How To Win With Network Marketing

It is my goal to show you how to win in SPN, so you can build your brand with us! We want to build our brand too. The best way for us to do that is by helping you build your brand online.

Our win-win marketing strategy revolves around helping others succeed while teaching them how to use social media for branding. We also want to teach you how to use social media to move your website up the search engines.

Making you aware of how to leverage your social media profiles to help you with your search engine rankings also helps SPN. The more successful SPN members are with their social media profiles the stronger we are as a team.

Every time you do anything on social media or leave your digital footprint somewhere you’re adding to your brand. Your brand is what people feel and say about you when you’re not in the room.

SPN wants you to be aware as possible in regards to how you build your brand. The stronger your personal brand becomes the stronger we are as a team.

win-win networking & marketing

Top 10 ways to build your brand and win in SPN:

  1.  Create an account, fill out a complete profile with a lot of detail in the about me section, so it helps on the search engines. Make sure to also include all your social media, YouTube and website links.
  2. Join the SPN social media groups on LinkedIn and Facebook.
  3. Join or create your groups on this website, so you can build your network.
  4. Engage with other SPN members on this site, LinkedIn, Facebook and everywhere else. Watch videos, read articles and leave feedback, so they get some help. This will also help people remember to help you too.
  5. Be clear about your why. People can not help you in a way the helps you best without knowing what you need. There are a lot of helpful people in SPN. Don’t be afraid to ask anyone for help.
  6. Post your social media content, YouTube Videos, blogs, websites and other information in the Activity feed. This will help you index things better on the search engines especially, when you tag other SPN members and write a little descriptive introduction. You should also be clear here about your call to action here.
  7. Submit content for the main articles on the side bar that are also indexing in Google. These articles index in the search engines due to the way we format them. Follow the format and write about things that provide value. If it’s entertaining or informative while following the format we will publish it.
  8. Follow other SPN members on Twitter and engage in their content. Twitter is a great way to build your brand. Tweets also help your website and social media posts do better in the search engines. Retweets like all social media shares help. Remember that sharing is caring and people also love the help.
  9. Focus on paying it forward. People like people that help others feel and do better. It also just makes the world a better place. We all get one life, so help people in need. Everyone of us will need help one day, so do some nonprofit fundraising or donate your time.  Let us know how we can help you pay it forward.
  10. Follow the Golden Rule. If you treat people like you want to be treated you will also come to see they’re treating you pretty well. Most of the people in SPN like people everywhere are good people. Therefore, it behooves you treat them right, so they treat you right. We are all on this ride together, so lets make sure we get the most out of it.

Join the Service Professionals Network to build your brand and professional network with the right people. You just have to pay it forward and follow the Golden Rule. Create an account.

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How To Avoid The Social Media Police And Build Your Brand

The social media police are out there, so you need to know your rights to build your brand. You have the right to remain silent and everything you say can and will be used against you. Yea, kind of like real life.

A lot of people really fear the social media police due to the way they patrol the internet. It would be great to say that social media police don’t have any real powers, but that wouldn’t be entirely true.

Luckily, the social media police only tend to have as much as power as you give them. So don’t give them power to affect how you build your brand.

I want to make a disclaimer here, so you must know that I’m not a social worker. I am also not a doctor or anyone with a lot of degrees revolving around social work. Now, I have spent plenty of time talking to therapists, but my profession is social media marketing. Spending as much time as I do on social media does help one better see patterns in people though.

Therefore, it makes sense to take this article with a little grain of salt.  The goal is to get people to think about how to discern what criticism is constructive while also identifying the malarkey.

It doesn’t take a genius or a degree to know wasting time on malarkey costs money. Avoiding the malarkey will help you save a lot of time and energy so you can focus more on your goals.

Who are the social media police?

One of the best ways to avoid issues with the social media police is knowing how to identify them. Social media police differ from the real police due to the way they don’t really protect or serve anyone. They act like more like any abuser does so you can save time, hassle and pain by being aware of their tactics.

Tactics of social media police to watch out for

  1. Gaslighting- 

    The term describes the act of manipulating events to make someone question their own thoughts or perceptions. Gaslighting is also really great for social media scam artists. It is easy to spot at first if you’re paying attention so make sure you do. The act of gaslighting starts with telling or condoning blatant lies. Lies set a precedent, so pay attention to how truthful someone really is.

    If a person gets away with telling you a lie they know they can tell a bigger one later. If they know you know they lie, but you play along you become a target. There are many different ways to go about gaslighting someone, but the goal is always the same. Trust your gut and the things you know you know.

  2. Lovebombing- 

    Lovebombing on social media is pretty easy to fall for due to the way we all need social media love to thrive. People that like and comment on everything you post no matter what may be lovebombing you online. The abusive pattern starts when the person starts to invite you into drama or gets mad about your engagement with others.

    People that give you a lot of social media love are awesome, but it is important to be mindful here too. Some people will give you a ton of social media love only to invite you into conflicts with others. Lovebombers may also threaten to withhold the support if you don’t do x, y or z.  Lovebombers will use you to build their brand only to move onto the next person that can help them better later. Appreciate all the love you get, but be wary of people that demand more than a simple win-win mindset.

  3. Benching- 

    Your social media tribe is like a roster on any sports team due to the group mentality. No matter who you are there is only so much time in a day. Some people have built millions of followers by treating their followers like people on a sports team. It is an approach that makes a lot of sense in a lot of ways. You need to take care of your best players to put the best team on the field.

