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    Mike O'Connor Every day is an opportunity to learn something. The hard days are often the days we do the most learning. I learned a lot over the last few weeks. It'll take me forever to process all the information and feelings that have been going on. My mom and I had to put down our companion of over 11 years, Bailey. She was a sweet dog that grew old. It was a rough few months and it was definitely time to say goodbye. Bailey was an incredibly empathic and smart dog. I'm glad she is at peace, but I'll miss our buddy. The #SPN website also went down in a lot of ways do some man-made events beyond my control combined with some inexperience. Well, I have the experience now and I know more issues to look out for in the future. Throughout all of it were close friends and family to call, help, and just be there to offer whatever support that they could. I missed a TON of messages, notifications, and calls the last two weeks. I apologize for being so far behind or off the radar. Unfortunately, the size and amount of network notifications at times makes it impossible for me to go back or catch up. I'll be trying to reach back to as many as I can. Thank you all for your patience. On the plus side, most of the site never went down and the growth never stopped in a lot of ways. We are ranking higher and generating more organic traffic than ever. SPN is also over 480K monthly viewers with thousands of click-throughs on Pinterest. There are good things on the horizon there. Again, thank you all for just being good friends and being there. It's appreciated more than you know. Life is short and often full of tough moments, but friends and family like you guys make it so much better.
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    nick This made me laugh, until I thought about the all work that I have to do to fix what the last homeowner did. *sigh #HireProfessionals lol
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    Bernie Fussenegger I ran a Twitter Poll that ended on 2/10. The results, outside of Twitter were interesting. I expected more from IG and I didn’t include FB, which would have been a good option. The ❓ was: Which social channel do you get the most engagement? Results below 👇👇👇
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    Hiram Figueroa Never give up even when times seem too tough...
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    rowand New year. New job. Tremendously excited by the new opportunities!
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    Craig Fry
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    John O'Connor Thanks for sending the book, @spnlocal2017! I like it too!
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    jamesmarvin Hi All, Too late to say Happy New Year?? Well I've said it anyway! Hope you all have a great year! Looking forward to helping @spnlocal2017, @craigwasilchak and you all get this group booming even more in the months to come using the "golden rule" Let's do this!
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