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    Mike O'Connor 1% daily improvements add up quicker than you may realize.
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    Tina Oliver posted a photo
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    Rachael Gossard I am not on LinkedIn so lets connect on #instagram:
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    Doyle Buehler Digital is dysfunctional. We’re still learning how to actually use it and make it work. Properly.
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    sherilally #truth
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    Ben "Storm" Ringgenberg "Flames from the sky" by the Lost Monarchs. It's one of my favorite songs to play and people seem to love to jam with it. @guitarist-for-hire, I, and the rest of the band will be playing it on a tour of California this summer. I can't wait and hope some of you guys can perhaps make one of our shows! good to see you on here, Schmidty!
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    Craig Wasilchak LinkedIn link generation starts with building a strong profile and some good relationships!
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    Kelly Sorry...not sorry
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    aaron kurasz It was a good day!
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    Ira Bowman Here's a remote operations opening: #ProjectHelpYouGrow
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    James Marvin Here's my blog posts to date around the topic save water, save money. It includes so far: Why is saving water important? A beginner's guide to how to conserve water - 32 tips for the home and Free water saving devices available in the UK. Do you realise how much water you waste when washing your hands.
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    David R. Smith Greetings All, I have awesome news that I want to share with everyone. After much consideration, I am reviving David R. Smith Consulting Services. Over the last several months, reliable sources have informed me that there is a large need in the Dallas area for excellent Accountants and Bookkeepers. Businesses are looking to outsource this service but are having trouble finding reliable and competent resources. With over 30 years in the industry I have the experience and knowledge necessary to help these businesses. Being a QuickBooks expert is a bonus since 90% of most small businesses use QuickBooks. If you are aware of anyone in the Dallas area who could use my services, send them my way! Here is a link to my website . They can contact me via email or call me. Thank you for your help and support!! David Smith
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    Jonathan Shoff Awareness is a powerful thing. Remember when you looked back on a big project you have completed in the past and you can instantly know how to improve on the next similar project…because you are now aware of how certain variables cause certain outcomes. Whereas before, you were unaware of these things. Gaining awareness right now of certain variables for certain projects has huge advantages for the future outcome of these projects. A great example of gaining current awareness is a car’s dashboard. When you have one in front of you chances are you’re driving, and the information it supplies gives you the ability to make good choices. Have you ever run out of gas from driving an older vehicle who’s gas gauge did not work? I have. It was a 1986 Chevrolet Silverado 10, a classic. At the time I thought I had a full tank. Not so, I had an empty tank. Fortunately I had enough momentum to turn into a shopping center and pull into a parking place. If I had been in heavy traffic the situation could have gotten dicey really quickly. Driving with excellence is important, and so is managing our finances. Many people are making financial decisions based on something other than information and feedback from what is happening with their own financial situation. Many folks purchase things and make huge financial decisions based on what feels good in the short term. All of this contributes to them not hitting their larger long term goals. The larger your goals are and the more wealth you currently have increases the importance of making good decisions now that will pay off big in the years to come. If individuals and businesses had an optimal amount of financial awareness they would have the ability to make the right financial decisions at the right time. At Shoff Accounting. I can help increase your financial awareness in the areas of: Tax planning - Building a tax strategy to legally pay the lowest tax bill allowed >>Start Knowing How to Save Big On Taxes<>Start Knowing Your Current and Near Future Financial Status<> Start Knowing The Best Steps to take Right Now Based on Where You Want to be in the Future<< Want to improve your financial awareness? Use the link below to access our calendar, lets chat soon:
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    Brad Emery Just posted our latest blog on visiting Africa and staying safe
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