    Don’t waste a lot of time trying to make someone else’s starting rotation. It’s always best to focus on your team and decide who is on the field playing for you. A great online networker will be on a handful of teams at any time. A bad online networker only works on their team and focusing on how much their team scores. People that make money online don’t tend to spend a lot of time sucking up to anyone to get off the bench. Join a team that teaches how to be the coach like the SPN social media groups. 🙂

  4. Ghosting-

    This one is a little trickier due to the anonymity behind social media and the crazy people that dwell on it. Ghosting a random social media follower that gives you the creeps is one thing. However, someone that you have gotten to know a bit deserves more. If someone is irking you for whatever reason, then you owe it to yourself and them to air the issue. Experience has taught me most misunderstandings or things people do to irk you are truly unintentional.

    Most people really want to do good and spread positive vibes. It is important to remember that how you treat people online is a reflection of your character. No one likes to be ghosted, so avoid ghosting people unless you have reason to fear for your safety. Safety is always first, but following the Golden Rule should also always be on your list of things to do.

    Don’t worry about how you build your brand as much as you worry about how you make people feel. Telling someone your boundaries and letting them know they are pushing them is the proper way to go.

  5. Gossip

    One of the best ways to spot someone working for the social media police is watching out for gossip. Those that gossip to you will gossip about you, so be mindful of those in the gossip circles. It is also important to hear what people are up to, but there is a line between spreading need-to-know info and partaking in gossip. Gossip can kill your brand in many ways. Those that gossip tend to do the other social media police activity too, so be alert. Misery loves company and so do haters. Successful people don’t waste a lot of time with gossip. They’re too busy reading blogs with topics like how to build your brand better.

Final thoughts on the social media police and how to build your brand

The internet is a sea of information full of life and creatures of all kinds. Learning how to navigate through the social media channels can lead someone to a great life. Making a passive income on the internet is tough to beat, so the lure is always there. There is also plenty of danger and things that will get you to float off course.

Don’t let anyone that is acting as the social media police to chart your path. Plot your own course and set sail as you see fit, so you can truly be captain of your own ship. Build your brand and social media tribe like a captain builds the ship and crew, so you feel comfortable at sea in calm waters or hurricane like activity.

History remembers the bold captains that went where no else did. The ones that treated people right along the way sure have a better legacy.

Michael (mike) O'Connor

About Michael (Mike) O’Connor

Mike is the creator of the Service Professionals Network social media project. Mike is also a content writer for 2nd Chance Water Restoration and a marketing partner for Monat. Please feel free to contact mike anytime.

*SPN would also like to thank this month’s sponsors Cottage Corp, Motor City Spindle Repair, Next Level Theory, Alt Biz SolutionsGW DISTILLERY.

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How to Make LinkedIn Work for Your Business

LinkedIn is a social media site, so for a lot of people, it’s just a place where they go, create a profile and move on. If you do something like that you are losing quite a lot of benefits, as LinkedIn is very powerful and with the right approach it can help you quite a bit.

It can offer you visibility and it will also make it easy to create a business connection. As you know, networking is very important for any business, and LinkedIn allows you to achieve that online. Not only that, but it also makes it easier to maintain a connection with the people you already met. So yes, it makes a lot of sense to use it for your company. But how can you make it work for your business?

Include photos and videos on your LinkedIn profile

If you really want to make LinkedIn work for your business, a good idea is to create a very good profile. Make it shine and stand out in front of the others. What this means is that you need to add videos and photos the best way that you can. In this situation, you want to add multimedia content that’s super important for your business as a whole. As long as you include such content in your profile, it will be easier for people to browse it but also connect with you. The process of adding videos and images is very simple, and the best part is that everything is adaptable.

Create content that’s informative and valuable

LinkedIn also allows you to write content, and that can be super important for your business. You can start by updating the status often and show people that they can indeed get lots of good information from you. It’s a good idea to create some posts that showcase your knowledge regarding this sector too. making it unique and distinct is super important, and it’s the type of thing that will provide you with a wide array of benefits in the long term.

Add more and more connections

One of the best things about LinkedIn is that it makes it super easy to add connections. The challenge here is adding connections that you really know. Just like other social sites, you will also receive random invites here as well. You want to have a meaningful online presence, so make sure that you get the right connections is ideal here. You can also invite people via LinkedIn as well, and you can send a personalized invitation. This will increase the chances of success as well.

Check who views your profile

Once you do that, connect with them. But remember, you want meaningful and professional connections. Random connections won’t really help you that much. But the right and proper connections can indeed do wonders. While you won’t connect with everyone out there, it’s safe to say that it will be a very good idea to check the profile views. It will give an accurate insight into who is interested in your content and so on. Stuff like this is super important and it can do wonders for sure.

Endorse people

Not only will this make your business show support for people that are meaningful, but it also offers exposure. Those persons that see your endorsement will most likely check your page and even connect with you. It can be very hard to acquire a lot of endorsements, and that’s exactly what you need to take into consideration in that perspective. Make sure that you offer endorsements to people that you know. And make them accurate as well as to the point. Once you do that the outcome can be nothing short of impressive every time.

Join SPN on LinkedIn

Enter groups

Make sure that you enter LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your industry. Once you enter this kind of groups it will be a lot easier to obtain the exposure and results that you expect. Another thing to note is that you can find lots of groups, so pick the best ones that really matter to you. It’s important to note that you can join up to 50 groups, so you really have to take that into consideration.

Once you create a LinkedIn profile, you need to be active. You have to create content as often as possible and you really need to deliver quality information to your readers and visitors. The more exposure and connections you get, the better it will be. So do try to take that into consideration and the results can indeed be among some of the best.

