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    Christina Thank you for the connection requests @railman @doylebuehler @ivision 🙂 I hope everyone is having a great week!
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    Jonathan Shoff Awareness is a powerful thing. Remember when you looked back on a big project you have completed in the past and you can instantly know how to improve on the next similar project…because you are now aware of how certain variables cause certain outcomes. Whereas before, you were unaware of these things. Gaining awareness right now of certain variables for certain projects has huge advantages for the future outcome of these projects. A great example of gaining current awareness is a car’s dashboard. When you have one in front of you chances are you’re driving, and the information it supplies gives you the ability to make good choices. Have you ever run out of gas from driving an older vehicle who’s gas gauge did not work? I have. It was a 1986 Chevrolet Silverado 10, a classic. At the time I thought I had a full tank. Not so, I had an empty tank. Fortunately I had enough momentum to turn into a shopping center and pull into a parking place. If I had been in heavy traffic the situation could have gotten dicey really quickly. Driving with excellence is important, and so is managing our finances. Many people are making financial decisions based on something other than information and feedback from what is happening with their own financial situation. Many folks purchase things and make huge financial decisions based on what feels good in the short term. All of this contributes to them not hitting their larger long term goals. The larger your goals are and the more wealth you currently have increases the importance of making good decisions now that will pay off big in the years to come. If individuals and businesses had an optimal amount of financial awareness they would have the ability to make the right financial decisions at the right time. At Shoff Accounting. I can help increase your financial awareness in the areas of: Tax planning - Building a tax strategy to legally pay the lowest tax bill allowed >>Start Knowing How to Save Big On Taxes<>Start Knowing Your Current and Near Future Financial Status<> Start Knowing The Best Steps to take Right Now Based on Where You Want to be in the Future<< Want to improve your financial awareness? Use the link below to access our calendar, lets chat soon:
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    Alnoor Damji This noon I attended #CanadasEnergyCitizens for a BBQ hosted by Steve Rennick and his team Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) to kick off The Calgary Stampede Thank you to master #networker Al for the invite. Jeje finds it hard to network. #linkedintips to overcome her fear of networking. 1. Mentally plan for the event. 2. Set up a goal - meet 2 new people and reconnect with one you know. 3. Smile. It’s universal. 4. Have some opening liners. For today's event, I client to ask another person if they had been on the rally. 5. Have a quiet #Chai moment or go for a quick little walk to recharge, as you will not bring your best self to your next commitment. 6. Reach out to your new connections on the following day to meet up again after a couple of weeks. Look at their LinkedIn profile, send your new connections an article or a post that could benefit them. The key to overcoming your fears about networking is to practice a little bit every day — & to do it when you don’t need specific help. Karen #TedTalks (link 1st in comments) If you’re an introvert, what networking strategies have you found to overcome your fears? #IamAlnoor
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    Dallas Wade ☮️ 6/20 @winstonsob 🐄 6/28 @sandiegofair 🍺7/13 MooseStock 2019 #escondidomooselodge Please check out the website and #Follow us on #Instagram.
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    aaron kurasz When you're up your friends know who you are. When you're down you know who your friends are.
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    Warwick Shirreff Hello all, Some of you have already joined Webtalk, the new communication platform that is so much more than just Social Media.All the benefits of Linkedin and Facebook and more.. use it as a CRM to group, file, sort, your contacts (personal and private - separately), your prospects, your upline, your downline, your alumni, friends, family, etc. The Beta phase is drawing to a close... Official launch is 30 January If you join in Beta phase you can share in the profits from advertising sales to any of your referees.... It's Free to Join, but you need an invite, which you will find at... Cheers Warwick
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    Alexis Ruddock Happy 4th! Does your profession makes your heart sing? Do you remember when it's the simple things that made us happy? Slow down and promise you will remember. In our current life we are all so busy, but if I can just help people pause for a few hours and engaged with their children, their love ones, friends and themselves and leave a big impact on their life. This makes my heart sing. Helping people create happy memories is what I do best. I would like to share with you this part of my profession that brings me joy. I hope that even just for a few seconds this video will bring a smile to your day! Happy 4th of July! hashtag #creativity hashtag #corporateevent hashtag #womenofbusiness hashtag #corporategifts hashtag #womenentrepreneur hashtag #happiness hashtag #makeyourbusinessedible Fanny Dunagan Ronnie Crowley Susan Lawson Katja Geršak Hernandez SPN John Richard Craig Wasilchak Sheri Lally Michael (Mike) O'Connor SPN
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    JD Gershbein Until further notice, LinkedIn remains the de facto social networking site for business professionals.
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    Candice Dyer I keep reading testimony after testimony about Plexus helping with anxiety. I love that this company is about our total health; mind and body. ❤️ When anxiety runs high and depression feels deep, it may be an indication of dysbiosis (or an imbalance of the bacteria in your gut). The latest research is finding a direct link between guthealth and mental health. 95% of serotonin is produced in your GI tract (NOT your brain).
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    Mandy Jahlas Love the atmosphere at right now!
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    nick One day closer to Friday!
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    Kelly Sorry...not sorry
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    sherilally #truth
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    Scotty Schindler Love your thoughts SPN! 
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    Tracey Ann Nazarenus WHEN THEY CAME HOME WE TREATED THEM BADLY let’s fix it for this one Al a VIETNAM VETERAN NEEDS 250$ for electric and 250$ for gas bill to keep them on he has shut of notifications for both Please help
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    joes-gym There are no limits beyond your mind
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