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    Bernie Fussenegger I love connecting with my connections on other social channels to really learn more about them and how they approach the different channels. Look forward to learning more from you.
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    Terry Bean Website is working. Yay. Thanks to those who looked. This group is cool AND cares.
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    Sam Hurley 🧠 Did you know customers ‘FEEL’ first, and ‘THINK’ afterwards? 🧠 The power of emotion is your No.1 priority... Go beyond happiness, sadness, pride etc. 👀 [ #marketing #sales #psychology #emotion ] It's time to look much deeper! 3 Super-Persuasive Emotions You Haven't Used (To Influence Sales): 👈👈 [click here] 👈👈
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    Brigitte Jowanka Bamboo €200_58x42cm_22,83x16,53inch big size.
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    Amy Just got a button for my phone. I love it
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    Lisa It wasn't long ago when I hated my life. I was commuting to a corporate job and spent years traveling 3 weeks a month. I was terrified to start my own business. I had to pay for a wedding, college loans we're kicking in and I had no real cash savings to speak of. At almost 50 this was really sticking my toes over the ledge. But I figured I'd swing the bat HARD and swing I did. I had no idea who my customer was or WTF I was selling (those things changed daily). The bootstrapping SUCKED. I was practically working my butt off for free just to get clients. Then it hit me. See, that first year I forgot who I was. I lost sight of .... 🎸My 20 years business experience 🎸 The hours I spent teaching myself to play lead guitar 🎸 The thousands of dollars on books courses and training to learn what I needed to know to rise 🎸The year I spent taking 4 busses 3x a week to get to a class 30 miles from home 🎸The six years I homeschooled my kids and while running a biz 🎸 The selling of my brothers old shit on eBay to pay the mortgage when I was a single mom. 🎸 The endless and relentless pursuit to learn how to code 🎸 The rise in Corp life from data entry to VP 🎸 The person who walked on Fire at #UPW 🎸The girl who stayed in the house as a young kid while friends were out having a good time to master my instrument. 🎸The person who always stepped up and never GAVE up We ALL have this list. Sit and think about how you overcame or accomplished in the past. Write it down. You'll be shocked. You can have what you want if you want it enough. Where are things today? Trippled sales year over year, man, kids and house of my dreams and never ever forgetting who the HELL I am. (Pardon my French) List your badassery below.
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    Bruce Jolliff
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    scottyschindler Here is a funny one for you all.
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    Jonathan Shoff Own a business in 2018? Unsure of what QBI is? Don't miss out on one of the largest tax deductions this season! See the link for more info:
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    Patrick O'Connor As a small business owner, father, and all-around busy guy this is kinda true.
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    Warwick Shirreff Hello all, Some of you have already joined Webtalk, the new communication platform that is so much more than just Social Media.All the benefits of Linkedin and Facebook and more.. use it as a CRM to group, file, sort, your contacts (personal and private - separately), your prospects, your upline, your downline, your alumni, friends, family, etc. The Beta phase is drawing to a close... Official launch is 30 January If you join in Beta phase you can share in the profits from advertising sales to any of your referees.... It's Free to Join, but you need an invite, which you will find at... Cheers Warwick
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    Andy Vargo Stop being a selfish asshole! In today's video we get to the heart of authenticity about how selfish you are being when you are not Owning Your Awkward!
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    Andy Schulkind Trying to keep my head above water, Mike. We should talk by phone later in the week.
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    Carrie Castillo Good afternoon #SPN! I am so excited to finally have the information I need to share my new business. #BodyLabUSA – Illinois will be holding two inaugural vendor fairs this fall. I would like to invite everyone in the Midwest area to attend and help me kick off my franchise of a very lucrative niche industry. The first show is September 21, 2019 at American Legion Post #57 in Elgin, Illinois. I am still accepting vendors and speakers for this event. The second show is November 23, 2019 at my VFW, Post 2164, Wheaton, Illinois. This event is no longer taking vendors or speakers because I already sold out spaces!! If you are interested in being a vendor or would like more information please contact me at [email protected]
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    Erin Graybill Ellis, M.A. I got my YouTube Channel set up! So far only 2 videos uploaded but I should be able to get more done soon.
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