Henry Landau is CEO – Executive Recruiter at First Health Pro

About the author: Henry Landau is CEO – Executive Recruiter at First Health Pro, where he recruits healthcare professionals and helps them find their dream jobs. Henry has worked with a lot of candidates to guide them on how to get them hired, Henry has also worked with a lot of healthcare organizations to help them come up with a strategy on how to find the best talent in the market. You can expect complete professionalism and honesty when working with Henry. Feel free to reach out and ask for advice

First Health Pro: Health Care Staffing

Make sure to join the SPN social media groups, so you can also share your content here. Please also remember that SPN does nonprofit fundraising through our shopping blogs. Thank you and have a great day!

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How To Impress People

How to impress people is something that I have been trying to figure out my whole life. My twin brother and I grew up in a family of 7. Our family life was not always perfect, but there were also things I would never trade.

My dad was perhaps one of the best salespeople that I’ve ever met. He was also a professional gambler for more than 3 decades, so the man knew how to impress people. He also knew that living to impress people wasn’t the key to happiness. However, impressing people is often a side effect of being genuinely happy.

I lost my last 3 MMA fights, so there I was after last one sitting in the dressing room. I was upset, so my dad asked me why. My response was that I wasn’t happy with my less than impressive performance.

“Don’t worry about impressing people. You shouldn’t fight to impress anyone nor care what they say about it. If you have a dream chase it and don’t worry about impressing people while you do it. Most of them don’t know what you’re trying to do or why you’re trying to do it. You’re O’Mazing and I know it. Besides, it is easy to impress people; just show them who you are.”

My dad was not always the most supportive or outwardly loving people, so his words made a huge impact. Most of the reason why I was fighting was so I could impress him. He didn’t say amazing but went with my catchphrase at the time so I knew he cared.  He was gone not long after that, so I think about these words often. The more I think about them the more I get how much meaning was put behind them.

won the war within

Don’t Live To Impress People

You should never live to impress other people because it’s a waste of time and energy. You’ll be a lot happier if you live to impress yourself.

However, it is also important to have the ability to make a good first impression with people. Knowing how to impress people can really help you improve your life. So it’s my hope that these tips on how to impress people are easy-to-apply to your life.

Most people decide within seconds whether or not they’ll like, trust and respect you. Therefore, these tips on how to impress people should help with finding a job or fundraising for nonprofits.

10 tips on how to impress people you need to know

1. Put people at ease first:

It is always important to remember that people are animals that have DNA wired to anticipate danger. We also live in a dog eat dog world, so being mindful of that pays. I ‘m a rather large individual that can look angry very easily. I’m also an extrovert that never stops talking, so I try to always put people at ease through self-deprecating humour and being mindful of their cues and body language. Part of the reason why I dress down on most occasions is to be taken less like a threat.

If you’re approaching someone online you still have to put them at ease. Sure, their guard is not up as a result of a physical threat, but there is also danger online. So it makes sense to start things off slow when it comes to forming online relationships too.

Make it clear that you aren’t in a person’s inbox or social media thread just to get something from them. That is a great way to impress people online.

2. Do your share of helping others:

We all have our problems and issues to deal with and we all need help from time to time. That is why it is so important to help people when you are able to. It doesn’t really matter why someone needs help. Do your share of helping others, because it’s the right thing to do. Impressing others is just a benefit that comes along with doing some good deeds.

SPN was built to help others through our social media groups and nonprofit fundraising. We grew into a marketing company due to the way people appreciate our efforts to help others. Now, we can focus on helping others that are fighting disease or a going through a major life crisis. People like Rachael La Rue who is fighting for her life due to breast implant illness.

3. Avoid the drama:

We all have good days and we all also have our bad days too. The ability to consistently avoid the drama is one sure to impress people.

The ability to apply tact and make a point without making enemies is a great way to impress people.

No wants to hire the person that brings drama to the table. It doesn’t really matter what role they’re trying fill either. Most people are trying hard to avoid the drama, so keep that in mind. If you’re hiring an employee, dating someone, choosing friends would you choose the drama?

No one else does either, so try to avoid the drama.

People don’t want more drama in their lives and you can’t blame them. Therefore, it makes sense to limit the drama you share online or off.

4. Follow the Golden Rule:

Do you like people that treat you the way you want to be treated?

Yea, so do most other people. Following the Golden Rule makes it a lot easier to avoid the drama. It also helps others to avoid the drama, so it’s a total win-win way to impress people.

There is a huge reason why treating others the way you want to be treated is known around the world as the Golden Rule. Sadly, it’s not as common as it perhaps once was. Making it clear you follow the Golden Rule will also put people at ease and help you build trust. You should try to never break the Golden Rule.

5. Take ownership of faults and work to make amends:

We all really do have our bad days or moments and say things we probably shouldn’t. The option to take ownership of faults and work to make amends is also there for everyone. To truly make amends with someone you first need to take ownership of your faults or wrongdoings. This is very hard for a lot of people to do for a variety of reasons.

Develop the ability to take ownership of your faults and wrongdoings. Working to make amend is an awesome way to impress people. It is also one of the best ways to follow the Golden Rule. If you want people to apologize or make amends for the wrong they do provide the same courtesy to others.

Mike O'Connor's appearance on Own Your Awkward

6. Keep it real while picking your battles:

Every wannabe influencer on social is talking about how to keep it real. Authentic is also perhaps the biggest buzzword of 2018 in a lot of circles. Part of me hates it because so many people just say the words without making a true effort. Part of me also really likes it because you should always be real with people.

However, keeping it really real all the time can cause a lot of problems with the whole “avoid the drama” tip. So it is important to pick your battles. Be mindful of cues and use a little tact when keeping it real. It makes life easier. If you can’t use tact and keep it real, then it’s time to move on.

Keep it real while picking your battles and you’re sure to impress people. You will also build a lot of self-respect if you can keep it real while following the golden rule.

