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This blog is an attempt to explain how SPN and FYI help build brands and raise awareness for charities.

The SPN project is an open networking group on LinkedIn that is also growing on other social media platforms. Therefore, it makes sense to form a social media marketing company that donates to charities like URTFC.

All you have to do to get help from the URTFC and #SPN marketing team is join the SPN social media groups and engage.  Join the #SPN social media groups on LinkedInFacebook and Google+ to introduce your nonprofit.

SPN is different from other social groups due to open networking and focus on charity.

SPN proudly helps support several charitable causes through social media marketing, fundraisers and many other ways. We take pride in helping awesome charities like the Arclight Foundation, which is taking on the sex slave industry.

The SPN social media marketing company allows for us to work from home and also do more for charity. SPN donates over 50% of our social media marketing profits to

U R The Future Charity (URTFC) donates about 90% of all their funds to other charities and people in need the world over.

URTFC understands the need for people to have strong self-worth, so they can be positive influences on the world around them.

The seeds that we plant today will be crops that feed the world tomorrow. Therefore, URTFC has a simple mission to help all the gardeners (everyone) of the world tend their gardens (local communities).

Join the SPN project to help raise awareness and funds for causes that affect your local garden. We are here to help because we are all in this together and we rise by lifting others.

There are a lot of Global Superstars in the #SPN project, so we will highlight them in our FYI accounts.

All SPN members from any of our online groups are more than welcome to suggest difference makers to highlight.  Follow this FYI smartlist about the Global Superstars, so you can connect to these world changers.

Here is an FYI on the best charities SPN members support.

One of the ways that SPN plans on making money through FYI is through affiliate advertising. Almost every product and service that is for sale has an advertiser offering affiliate programs to online entrepreneurs looking to work from home.

The online entrepreneurs help advertisers make money by driving traffic through affiliate links. The advertisers are more than willing to pay commissions usually anywhere from 2-10% of the profit, or even a flat fee per converted sale.

We use Amazon primarily for our affiliate programs. Amazon has a great affiliate program and it’s also one of the biggest sites in the world for a reason.

How can I use my affiliate links with FYI?

The beautiful part about using to make money working from home is that it is free. It is also really simple to set up and use.  You can start your home based business really easily by claiming good usernames on You do need an email address available for each username that you want to claim.

Once you have a couple good FYI accounts you can begin creating smartlist to advertise whatever you want. Creating smartlists is also easy because you just need a cover image and the ability to write a title and description.

A good username is important because it helps with how your smartlist performs in the search engines. The challenge with making money through affiliate advertisement is finding cost-effective and ethical ways to generate traffic. is a new digital marketing tool that also helps people make money online through affiliate advertising working from home. will dominate the search engines as more people use it and share their smartlist around the globe. Anyone looking to start a home-based business, so they can make money working from home should watch these videos.

First Explanation Video About How To Use


All you have to do to get help from the URTFC and #SPN marketing team is join the SPN social media groups and engage.  Join the #SPN social media groups on LinkedInFacebook and Google+ to introduce your nonprofit.

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