• Craig Fry posted an update 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    A college student finished her undergraduate degree and desired to earn a masters.

    She had worked diligently, earned good grades, and put herself in position to qualify. She was confident in the OUTCOME and submitted her application only to be DENIED.

    Disappointed, she got a job, married, and a few years later was expecting a child.

    She still desired a master’s degree. She decided to try again and was accepted.

    Excited, she was certain she could handle the program and a new baby.

    She soon realized the baby was due the first day of class. After a few days of self-pity and questioning WHY, she decided to trust that God knew best and declined acceptance. She felt peace and no longer questioned why. She was happy.

    Two questions.

    Do we put our trust in desired OUTCOMES?
    Do we put our trust in God who knows us perfectly?

    Desired OUTCOMES may happen, but if not, what? Discouragement and disappointment.

    Trust in God, leads to trusting in His process of becoming our best, so if a desired outcome doesn’t happen, we still trust good things will come.

    Does that mean we should not set goals, work hard, and have dreams? No.

    Each step is important, and helps us along the way of becoming our best.

    Is your trust in desired outcomes or God’s process?