7. Maintain your integrity no matter what:

At the end of your days, you can take nothing with you, but your integrity. Unless you lose it along the way.

How you made people feel and the positive impact you make will be your legacy. Maintaining your integrity no matter what will impress people. It will also help you build life-long friendships. Maintain your integrity and you’ll most likely make a positive impact on the world.

It’s hard not to like someone that follows the Golden Rule and tries to do the right thing. You can get a lot of grace from a lot of people for many faults if you act with integrity. Acting with integrity is a great way to influence people, but it will also bring long-term happiness.

It’s not always easy to act with integrity especially when it’s not the popular thing to do. Acting with integrity is not always the best way to impress people.  However, it’s always worth it because it’s always the right the thing to do.

8. Chase down dreams like a hungry lion chasing a gazelle:

Without passion, you lose hope and people without hope don’t impress people. The people that truly chase down dreams like a hungry lion chasing a gazelle impress people. They impress people because it takes a lot of passion most of us don’t use to truly chase down dreams.

You shop on Amazon and SPN helps others in need.

9. Stay positive

Having the ability to stay positive is one of my favourite ways to impress people. Everyone loves sunshine, puppies and rainbows due to the way they make us feel. Find the positive vibes in every earthquake and people will gravitate to you.

Your intentions don’t matter as much as your tone due to the way people avoid the drama. If you have something that needs to be said, then stay positive and find a good way to say it. It’s always worth the extra time to say it right. It also helps make a good impact on the world when you teach others to stay positive. Hang onto your positivity like you do your integrity and you’ll be alright.

10. Have confidence

This list could easily be named “10 tips on how to be sexy.” Have confidence because having true confidence is a surefire way to impress people. Life is always beating down on top of all of us. We can all find a million reasons to not have confidence.

Successful people tend to have confidence. They also tend to have confidence before they’re successful.

Final thoughts on how to impress people

It is important to know how to impress people, but your life can be so much more. People are drawn to those with an open mind and passion for other people. Don’t just strive to show how much drive and empathy you have for other people. Develop your drive to get things done to help other people. That drive will also help you get the most out of life.

Life is not meant to be spent chasing respect or love from other people. Spend your life by giving respect and love to people. You will find that giving people love and respect is the best way to get love and respect. Being mindful of how you make others feel will change your world. It will also change their world.

Life is too short and none of us knows when our time has come. We can get that one-way ticket to meet our maker at any time, so make sure keep that in mind. Knowing that life is short and unknown is not something you should worry about. It is something you should embrace to impress people enough for them to want to do the same. Live your life in a way that inspires others to have a little more drive and empathy. It will be a life well spent.

Warmest regards and thank you for reading. Please let me know in the comments or by sharing how you feel.

More about Michael (mike) O'Connor

About the author: Michael (Mike) O’Connor

Mike is the creator of the Service Professionals Network social media project. Mike is also a content writer for 2nd Chance Water Restoration and a marketing partner for Monat. Please feel free to contact mike anytime.

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How To Use LinkedIn To Grow Your Business & Brand

Learning how to use LinkedIn is crucial due to the 562 million worldwide users. Not to mention the 146 million users in the United States alone. (Facts are from the DMR)

Finding success in business or with finding a job can often come down to what you’re doing on LinkedIn. It can also come down to what you’re not doing on LinkedIn. Therefore, we hope this article helps you learn how to use LinkedIn to effectively.  The tips in this article can help you find a job, build your brand or grow your business.

What is LinkedIn?

“What is LinkedIn” is a question that is sure to cause a lot of debate among LinkedIn users. You’re likely to get 562 million different answers to that question. The many different answers are due to the millions of people using Linkedin successfully. There are many different ways to use LinkedIn effectively so take all advice with a grain of salt.

Think of LinkedIn as a social media platform that is much like Facebook. LinkedIn just caters more toward professionals and fortune 500 companies. Some people make their living due to what they’re doing on LinkedIn.

However, many people miss benefits LinkedIn offers due to missing the beauty of the site. LinkedIn is online 24-7 every day of the year acting as a virtual newspaper. So your profile needs to be online and on point 24-7 too. LinkedIn is a virtual sea of opportunity, so you need to learn how to fish on LinkedIn for jobs, sales or chances to explode your brand. Like any opportunity, LinkedIn is what you make of it.

How LinkedIn is like fishing

I often tell people how LinkedIn is like fishing due to the amount of patience, skill, and luck that it can require to be successful. I also compare LinkedIn to fishing because you need to make sure you are using the right bait, hook, and boat to catch the fish of your choice.

  1. Your bait: Look at your engagement as your bait, because of the fact that no one does anything until you engage. The content, comments, and replies you put out there all equal your bait. Every time that you share or engage on content you’re putting bait out into the LinkedIn sea.
  2. The hook: Your name, profile picture, and LinkedIn title all act like the hook in this fishing analogy. They together to form the hook due to how they all should make the reader want to know more.
  3. You need a good boat: Your profile summary is like the boat because you should be able to eat if you get the right fish this far. The summary needs to help people identify what you can help them with right away. Everyone that is looking at your profile is taking time out of their day to learn more about you. Make it count for something. Make sure you catch all the fish that make it to the boat.

In short, you want to make sure you are using the right bait so you catch the right type of fish to fit your needs. A person looking for people to buy Grunt Style shirts should be posting something entirely different than a person looking to attract C-level executives. If you’re looking to attract C-level executives you should be engaging or sharing content that has a focus on business.

Join the Service Professionals Network (#SPN) social media groups on LinkedInFacebook and Google+

These groups are full of small to large business owners and entrepreneurs from around the world.

