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Frequently Asked Question

These are the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) that we hear in the Service Professionals Network:

Can you refer me to other SEO, Digital Marketing, Website Designers, or other service providers?

Absolutely! We have a lot professional connections in a lot of different industries, which is what SPN is all about: open networking.
The great part is you can also join the #SPN Facebook or LinkedIn groups or in the Google+ community to connect with them directly.
You can place your requests in the Google+ community under the appropriate categories to get bids from other SPN project members.
Contact us, if you need would like a couple direct referrals. If it’s not Win-Win it’s not SPN.

What’s your return policy?

The Service Professionals Network finds great deals on a variety of products and services on this site. All of the services and products offered directly are provided by independent third party providers

What services to you actually provide directly?

We are content marketers with backgrounds in blogging and SEO, so we provide FYI.to marketing services on Fiverr.

We have large social media networks especially on LinkedIn. We also have Pinterest boards with 15k+ followers, so we can your FYI out to thousands of people in a hurry.
The FYI smartlist that we create are permanent and designed for dynamic social media sharing.  We have over 2,000 of the very best username (keywords) on FYI, so we can provide an outstanding ROI for your marketing dollars.

Do you have customer service?
We always work to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with any of our direct services. Please contact us anytime should you have any issues with SPN.