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#SPN helps, so we want to help you grow your audience.

The Service Professionals Network has an audience of millions of people, so joining SPN will help you grow. The #SPN social media groups grow every day and so does this website. We are looking to give members of the #SPN social media groups a larger platform to share their content.

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This website will be writing articles covering everything from digital marketing tips to book reviews to inspiring stories. If you are a member of the Service Professionals Network and want us to consider publishing your content, then please contact us directly.

We reserve the right to publish or not publish any content for any reason. It is also our right to remove content at anytime for any reason. We don’t charge for publishing content on this site due to our mission to promote win-win marketing & networking.

To Become A #SPNcontributor:

Please feel free to contact anyone on the #SPN business team below for more details. You can also submit an article of up to 500 words describing your why. Let us know why you want to be a contributor, what you want to talk about and why we want to publish your content.The easiest way to be a contributor though is to simply stand out by engaging in the social media groups and sharing great content with SPN. We will be looking for people using the #SPN and #WinWin hashtags everywhere. If we like what we see, then we will ask you to become a contributor.Everyone at #SPN works hard every day to earn and build upon every win-win relationship that we establish. We are not perfect, so we work hard everyday to be mindful and improve. Thanks for being part of #SPN and have a good day!

Meet the #SPNcontributors:

Michael (Mike) O'Connor

About Michael (Mike) O’Connor

Mike is the creator of the Service Professionals Network social media project. Mike is also a content writer for 2nd Chance Water Restoration and a marketing partner for Monat. Please feel free to contact mike anytime.

Connect with Bernie

About Bernie Fussenegger

With more than 25 years of experience in marketing, Bernie is a Director of Digital – Customer Identity. His current focus is building and scaling a progressive digital marketing foundation that balances the needs of both consumers and national/local stakeholders —  all while delivering measurable ROI to the business. All comments, opinions, feedback, and views are his own

Henry Landau is CEO – Executive Recruiter at First Health Pro

About Henry Landau

Henry Landau is CEO – Executive Recruiter at First Health Pro, where he recruits healthcare professionals and helps them find their dream jobs. Henry has worked with a lot of candidates to guide them on how to get them hired, Henry has also worked with a lot of healthcare organizations to help them come up with a strategy on how to find the best talent in the market. You can expect complete professionalism and honesty when working with Henry. Feel free to reach out and ask for advice

USMC John Woodward
Connect with John Woodward. Connect with John on LinkedIn.

About John Woodward

John Woodward is a Marine veteran who served for over 20 years in the Fleet Marine Forces, and Joint Staff and was surrounded by great Marines throughout his tours including Col Jerry Marvel, Col Karl Smith, “Drano”, “GunSlinger”, Jack Parks, Stan Czubai, JB Knotts, L B McHenry, F E Sisley, M P Downs, MGySgt Qualkinbush, MGySgt D McClure, SgtMaj Mobley, Jim O’Donnell, Col Fox, Doug Black, GySgt Clark, Col Riley, Col Agenbroad, Carol Mutter, Gen Carl Munday, Gen A Gray, Gen Barrow, Dan O’Donnell, Frank Burgess, and so many many more Great Marines….. too many to mention. He also spent about 20 years working as a defense contractor and currently provides consulting services.

Craig Wasilchak

About Craig Wasilchak

Craig Wasilchak is the founder and CEO of Alternative Business Automation Solutions (ABAS) and a lead contributor to #SPN. ABAS is a Dallas Fort Worth area based company that provides postage meters and printers to streamline business and reduce a company’s overhead. Feel free to contact Craig with any questions about your mailing machine or copier needs. Craig started the business over 26 years ago and now also spends time helping coach less experienced entrepreneurs grow their business using digital strategies he has developed. If you think someone consistently follows the Golden Rule and leads by example, encourage them to get involved with SPN and nominate them for the SPN Member of the Week interview by messaging Craig. 

Connect with Ira

About Ira Bowman

Ira the founder of #projecthelpyougrow and a 20 year B2B sales professional.  As an Account Manager for Californa Surveying & Drafting Supply, Inc (CSDS) and a happily married man with eight children, Ira never lacks for things to do, but writing is one of his passions and helping people is always a top priority.

Ira also helps people find jobs for FREE through his #ProjectHelpYouGrow campaign!

Meet Andy Vargo

About Andy Vargo

Andy Vargo works for corporate events and schools as a motivational speaker and one on one as a life coach, helping people navigate the obstacles that are between them and their happy successful life. At night you can find him working stages around the northwest as a comedian making light of his journey with the gift of laughter. Awkward is not only his brand, but his style as Andy encourages us all to ‘Own Your Awkward’ and be true to our genuine selves.

Andy Vargo is the author of the Awkward Journal series, hosts the podcast, Own Your Awkward, and shares thoughts and ideas in his blog and video series available at awkwardcareer.com.

Phil Friedman
With 30 some years background in the marine industry, I’ve worn numerous hats —as a yacht designer, boat builder, marine operations and business manager, marine industry consultant, marine marketing and communications specialist, yachting magazine writer and editor, yacht surveyor, and marine industry educator. I am also trained and experienced in interest-based negotiation and mediation. And I regularly freelance as a marketing and ghostwriter. In a previous life, I taught logic and philosophy at university.
Please feel free to also connect with Phil on beBee or LinkedIn.
Connect with Tyler Mann

About Tyler Mann

Tyler Mann helps people be at their most effective state. Tyler does this by focusing on people (hiring, training, benefits, etc), business processes, and technology. Tyler writes a lot on these topics with areas in leadership, sales, business operations, technology, and how to connect them all together.

Tyler helps all of his clients as the Director of Professional Services at Blu Banyan reach their most effective state, specifically on the Oracle NetSuite platform. He also helps companies in the renewables space directly and as a Technical Architect for Blu Banyan’s Solar Success product.

If you or your business want to be more effective, reach out to Tyler on LinkedIn or SPN.