quirks. I Board: FMA, PMA, am an active member of WIM, SEMA, CTC, SWE, SME I'm a big believer in education being free and accessible . I can come off quite loudly- so don't mind the noise, I'm like a firecracker, you won't mind once you see how beautiful the fireworks can be. LMK how I can help you. Big believer of helping 1 person, taking tiny steps of action, and micro-changes. Background is in marketing: you can see some stuff I do really well in that field on : iusuesue.com I run MFG-LIST.COM and MFG-LIST.ORG (that's really my passion) one company is 100% for profit and it pays for everything I do with MFG-LIST.ORG and keeps it free for students, schools, teachers. etc. If you are interested in partnering cross promotion, and other partnerships- reach out. I am really easy to work with (although intense) unless you are smarmy--- I can be quite the a-hole. I think everyone here has good intentions, so I'd be happy to help how I can.
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    Charlene Hey guys! This weekend, I did a soft launch of my podcast and am over the moon at the positive early reviews. If there are any Rebel or BadA$$ Leaders here who want to listen to a fresh take on an old subject, PEOPLE first, PROFITS second might be the thing that gives you the edge you are seeking. Here is the link to the first three episodes https://people-first-profits-second.simplecast.com/ 20 minutes each episode, weekly, with actionable items The full launch will happen when Apple sends its verification codes for iTune play.
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    Mike O'Connor Well, I wasn't going to say anything, but I feel like keeping the secret won't help much, so I'm dropping a bit of news here. I paid for the development of the #SPN app so development is underway. It will be done by and available through Google and Apple by December.
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    Craig Wasilchak "The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."
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    David Lester Are you planning on leasing some commercial property? Make sure to pay attention to these potential hidden costs in a commercial lease. https://lesterandlester.com/hidden-costs-commercial-lease/
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    Susan Rooks Finishing up part 2 of my "Make the Most of Your LinkedIn Profile" presentations, this time focusing ways to succeed on the platform once a great profile is up. Also breaking it into its segments for articles on LI and other platforms.
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    John Frazer Hey guys, was wondering your thoughts on goal setting? I definitely believe having goals is very important, but I've noticed that there are several things wrong about the way we normally set goals... Here's 5 things wrong with 99% of people's goals, and the surprising solution to fix them! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82iFSpezoNk #success #goals #goalsetting #lifegoals
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    Timothy Hughes #TimTalk How Social Media Can Drive Social Mobility https://youtu.be/0x72g9OZNvw via @YouTube
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    Jared J. Wiese ❝What a BANNER!❞ #ProfilePopUp #236 for #ProfilesThatPOP #jobs... Watch the whole thing to learn the most! WHY IT MATTERS➤ ❝You've got 7 seconds... for 1st impressions!❞ Don't be lucky! What 🅿🅾🅿ped for you? 😜 YOU've got this! Better LinkedIn ROI: + LIKE often + COMMENT thoughtfully + SHARE what you love! Win-Win-Win: + COMMENT & TAG "@Profiles That POP" + FOLLOW my hashtag(s) and company + SUBSCRIBE & ring the 🔔 on YouTube Need more help? bit .ly/iWantToPOP #Careers #socialmedia #PlusOnePledge #CareerAdvice #CareerPivot #365give
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    Bruce Jolliff I invite you to listen to my latest podcast....in this episode I share some of the best tips and advice for properly setting up, running and dealing with nuances of running a Cannabis based business from a CPA's perspective. #cannabis #hemp #cpa #cannabiscommunity #cannabisbusiness #cannabisnews #cannabiscpa https://realcannabisentrepreneur.com/blog/podcasts/cannabis-accounting-101-maximize-deductions-avoid-audits-regulation-compliance-issues-bruce-jolliff-cpa/
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    Ben Reynolds www.TheSourcingDepartment.com From Container load to 1 piece, we got you covered at The Sourcing Department. Serving retailers and wholesalers since 2001. Check us out.
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