• Craig Fry wrote on Mike O'Connor's Wall 5 months, 1 week ago

    @spnlocal2017 Mike,
    Having trouble adding posts. I paste text in the box, post it and it says the link you are trying to use has expired? It’s been doing it for days. What am I doing wrong? Is it broken?

    • Adding any type of post in particular? Are you on Chrome? I having issues with Google Chrome apparently the last few days. I have that issue isolated, so I working on a patch there. Are you having trouble adding links or posts in general?

      • Yes google chrome. It has been doing weird things for a couple weeks. I did finally get a post to take but I did it on the wall instead of the activity section. Still trying to really understand how to navigate most effectively.

        • For some reason people using Google Chrome have been issues since one of my last updates. I have fixed a couple google chrome issues over the last couple days, but it’s been a pain. Every other browser seems to be working right. I considering a few changes in regards to themes and layout.