How to  use LinkedIn for branding, sales, or finding a job

There was a time when nearly everyone was using LinkedIn just so they could find a job. Now, people are learning new tricks on how to use LinkedIn for branding, sales, or building an audience. The days of being able to ignore your LinkedIn profile are long gone in a lot of professionals circles due to what the platform offers.

The bigger your network is on LinkedIn the easier it is to find a job for many reasons. However, having a big network doesn’t mean you are automatically going to get the job of your dreams either. People really judge a lot about you depending on what you put on your LinkedIn profile. They also look at your recent activity. People that hide their activity tend to get taken less seriously too, so it tells you the value behind having a strong profile.

Here are our 10 best tips on how to use LinkedIn correctly:

  1. Complete your profile: The more complete your profile the easier people can find you. The more info on your profile you have the more people have to see how you align with their needs. The more complete your profile the more you stand out.
  2. Customize your LinkedIn URL: It is so much easier to remember your Linked URL when it is custom. Use your brand name or full name if possible.
  3. Choose the right profile pic: A picture is worth a thousand words so put some serious thought into what your profile picture says to those that view it.
  4. Make sure your LinkedIn headline (title) doesn’t suck: Do not use generic one-word terms in your LinkedIn headline. Your headline should be interesting.
  5. Do keyword research: The skills you list and the words you use in your profile summary dictate how people find you. Make sure the skills you list and the words you use in your summary help your target audience find you. Use all 50 skill slots make sure to also focus on industry terms.
  6. Use every bit of your summary space: Your summary is the place where you share your story and convince people to help you with your goals. Make it count.
  7. Facts don’t lie: Have you done something really cool? Write about it in your summary. Facts don’t lie and they can help paint a picture.
  8. Be Nice: You should always be real and really nice, if possible. If you can’t be both real and really nice, then consider the option to ignore.
  9. Don’t Be Cliche: Don’t use buzzwords everyone else is beating to death. Just be you and tell your story. Let someone else tell everyone how to discover their inner why.
  10. Get personal: Make a friend and make a sale is an old-school piece of advice that also applies to LinkedIn.

Want more info on how to use LinkedIn? Check out these LinkedIn Networking Tips.

LinkedIn Networking Tips

Joining groups is a great way to learn how to use LinkedIn for your industry

It is no secret that I’m a big fan of networking groups on Linkedin. However, I’ve also been a fan of groups since the earliest social networking sites. I’m not new to the sharing-is-caring mindset so the value in LinkedIn groups is pretty evident to me.

Microsoft buying LinkedIn had a lot to do with Reid Hoffman. See, Reid is a person that knows a lot of people in the tech industry and a lot of people in tech know Reid. This has a lot to do with Reid’s experience in this tech industry, but it also wouldn’t be possible without his focus on networking. Joining groups on Linkedin is by the easiest way to build your LinkedIn profile and name within your industry. Reid made it easier for professionals like us to network like professionals like him by making groups on LinkedIn possible. Take advantage.

You can join a lot of different groups on LinkedIn so don’t be shy about joining and engaging in many different groups. Joining networking groups like the Service Professionals Network group on LinkedIn can help you grow a broad audience. Groups built around your industry will help you get knowledge and build connections that may improve your business. It also doesn’t hurt to join digital marketing groups to get info on how to succeed online.

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How To Submit Content To SPN

If you want to submit content to SPN this article will help you understand the way to do it. Learn how to submit content to SPN here:

SPN contributor guidelines

We know there’s a lot to process, so here are cliffsnotes on the SPN contributor guidelines :

  1. We are looking for original content. Stories that have been done hundreds of times hold no interest to us. It has to be different.
  2. Back up what you say with factual information, personal stories, and well-known examples. Mix in published research with links to your sources.
  3. Do not submit content that is published anywhere else. You will be banned as a contributor. Articles must be original and exclusive. We don’t want old book reports or blogs.
  4. You must disclose if you took any payment for mentioning a person or business in the article. If you have a business or financial relationship with any individuals or companies that you mention you need to disclose it.

Being a contributor to the Service Professionals Network is something to be proud of. Please read through these guidelines and expectations prior to submitting content for publication. You can submit articles through our info-at-email address anytime.


1. What we want from SPN contributor writers

Length: We will not consider anything less than 500 words for any reason. Pieces running between 700-800 words are great, but longer is OK if the content is good. More than 1,200 words is usually too much.

Topics: SPN is looking for content that educates, entertains and motivates people to make the world around them better. Articles that inspire, teach and give actionable advice are likely to go live on the site. Sales, business and life tips are great. We are less likely to publish political or religious pieces at this time unless they are really good.

Unique content: We do not want unoriginal content of any kind. If it is online somewhere we do not want it. Do internet searches on your topic and make sure you are offering a unique perspective or take-away.

What is your personal experience? Did your trials and tribulations teach you more than the most? How do you see things differently? Tell us a good story.

What is something only you can write for SPN? Do you have special insight into your industry, marketing trends, financial news or anything like that? If you have insights you think can change the world feel free to submit your article to our info-at-email address.

Submit content that is actionable & trustworthy

Is It Actionable: Stories that don’t teach or offer something readers can apply to their lives probably won’t be approved for publication. Advice is tips that users can put into action as soon as they read it. If you have solutions to common problems or communication issues our readers will most likely love your article. Therefore, we will most likely publish it.

Is It Trustworthy: Wikipedia is a great reference for some definitions of certain terms, but it also crowdsources information. Cite credible websites and sources of information to boost your odds of getting your article to print. Your website link in the about author section is one thing, but choose other info sources for your article. Trusted sites with additional information on your topic are good to cite.

Influencer Interviews: Before you schedule or do an interview for your article contact us, so you do not waste time. SPN does not want duplicate articles and we will not publish interviews on people that are not known influencers unless they are doing something special to help the world. We will also highlight members of the #SPN social media groups on occasion.

