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    Ben "Storm" Ringgenberg "Flames from the sky" by the Lost Monarchs. It's one of my favorite songs to play and people seem to love to jam with it. @guitarist-for-hire, I, and the rest of the band will be playing it on a tour of California this summer. I can't wait and hope some of you guys can perhaps make one of our shows! @captnamerca..so good to see you on here, Schmidty!
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    Doyle Buehler How are you going to adapt & learn? https://www.linkedin.com/posts/doylebuehler_digitalstrategy-digitaltransformation-digitalmarketing-activity-6592540773856747520-GHeE
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    Paula Goodman Happy Tuesday friends! “In all that you do And all that you say It’s always ok To feel anyway!” #opism
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    Charlene Hey guys! This weekend, I did a soft launch of my podcast and am over the moon at the positive early reviews. If there are any Rebel or BadA$$ Leaders here who want to listen to a fresh take on an old subject, PEOPLE first, PROFITS second might be the thing that gives you the edge you are seeking. Here is the link to the first three episodes https://people-first-profits-second.simplecast.com/ 20 minutes each episode, weekly, with actionable items The full launch will happen when Apple sends its verification codes for iTune play.
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    Mike O'Connor Well, I wasn't going to say anything, but I feel like keeping the secret won't help much, so I'm dropping a bit of news here. I paid for the development of the #SPN app so development is underway. It will be done by and available through Google and Apple by December.
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    Craig Wasilchak "The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."
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    David Lester Are you planning on leasing some commercial property? Make sure to pay attention to these potential hidden costs in a commercial lease. https://lesterandlester.com/hidden-costs-commercial-lease/
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    Ben Reynolds www.TheSourcingDepartment.com From Container load to 1 piece, we got you covered at The Sourcing Department. Serving retailers and wholesalers since 2001. Check us out.
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    Betty Kempa | Career Coach @spnlocal2017 Hey @spnlocal2017 could you sanity check me? Where is the best place on SPN website to be sharing my weekly LinkedIn articles? On my wall as a normal status update? Or in one of the specific groups (like the SPN LinkedIn group) Thanks Mike!!
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    Vanessa Marie Sharing one of My Posts From Medium - 👇Whether You self-gen or buy leads - this could be very useful! 👇 "Why Some Leads Will Cost You More" https://bit.ly/2LwJ2J1
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    Yasmin French We're helping more photographic studios get their images print-ready for their clients this week. Some of the images we've been editing this week have included product images of artwork, family portraits, and our favourite - french confectionery! Please get in touch if you would like a quote for high volume editing services - we build quotes to your specifications.
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    Sandy Hello from New Zealand, looking forward to making new friends and connections here and on Linkedin.
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    Ira Bowman Atlanta, GA Recruiter https://projecthelpyougrow.com/job/lead-recruiter-2/ #ProjectHelpYouGrow #Ira #Careers #HumanResources
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    ipiecora Have a great day!!
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