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  • Anas Habash, LSSBB posted an update in the group Group logo of SPNSPN 9 months ago ·

    Hi everyone,

    I’m open to connecting on LinkedIn #LION and on this site #SPN

    Let’s connect!!

  • Anas Habash, LSSBB changed their profile picture 9 months ago

  • Mike O'Connor mentioned 12 people 9 months, 1 week ago

    I made the decision to go with smaller images, thumbnails and still videos (depending on format and where you upload).

    I did this, because it helps this site function really quickly, which helps with rankings. It will help everyone get more value out of the backlinks and sharing within the search engines.

    So smaller images mean the site ranks…[Read more]

    • Mike, thank you for the mention and this site is really taking shape. I have been a bit detached here, LI, and FB as I have been trying to meet deliverables. That said, I still have tried to stay abreast of your activities. Thank you for being such a mensch. -Bob-

      • You’re here. I understand busy and appreciate you just signing up and filling out the profile more than you know. The rankings are really rebounding already. Everyone on here that is featured is going to be alright! :) Thanks for all the feedback and help, everyone!

    • Thanks for the mention, Mike!

  • Anas Habash, LSSBB became a registered member 9 months, 2 weeks ago

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