*SPN does not employ contributors, so do not represent otherwise. You can say you are a contributor to SPN if you have a published post.

2. Things to do prior to submitting an article

Ask to be a contributor. Every user of this site can be made a contributor, but you are not an official SPN contributor, until one of your articles are published in the main news feed. You can submit your articles by simply posting them in the contributor back office. Our editors will see them and begin the publishing process. We do not publish posts that don’t make the grade. Use the Yoast tool to write your post.

Proofread your article. The easier you make it on the editors of SPN the more likely your article is to be published. We will not accept articles with a ton of typos, spelling errors or bad grammar. The SPN team will not accept articles without proper capitalization, grammar or punctuation. Check your article a few times prior to submitting it.

Make sure it is original work. We do not want articles that are anything but original. Anyone that sends us content that was online somewhere prior to submitting us the article will get banned.

Backlink your sources. Having links to back up your information will give your writing a boost. It will provide more credibility and improve your odds to get your content on SPN. If you don’t cite sources your article will not go to print. Disclose who you are interviewing, quoting or citing every time. We want to know who said it first.

Disclose any and all financial ties. If you are getting paid to do a marketing piece about someone and your article goes to print you need to disclose it. Disclosing your financial ties is very important to SPN and our readers. Contributors that do not disclose payments or financial dealings to SPN and our readers will be banned. If you have questions about this, then contact us. Win-Win marketing and networking deals should be disclosed as well. SPN reserves the right to not publish any article at any time. We can also take down articles at any time, so keep that in mind, if you are trying to sell links on our site.

Submit content in the right format

Tell us if it is a time sensitive. Articles with a trending topic or time requirements might move up in the line depending on the piece. It is also best to let editors know when you submit content it is time sensitive.

Don’t overdo the self-promotional stuff. By all means mention your company, skills or anything that may show your expertise. It is great if this info helps tell your story or verify your knowledge. The idea is to provide education more than advertising. Articles that promote too much won’t be likely to make it through the cut. One or two links to your business, Amazon products or whatever is cool, but we will delete excessive links.

Use Microsoft Word: We will only accept articles in word format with appropriate hyperlinking at this time. We don’t want to cut and paste things before we consider them for publication. We also do not want to do your hyperlinking.

For your author profile: Go to our contributor tab and look at what we expect. Submit your image, links and bio to the info-at-email address.

3. What to expect after you submit content

  1. SPN does get a large volume of submissions, so please expect a response with 4-8 weeks. Any submissions over two months old are unlikely to print.
  2. If we approve your article we need a headshot (high quality only) and a couple sentences for your bio. We can also post your social media links and hyperlinks to books for sale or your website.
  3. Accepted articles will also most likely require edits or revisions. We will send back suggestions with your article if it makes it into serious consideration. Once you make changes you can resubmit the article for further review. You will receive an email alert when your piece runs.
  4. Once we approve the article for posting we will message you to let you know, so you can promote it.

4. Style matters

  • Punctuation matters, so be mindful of where you place commas, exclamation points and no use of emojis.
  • No double space after sentences or excessive spacing between paragraphs.
  • You need to include commas, periods, exclamation or question marks to go inside quotes.
  • We will not do the hyperlinking for you. Do not post your URLs next to words you want us to hyperlink for you.
  • Don’t use paragraphs that are longer than 150 words.
  • Do not use a lot of one line paragraphs. Two to Three sentences are ideal for a paragraph.
  • Avoid having more than 300 words between subheadings.
  • Use subheadings (h2 headings) to break up your article and illustrate different points.
  • Be mindful of how you use abbreviations, acronyms and jargon our audience might now be familiar with. Spell things out as much as possible and avoid acronyms that may have double meanings.
  • Do not use links in subheadings or excessively throughout your article.
  • Don’t make it all about the women or the men. If you must use “he” or “she” to illustrate a point do so. However, pluralizing your pronouns will go help your article resonate more with both genders. Words like “they,” “them” or “they” often work much better than “he” or “she”.
  • Consistency matters. Make your story and style consistent and easy to follow.
  • Don’t kick a dead horse. Avoid using the same words and making the same points repeatedly.
  • The only time you write out numbers that are larger than 10 is at the beginning of a sentence. The only time you write out numbers under ten is when they appear with the word percent.

Thank you for being part of SPN. We also want to thank you for taking the time to learn how to submit content to SPN.

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How To Be A Cash Flow Pro

How to Be a Cash Flow Pro: A Mr. Biz Guide to Crushing Business Owner Insomnia by Ken “Mr. Biz” Wentworth

Buy The Book:

Ken “Mr. Biz” Wentworth is a Cash Flow Specialist who developed his expertise during 20+ years in financial leadership positions at a Fortune 15 company and most recently as a CFO/Business Advisor for small businesses. He enjoys spending time and traveling with his family. You can learn more about his recent activity through his LinkedIn profile.
*disclaimer, I have known Ken for some time through social media and I was sent a free copy of his book for the purpose of this review. I am also really bad at managing my cash flow, so it’s been a big help.

Most businesses that fail do so due to bad cash flow management. “How to Be a Cash Flow Pro” provides a blueprint with proven techniques to help you sleep better at night. Learning some of the strategies in this book will help you avoid a lot of money pitfalls that many small business owners fall in. Some of these amazing techniques include:

* How to make credit cards work for you to create a huge advantage
* What is THE most important information to include on an invoice?
* How to effectively control your expenses without hurting your business
* Simple tweaks to make to your collection process to get money flowing in the door
* Two tips to reduce payroll’s cash flow pressure
Bottom line – if improving your company’s cash flow is a goal of yours, this book is for you!

