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    Muhammad Sheeraz "Mike and I work on building backlinks for this site and his clients. Please feel free to use my services" BackLinks
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    Grant McKenna Hi fellow SPN'ers, I have a cool article coming out on LinkedIn at about 7am Wednesday New Zealand time, here's a sneak peek of the intro. I'd appreciate any support you could give it if this area spins your wheels. Will post a link here on the day too. And...I'm open to all LinkedIn connections if anyone wants to check out my profile and connect. Thanks. This short article shares 7 business lessons we can learn from Jim Marshall. Jim founded Marshall Amplification (a global success since 1962) bringing a unique and mind blowing rock and roll sound to the world. The story also features the experience I had getting to meet him at a London guitar show back in 2005 where he signed an amp for me. #business #music #musicindustry #startups #innovation
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    James Marvin What do you think to this? Our MD's new policy in the office.
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    Carsten The official Monday flower: the Fucktus
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    Celestine Ojukwu #entrepreneurs #businessmanagement #Nigeria #Nigerianbusiness
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    Darin Campbell Hey SPI, just joined tonight. Excited to connect with you all. Have a great Monday!
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    Timothy Hughes What is Social Selling? ==> New blog via DLA ignite #Salesprocess #salesleader #salesmanagement
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    Ira Bowman Are you looking to be a Sales Manager in Ohio? If so, check this opening out from Keurig Dr Pepper as they are hiring. #ProjectHelpYouGrow is here to help connect job seekers to employers with openings they need to fill, at no cost to anyone.
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    Mike O'Connor 1% daily improvements add up quicker than you may realize.
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    Matt Crump Hello everyone at SPN that just may happen to see my profile here. I am currently booking for keynotes, seminars, and workshops. If you or someone you know may be interested in my speaker's package and booking information, please message me here or on LinkedIn. Thank you!
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    John O'Connor That's it!
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    Amy Temple Hello everyone. I'm a freelance writer/blogger specializing in inspiration. I have self-published a memoir titled "I Am Not Stupid" which is about living with learning disabilities. It's available through Amazon. I write regularly for,,, and the Learning Disabilities Association's newsletter LD Source.
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    Essam Pr Aa, the Great House, or the Palace. From which the word Phr Aa, then Pharaoh was derived.
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    Sandy Hello from New Zealand, looking forward to making new friends and connections here and on Linkedin.
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    John White 78% of Millennials say that brands have to work harder to secure their loyalty.
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    Doyle Buehler What’s going to affect your business on social media now and into the 2020s? These are the “Glaciers”, the #Trends of change for #SocialMedia For 2020 & Beyond
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    Hiram Figueroa What do you choose?
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