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    Larry Asma Memory Recall Tricks How to improve your memory The mind works best under stress so exercise, listen to music or take notes as you study. Our mind remembers stories better than facts and figures create a story that includes the facts and figures. Imagine your story as a video with strange visuals, bizarre acronyms, silly rhymes. Its easier to remember something weird The mind stores memory in different areas engaging all senses creates different memory pathways, and the more multisensory the memory the stronger the connections Create a similar study and recall routine. For instance, if you study while drinking a soda, have one when you need to recall the facts Have a similar state of mind studying and at recall. Memorizing a speech in a quiet room is fine, but if you know, you will be stressed when delivering it create stress in your environment as you memorize Create a ‘Memory Palace.’ An imaginary place you know well. Place the information within the palace in different rooms in strange places. Walk through the palace to recall and retrieve the information where you left it. Memory transfers, from the hippocampus to long-term memory when we sleep. So, naps and a good night’s sleep are essential to help save the information. If you find these posts on memory interesting and of value please like, comment or share and ask questions or comment
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    Craig Wasilchak 💥Had an amazing day working with @jbmelton on the Member of the week post. 😁👍 Jake Melton Rocks💥
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    Robyn Ochoa Hi Everyone, thanks for stopping by! I wanted to share my story that I posted to LinkedIn, how we can see extraordinary things through everyday experiences. What are some ways that you find the "extra" in the ordinary? Do you seek it out or does it find you?
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    Mike O'Connor @adroitdroid you're awesome! Thank you, Matt!
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    Luke Williams Anyone want a free eBook version of my book...#Live20: Experiencing A Focused Life? Shoot me your email and I'll send you one. Let's say...first 20 that ask. Lemme know pals.
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    Jessica Everyday I learn something new on Linkedin. I learn about tips, companies, personalities, inspirations, etc. I still have alot to learn in how to actually interact and market my business. I have followed tips posted by many in how to engage and comment more on posts, but I have noticed since doing that, my posts have less views, has anyone experienced this?
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    John Byrnes @ivonneteoh Hi Ivonne, Thank you very much for connecting and adding me to your network. I look forward to communicating with you on SPN! Thanks again and hope you have a great day!! Best, John
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    Victoria Brewster (Vikki) I consider part of my education piece to let people know about TBI or concussions as they are known since I am suffering from one...
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    Andy Vargo Throw Back Thursday!
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    David R. Smith Hi everyone! I have the first 💥Challenge for our Network.💥 I am still searching for a position. On Monday, I found out that the job I thought was a shoe-in was given to another candidate. I had to find out through the grapevine. But, that's okay because that means there is a better fit out there. I live in the Dallas/Ft Worth area - specifically Plano and I am looking for a company that is small to medium size. The position is usually a "Controller or Accounting Manager" type reporting to the Owner or Managing partner. I have 30 years of experience and 10 -15 of them as a Controller or Accounting Manager. Since the age of 18 I have worked side by side with CPA's. This is important, because I was not able to finish my degree in accounting. I have around 130 college credit hours but they span over 20 years. I have experience and a lot of education along with practical knowledge and application. There are owners out there, that do put the experience high up on the priority list and those are the owners that I am trying to find. ✨ Challenge✨- do you think you know anyone who could guide me to the right company or the right owner? Also, my profile here and on LinkedIn reflect my resume and skill set. ❓If you have any questions❓, don't hesitate to ask. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP. 💯💯💯
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