Mike’s Take on: How To Be A Cash Flow Pro

Personally, I did enjoy the book and there were many things that I took away from it. Ken provides great information for people in the construction and remodeling business right off the bat, so it was a big hook. His advice on how to go about charging for and collecting on services rendered is top notch. His no BS approach is one that I really appreciate, because it does stress the importance of the subject. Many business owners  with local home service companies really fail with the cash flow side of things.

Ken teaches how important it is to have your customers sign off on every step of the work while also steps stressing what steps to take. With nearly two thirds of most businesses having cash flow problems due to late payments this book makes a lot of sense.

This book also gives real world practical advice on everything from credit card processing to invoicing changes.

Marketing Partner For Monat

About Mike O’Connor

Mike is the creator of the Service Professionals Network social media project. Mike is also a content writer for 2nd Chance Water Restoration and a marketing partner for Monat. Please feel free to contact mike anytime, so you can develop a win-win relationship.

Buy The Book:


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How To Find A Good Lawyer

The Service Professionals Network wants to help you know how to find a good lawyer.

Whether you need help with estate planning, immigration, DUI defense or any other legal representation you need a quality attorney with enough experience. There are countless lawyers to choose from, so it can be difficult to find the best lawyer.

Make sure you find the best lawyer for each unique situation, because lawyers come with different experiences and skills. The Service Professionals Network knows how difficult it can be to find the right attorney. Therefore, we feel sharing this info on how to find a good lawyer can help in your time of need.

10 Tips To Find The Best Defense Attorney:

  1. Not all experience is the same: There are many different types of law offices and lawyers that specialize in certain types of legal practice. Make sure that the lawyer you consider to represent you have experience relevant to your case. For example, you don’t want a lawyer that does tax law doing your divorce. Everyone needs practice for improving, but you don’t want a lawyer using your case as practice. Go with an attorney that has plenty of real-life experience handling cases like yours.
  2. Get a hungry and competitive attorney: There is big difference in an attorney applying knowledge and education versus one going to war to win. When going to war or court it’s important to go with all guns blazing, so get a hungry lawyer. Lawyers like all of us have ups and downs in their lives. You don’t want to have an attorney representing you that is dealing personal issues or hates their job.
  3. Listen To your feelings: Trust your gut, when considering an attorney, because the jury may get the same impression. Make sure the attorney is both a good speaker and LISTENER also.  A lawyer that listens intently to you explain your case is less likely to miss details. That lawyer probably also cares more than an attorney that is rushing you. Go with the attorney that seems to care about you as much as winning the case. A good attorney will give you options and advise you on what they feel is best. Get a different attorney, if you feel uncomfortable during the initial interview.
  4. A good law office is better than a good attorney: It takes a village to raise a child and a team to win a legal battle. There are attorneys that do good on their own, but getting ready for court is much easier with a team. What happens, if you hire a single attorney that gets sick or can’t make it to court for whatever reason? It’s never a bad idea to ask a lawyer to meet their administrative staff, paralegals and other lawyers on their team.
  5. Look for genuine confidence: Lawyers tend to have less than a stellar reputation, because there are a lot of lawyers that make grand claims only to under deliver at court. Be concerned, if an attorney is making promises or guarantees, because there is always risk, when it comes to law and legal proceedings. You want a lawyer that is will build a strong case through strong preparation. Make sure to ask any potential attorney how they would go about handling your case, before you decide to retain them as legal representation.
  6. Good Communication: Hire a lawyer that takes the time to listen to your story and gives you all the time you need to understand what is going on. Having a lawyer that communicate in court is a must, but you also need an attorney that communicates well with you. You want an attorney that speaks and writes like an attorney, when needed, but also knows how to communicate with you.
  7. Check References: Great lawyers tend to have a great reputation, so make sure to check references and online reviews. Asking friends and trusted associates for a lawyer they recommend is great, but you should also check them out online too. Even the best lawyer may have a bad review or two, but the good should outweigh the bad.
  8. Make sure the fees make sense: You may not always get what you pay for, but you always pay for what you get especially with lawyers. An experienced attorney typically cost more than a lawyer fresh out of law school, but a good lawyer also tends to cost more than an average one. Do your homework on your attorney and their fees to make sure they’re charging reasonable fees.
  9. Check with the bar: It’s never a bad idea to check with the State bar association and public records to insure your attorney doesn’t have serious complaints. You also want to make sure there aren’t on-going disciplinary actions that may interfere with how you’re represented. Most local bar associations also have a free referral service that help you find the best attorney to suit your case.
  10. Find a lawyer with serious court time: Going to court is never cheap and usually has big consequences tied to it, so make sure you have an attorney that isn’t afraid to go to court. Make sure your potential lawyer isn’t afraid to go to trial and has the experience to represent your successfully.

Law Offices That The Service Professionals Network Refers:

Illinois- Jaleel Law P.C. is located in central DuPage county, but they represent clients in trial and appellate courts across the state. Some of the courtrooms they work include: Daley Center; 26th and California; Bridgeview; Skokie; Rolling Meadows; Maywood; Markham; and all the branch courts in Chicago Cook County; Du Page County Wheaton Courthouse; Kane County and the Northern District of Illinois along with all 5 Illinois Appellate Courts and the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.

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How To Make Money Kicking Ass On Social Media

So you want to know how to make money kicking ass on social media?

I don’t blame you, because most people use social media in some way, shape or form every day. More and more people are also using social media marketing to make money working from home too.

The idea of making a living by starting a home-based business and working from home is appealing because freedom is an addiction.

People are meant to be free.  Making a decent living working from home in your spare time also provides a lot of freedom that most people don’t have.

