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    Doyle Buehler How long do you want your business to survive? Are you a flash in the pan, or a slow-cooked masterpiece?
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    Claudiu Szenasi Next time you go to the range, challenge yourself with 20 shots at 75'!
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    Kelly I can relate for sure!!
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    Christina @kelly @delcie Thank you for connecting! I hope you have a great rest of the week 🙂
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    John O'Connor I found this way too funny.
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    Troy Brewer via DCN Movies part of the Discover Community Network
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    Thomas Jackson There's a riot going on. In the past week my LinkedIn articles have taken the reader to The Raffles Hotel, nightclub bathrooms, through a long shift at the flower shop, describing what the silly emojis represent and so much more. If the sun has risen or set I have probably published. I don't want to barrage connections with four hundred notifications per year. I respond to comments and appreciate the reads.
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    Trimaine Clark This is some true stuff.
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    Bernie Fussenegger I love connecting with my connections on other social channels to really learn more about them and how they approach the different channels. Look forward to learning more from you.
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    Brandon Taft One of the best movements to target your chest muscles is the dumbell chest fly. This movement is a great chest exercise because it is taking your chest through a full range of motion allowing the pectoral muscles to get a full stretch and full contraction. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when doing this chest exercise with dumbells. 1) Use a weight that you can handle without losing form This is very important since this exercise puts a lot of stress on the edge of your chest. If you go too heavy you can suffer a pec tear and it is just unnecessary for this movement to receive good muscle stimulation. 2) Keep your elbows slightly bent - This will keep stress off of your shoulders and elbows but still allow you to keep the focus on your chest. 3) Go down as deep as you can comfortably and move the weight in an arcing motion rather than a pressing movement This will allow you to fully stretch and contract the chest muscles and is working on one of the functions of the chest which is to bring your arms across your body. Try doing this for 3 sets of 12 in your next chest workout for an awesome pump! If you found this video helpful make sure to subscribe to the channel and share with someone who is learning how to exercise so we can help them out! I appologize if this posted a few times i wasn't sure if it actually went through or not lol.
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    Terry Bean Website is working. Yay. Thanks to those who looked. This group is cool AND cares.
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    mpmboevink it's absolute madness to have a desktopphone these days. be professional is key as well get your office line on mobile is the way to go
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    Sam Hurley 🧠 Did you know customers ‘FEEL’ first, and ‘THINK’ afterwards? 🧠 The power of emotion is your No.1 priority... Go beyond happiness, sadness, pride etc. 👀 [ #marketing #sales #psychology #emotion ] It's time to look much deeper! 3 Super-Persuasive Emotions You Haven't Used (To Influence Sales): 👈👈 [click here] 👈👈
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    vinay Right now I'm in process for looking for the best (cost + design) book cover and formatting company. Curious if anyone has any recommendations? So far I have two quotes, one is 1500 and one is 700. Any thoughts, Im all ears - thanks network!
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    Bill Guest ARe you into #antiques ? we have an awesome estate sale in #elmhurst this Wednesday and Thursday. Items from early 1900s and some #MCM Furniture as well #midcenturymodern
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