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    Sharon Dickeson Hello my lovelies! With Christmas just around the corner, it's time to be thinking about the gifts we will give our loved ones. Here at Yours, Lotus, we have a beautiful range of gift ideas for those looking for something a little different such as Chakra art or wall paintings. Maybe candles are the gift of choice for the avid candle lover, we have a lovely range of the highest quality soy candles in luxury glassware for the discerning nose. So, click on the link and it will take you directly to our shop. Have a browse and support small business! #yourslotus #australianmade #buyaustralian #golocal #supportlocalbusiness #luxury #supportsmallbusiness #australianowned #homedecor #christmas #christmasgifts #giftsforhim #giftsforher #nevertooearlyforchristmasshopping #shopping #interiordesign #interiordecorating #spn https://buff.ly/2OekBRB
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    Mike O'Connor Networking really can open doors that degrees can't. How can we improve our networking?
    active 3 hours, 59 minutes ago
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    Timothy Hughes Social Selling Strategies for Accounting Professionals https://bdacademy.pro/captivate-podcast/social-selling-strategies-for-accounting-professionals/ ==> Podcast via DLA ignite and Rob Brown
    active 5 hours, 56 minutes ago
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    Amy Temple So sorry I haven't been to frequent with my posts. Been busy and plus I just simply forget 😁. I'm sure you all can relate 😁. I am happy to report that I have another opportunity to publish more of my work. I signed up for Contena. It's a freelance writing service and they now offer a new service called Contena Publish which writers can publish their own works. A connection of mine on LinkedIn runs the service and told me about it. To fellow writers...if you are still looking for ways for your work to be seen, check out the website, www.contena.com. God bless you all and talk to you soon.😁👍
    active 6 hours, 56 minutes ago
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    active 7 hours, 32 minutes ago
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    active 7 hours, 44 minutes ago
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    active 8 hours, 37 minutes ago
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    Paula Goodman Happy Monday Beautiful People‼️ https://www.linkedin.com/posts/paulagoodman1_paulag-opism-paulapoems-activity-6627584151279276032-_tMy
    active 8 hours, 50 minutes ago
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    aaron kurasz Blaydes or Dos Santos? #UFC picks @spnlocal @dylankowalski Who else should we pick? Excited Ufc 211 GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
    active 9 hours, 16 minutes ago
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    Ron Craig There are new SCAMS coming so PLEASE DON"T FALL VICTIM to them! As we have all heard, and are saddened 😢 by the loss of Kobe Bryant and beautiful daughter and many more souls. All lost in a horrific tragedy that has left everyone in deep sorrow.. But do you know who doesn't care? CYBER CRIMINALS DO NOT CARE!!!! AT ALL!!!! They will use this time of grief and sorrow as an OPPORTUNITY to steal money from people. Please be very mindful of SCAMS whether by phone, email, text, online GoFundMe campaigns. I GUARANTEE these CREEPS have already devised numerous plans & schemes to take advantage of this situation! See more On LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/ronwcraig_cybersecurity-securityawareness-technology-activity-6627539721985888258-47CP
    active 10 hours, 38 minutes ago
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    active 11 hours, 3 minutes ago
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    Thomas Jackson Can you handle the hotness? https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/linkedin-dating-dos-donts-thomas-jackson/ takes on dating on LinkedIn.
    active 11 hours, 32 minutes ago
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    active 12 hours, 11 minutes ago
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    Kurtis Tompkins Position titles are what they are; titles. They simply describe the job we will perform. Chief this, Manager of that, Head of them; all cool. However, that title does not entitle us to obeisance from anyone! Nor does it make us better than anyone! I am the Owner of Jobready2dey and I encounter folks with entry level and high level job titles all of the time. The CEO, the mailroom clerk, and I are all people. All deserve respect. None are better than the other. https://www.linkedin.com/posts/ktompkinscfrw_motivation-jobseeking-jobseekers-activity-6627532252182036482-th1C
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