The great thing about making a living on social media is that there are hundreds of thousands of people doing it successfully that you can use as an example.

Some do it a lot better than I do. I’ll probably also never catch up to some of them, but that’s ok. You don’t have to be an internet Jedi or digital marketing genius to make a living working from home online. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m proof. 🙂 🙂 🙂

10 Steps To Making Money Online Through Social Media:

  1. Open Your Mind: Keep an open mind and ask a lot of questions, but take everything with a grain of salt. I question anyone that labels themselves an expert because it tends to mean they’re less eager to learn. Listen to new ideas and compare them to what you know to be true, but don’t take advice as internet law.
  2. Engage: You’ll never kick ass on social media if you can’t get a hang of the social part. One of the best ways to get started in social media is to reach out to influencers that are known for engaging back. Those are the real influencers and they’re also known for being helpful for a reason. If you get the answers you seek, then pay it forward by sharing that information with the next would be an online entrepreneur. Always pay it forward. There is a reason why win-win networking and marketing is becoming so popular.
  3. Apply Consistency: Each social media platform has different influencers that stand out. Few influencers really stand out on multiple platforms, because each platform takes a decent amount of effort to get to that level. I’m known for my LinkedIn, but people like Sam Hurley and John White put me to shame on Twitter. Find two or three social media platforms that you want to focus on, so you can apply the right amount of consistent effort to each one. There are a ton of ways to make money and become an influencer online, but few are easy or will happen overnight. Most people that make money online do so because they do what it takes to make it happen. If you’re working a full day at your day job, then you have to sacrifice a few hours more each day to start building your online revenue. People that don’t make it work on the internet never actually got to work or gave up. Where would you be today, if you began last year and did a little bit every day?
  4. Strength In Numbers: Find networking and industry groups to join and apply the rules above. Participating in groups and adding value to them will help you grow your network and audience quicker than anything. I may admittedly be a little bias, but I suggest joining the Service Professionals Network group on LinkedIn. A good group will have members that support each other and help each other succeed.

    Join the #SPN groups on LinkedIn & Facebook.
    Join the #SPN groups on LinkedIn & Facebook.
  5. Be A Kindness Enthusiast Focusing On Positivity: Follow the golden rule online, because it’s hard to not like someone that treats you with kindness. The internet has a lot of negative people on it, so it’s not terribly hard to stand out by just being kind. There is always a way to make your point or debate while including a little kindness. If you can’t think of something nice, or at least diplomatic to say, then it’s best to keep on scrolling.
  6. Sharing Is Caring: The biggest trick to making money on the internet is getting traffic to your site or links. Having a few good social media buddies also makes a huge difference. Social media shares can drive traffic directly to your site or links, but they also help build up trust factors with Google and other search engines. Sharing content helps the author and also makes them more likely to share your content. Now, don’t get obnoxious and share a ton of crappy content, because that will kill your credibility. Share freely, but make sure it passes the quality test and adds value to your audience. Find different ways to highlight your connections to help them out and build a solid #WinWin relationship. I did this recently using a kick ass and totally FREE digital Marketing tool:

    Sharing The Top Global SuperStars
    Check out these Global Superstars
  7. Be Unique By Being Yourself: There are billions of people using the internet, so there is an audience for everyone. Be yourself and follow the rules above and you will build an audience. People follow people that they like and one of the best ways to make friends on the internet is keeping it real. It’s always important to be as authentic as possible, but make sure you avoid doing certain things that destroy brand names daily.
  8. Don’t Miss Good Opportunities To Get An Edge: Change management is perhaps the best skill one could possess if they want to make money working from home. Digital Marketing is a constantly changing industry because new trends and technology are always popping up. It’s important that you take opportunities when they’re available because there is nothing worse, then missing a good opportunity due to fear. A lot of people are already regretting missing the opportunity to claim good usernames on (Here is more info on how to make money using FYI)
  9. Make It As Easy As Possible To Get Paid: You can make money in a variety of different ways through affiliate advertising. Thanks to FYI you don’t even need a website or blog. However, I also strongly suggest getting a WordPress site going, so you can build a long-term business. You can also make money through Google AdSense if you generate enough traffic to your website or blog.
  10. Cut Out The Negative Influences In Your Life And Take Care Of Yourself: Everyone making money online also had to make the decision to ignore the negativity in their way. There are a million excuses you can tell yourself and people will come up with another million reasons why you can’t make money on the internet. [email protected]#$ that…twice. You can do anything you want in this world if you want it bad enough and work. There are a lot of people online that want to see you succeed. I know, because I am one of them. Contact me  for help anytime.

Thanks for reading!

Chief Happiness Officer
Mike O’Connor
Creator Of #SPN
Chief Happiness Officer

About the Author: Mike O’Connor is an avid social networker that works as a content writer and SEO specialists.

Mike also started the Service Professionals Network groups on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+.

The SPN project helps people network more efficiently and raise awareness for great causes.

The SPN project proudly helps charitable causes through our Nonprofit fundraising work.

I have a large digital footprint, because I accept connections on every platform and follow back.

Bonus Social Media Marketing Tip

Make sure to check out is made to improve your ROI on social media marketing. It’s Free and simple-to-use, but it’s also super effective. Making an FYI smartlist is a great way to put all kinds of info in one spot.

This also makes the smartlist awesome for search engine marking too! Google loves to get all the info in a nice convenient spot, so smartlist have a big advantage. Being able to put informative content around your affiliate links is a great way to get online sales.

It is only a matter of time before FYI is the biggest thing in digital marketing. I feel confident making that claim due to all offers social media marketing. Feel free to contact me or use my Fiverr backlink building service.

I hope this little blog helps you some way and would also greatly appreciate a share.


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