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  • Ian Bradbury posted an update 6 months ago

    Hello SPN,

    My travels are passing well and I have just returned to Europe from some time in West Africa and have a handful + of countries to visit before I am headed home.

    While this network is focused on Service Professionals, I was wondering if I might inquire as to your thoughts on radicalization in the 21st century.

    How do you define radicalization?

  • Hello SPN.

    I wanted to reach out and say hello again.

    I am presently on a world tour in support of a colleauges doctoral research into counter and preventative violent extremism. With that, please excuse my absence along the way. I will be back at home base by the end of July and will become more active at that time.

    Thank you for all the new…

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  • Hello Service Professionals Network members,

    My TEDx talk on the Lost Boys of the 21st Century [and the need to treat all victims of gender-based violence in conflict, including abused, tortured and indoctrinated boys] has just been posted on YouTube.

    The cost of the burden of silence will be too much if we fail to address this aid gap.


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