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    Dr. Doreen Rosenstrauch Thank you all for thinking of me on this birthday. Would you like to collaborate on a particular project? Follow The DrDoRo®Institute on LinkedIn:
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    Katja Geršak Hernandez Thank you so much for all your kind birthday wishes!! You made me feel like a #superstar today!! I appreciate you all, my lovely people!! 💕 I hope you have a great day!!☀
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    Carsten Beer or sports? - Your choice.
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    vinay Want your mind blown? Check out these true stats:
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    Jared J. Wiese ❝POP your LinkedIn Profile with 🅿🅾🅿!™ Expert Jared Wiese❞ (22 Motivational Minutes with MARLO HIGGINS 🅿🅾🅳🅲🅰🆂🆃! - JUNE 19, 2019 - EPISODE 9 - PART 1) ✔What is 🅿🅾🅿!™ and why you need it ✔The process with Marlo ✔Jared's branding mindset ✔Making Mavericks Memorable And so much more on the entire podcast! (Link in the YouTube description) We talk about the value of having clarity with your LinkedIn profile. Did you know that if you can take your description down to three words you’ll have a greater impact? During this episode you’ll learn how to tag and target your talent. You’ll learn that there are 26 clear steps you can take to achieve brand messaging and what the value of IKIGAI coaching does for you. Jared Wiese is a lead generator and #resumewriter who helps people with the careers they love. Follow/connect with Jared Wiese on LinkedIn or on his website that you can find with a Google search: Profiles That 🅿🅾🅿!™ #ProfilesThatPOP #ProfilePopUp #ThoughtsThatPOP -------------------- Marlo's book, The Making of a Maverick, Building Champions in Business and in Life is available now on Amazon. It vibrates with a frequency of action. It contains some of the most tactical and detailed information I’ve ever given, all in hopes of inspiring you to gain clarity and remove self-doubt.
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    Alnoor Damji LinkedIn is the largest social network for working professionals with new connections growing ever second. It is the perfect network to grow a business, find a job and connect in person or have virtual Chai (okay, coffee too) conversations. Are you looking for a job? Reach out to your network for a coffee and conduct an informational interview. Never ask for the job. Whether you are a job seeker or an established professional, make sure you are following these steps. These subtle changes make it so easy to network with others, sending a message (moved below #LinkedIn banner). My Golden #PersonalBranding #LinkedInTips ✔️Create a hook = share a story ✔️Create a storytelling background banner image. I used ✔️Share your WHY in the ABOUT you section in first person. Who you are, what you do, what others say about you and how to contact you. ✔️Catchy tagline with your unique value proposition Contact info up to date? With the new positioning people are more likely to click. Many make this networking mistake of connecting with only people they know. Brigette Hyacinth shares these tips ✔️Never network based on your current situation, but your destination ✔️Don’t judge someone by their job title ✔️You never know where the road will take you. Be open to connecting with new people. The world is your playground! So before you hit connect, check out their recent activity. The attached #Video below you shows “All activity”, “Articles” and “Posts”. Always send a personalized note when connecting. Mark recently mentioned appreciating a message after he accepted. So be human #H2H build relationships. Have virtual #ChaiWithAlnoor conversations if you aren’t in the same ZIP code. #IamAlnoor
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    Rob Deptford Hi All. Some of you in my LinkedIn network know that, in addition to my video business, I'm also an outplacement consultant. I've helped hundreds of people move forward from a layoff. As part of that work, I created a strategic resume writing course that consistently receives satisfaction ratings over 90% in classrooms. Now, I've put it on video and made it publicly available on Udemy. Last week I gave away 50 free enrollments on LinkedIn. They were gone within a few hours. Now I'm doing it on Instagram, but I've reserved 50 free spots for SPN members as well. The course is about an hour. If you need to dust off your resume, take the course yourself, or pass on the link to a job seeker you know. All the best, Rob
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    Kelly Whichever glass you choose, may it be more full than empty.
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    Trimaine Clark Triple A is the best, but this a whole new level of customer service.
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    Brandon Taft Check out my new youtube video on Dropsets! If you never have included this in your training you are missing out! Subscribe to the channel and leave a comment below the video on some more topics you'd find helpful. ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
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    Alexis Ruddock Do you collaborate with others? I do and always. “Collaboration is linked with creativity. Creative collaboration describes a relationship between two or more persons with a common purpose of creating new objects through certain ideas and shared understanding of something new and a common goal.” - IGI Global Every time I create cookies for my customers, we are always collaborating together. It’s important to know what my client needs. From what flavors, colors and what designs to put on the cookies or sweets. My customers are more than paying patrons to me, they become my team members. We work together from beginning to end. Just like with these AT&T Business cookies. Jessica Bourne of AT&T Business collaborated with me to create these beautiful cookies for their amazing event. When we work together they are able to let me know what design they wanted & I’m able to create what they imagined into cookies. Thank you Susan Lawson of AT&T Business for collaborating with me with these beautiful photos! Thank you Sugarboo & Co. for collaborating with us to use your magical store to take these photos. Ronnie Crowley Sheri Lally Fanny Dunagan Craig Wasilchak Katja Geršak Hernandez SPN #makeyourbusinessedible #creativity #attbusiness hashtag #marketing hashtag #branding #entrepreneur
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    nick One day closer to Friday!
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    Vanessa Marie
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    Burgaflex Are you an AC integrator? Lets talk! Depending on where you live, it is AC season in full court press right now....Not in Michigan yet but getting there (hopefully)! Check out our complete line of items for your AC needs in our company catalogs...Let us know how we can help! #airconditioning #intergrator #bus #RV #ag #construction #trucks #wecanhelp #puremichigan #spn #winwin #burgaflex
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