ABAS Postage Meter & Mailing Machine Systems

Alternative Business Automation Solutions (ABAS)  is a small business in Dallas, Texas. ABAS helps other US small to large businesses save money on their postage meter, letter stuffing machine, mailing machine and more.

If you’re mailing a lot of things you should also consider contacting Craig Wasilchak directly. There is a good chance that they can save you money and hassle on your postage meter or mailing machine. He can also help you in many different ways as a veteran business owner.

Use ABAS to compare postage meter and mailing machine providers

If you’re not happy with your postage meter or mailing machine you need to check ABAS.  Their customer reviews tell you all that you need to know. They make their clients happy and they can also provide a ton of references.

Learn about their postbase automatic postage meter and the service ABAS provides with it!

Why does ABAS have such good reviews for their mailing system services?

ABAS provides transparent pricing, so they save their typical clients about 30-50% on their mailing cost. The bigger companies tend to charge bigger fees hidden in fine print.

ABAS is a small business that knows how to take care of other small businesses. No one appreciates hidden fees or getting a BS story. ABAS cuts through the crap, so their customers know what they pay and why.

That is the best way to do business, so it shouldn’t be a surprise they’re growing.

The ABAS track record in the DFW area

ABAS has been serving USA clients from their Dallas location in one way, shape or form for over 26 years.

You should check out their Google reviews, so you can see what their current customers think of them. Check out their service area to see if your business falls in their zone.

Contact @craigwasilchak if you need help with your postage meter and mailing systems. Craig knows the best local vendors and service providers across the USA. ABAS can help just about anyone with their postage meter and mailing systems needs.

Craig also helps mentor other business owners. Craig likes to help other business owners succeed, so he highlights the SPN member of the week too!

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Next Level Theory Teaches Functional Fitness For Any Age

Next Level Theory is built to help people of all shapes, sizes and ages to develop functional fitness. Doing the Next Level Theory online workouts will help also help you improve your range of motion. Learn martial arts and self-defense from the comfort of your own home.

How you move and take care of your body determines a lot about how you will enjoy your life. We all age and we can’t stop the clock, but we can take care of ourselves.

The thing that I really like about these online course personally is the fact I hate going to the gym. I enjoy working out at home in a small area sometimes.  The video library is huge and they offer the first month for $1.00.

Who is behind Next Level Theory?

Erik Hendrickson is a life-long fitness freak and martial artists. He is also a give by nature. The guy does a ton of things for a ton of people. Go look at his LinkedIn endorsements and testimonials. I’ve seen hundreds of thousands of LinkedIn accounts, but I’ve never seen any get close to the level of positive feedback this guy has. He is truly next level.

Watch this video to learn about how Next Level Theory helps people develop functional fitness and range of motion while also giving them the option to learn a little about martial arts and self defenses from a master trainer.

Functional fitness

Next Level Theory does teach some martial arts and self-defense, but the focus is on helping people improve their functional fitness.

These online videos are great, because they’re cheap, easy-to-follow and teach serious techniques. You will be able to learn how to improve your range of motion and build strength safely.

There is no catch and you can also cancel anytime. The $1.00 first month trial makes deciding on trying the course an easy decision. The videos add value by teaching awesome things in a fun way. It’s a month-to-month subscription that you can cancel in a couple clicks.

You will improve your functional fitness with this online video course. Next Level Theory also donates a lot of their profits to good causes.

Online Fitness Training
Improve your functional fitness and feel better. Get self-defense and martial arts training at no extra cost.

Range of motion

Improve your range of motion by taking the Next Level Theory challenge! You will be able to learn how to properly stretch and build muscle safely from your living room. You can also play the video anywhere you have an internet connection.

self-defense and functional fitness training.
Improve your range of motion and functional fitness by using the Next Level Theory. You can also learn some martial arts.


This video library does have some self-defense training videos that the whole family can enjoy together. The best part is the first month is just $1.00, so you can try it without much risk or hassle.

Erik teaches some great stuff anyone can learn that will make a difference should you find yourself in a bad situation. Knowing what to do is so important to survival.

Being able to train in the comfort of your home, office or man cave gives you freedom to learn in peace. This online training video library is a great gift idea for men, women and kids of all ages.

Martial arts self-defense training videos
The whole family can get fit and learn a little martial arts self-defense together at home for $20.00 a month. $1.00-first month

Erik really likes to help people and good causes. He is open networker, so send him a friend invite anytime. His support on social media is great, so make sure to follow him too.

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Motor City Spindle Repair | SPN Business Profile

Motor City Spindle Repair specializes in Motorized CNC spindle repair for HMC/VMCs, Turning Centers, Grinding machines, and other precision spindle applications.

Ted Ladzinski and Brian Burns make a great team and they’re also building an even great team in Detroit. Their company actually helps people with their repair needs across the nation now due to the business practices.

They do a little bit of everything from rebuilding belt driven or gear driven machines to remanufacturing CNC machine tool spindles. Their skill enables them to work on spindles from machining centers, a turning center, grinding machine and many other types of machines. They can practically fix any type of spindle.

Just give them a call at 734-261-8600 for info or a FREE quote.

The Motor City Repair Reputation

They’re also known for having the fastest repair time in the industry. Their emergency spindle repair services take on average just two to three days. They also back up their work with a full one year service warranty.

Major customers can also expect free pickup and delivery. The turn around for a quote is usually a couple of hours, so things move fast from start to finish.

Learn why Motor City Spindle Repair are known leaders in CNC Spindle Repair.

Specializing in rebuilding motors on belt and gear driven spindles for Japanese and German machining centers and turning centers.

(8) Full Time Experienced Spindle Room Technicians with over 157+ years of combined experience in our spindle room

Call for free estimates 734-261-8600 or e-mail us at [email protected]

They completely rebuild nearly every make and model spindle in the machine tool industry. The common spindles they rebuild are: Mori Seiki, Okuma, MAG, Setco, Enshu, Chiron, Mazak, Kessler, Weiss, Cincinnati, Pope, Bryant, GMN, DMG, Makino, NTC, OKK, Mitsui Seiki, Hardinge, Doosan, Alfing, Colonial and hundreds and hundreds more.

Motor City Spindle Repair 734-261-8600
Motor City Spindle Repair

More About Motor City Spindle Repair:



Dearborn, Michigan

Year founded


Company size

11-50 employees


Spindle Repair, CNC Spindle Repair, Spindles, Motorized Spindle Repair, Spindle Machining, and CNC Machine Spindle Repair

CNC Machining Repair Team

You can also follow Motor City Spindle Repair on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Everyone at Motor City Repair happen to also really like win-win marketing, so it makes sense to make friends with their entire team.

John WilsonShelby MusselmanLauren LaDellJames Hall and also the awesome Mandy Jahlas  are part of the social media team.

Please note that Motor City Repair and Mike O’Connor have been networking for years. Ted also contributes monthly to SPN project. We only promote companies that we feel hold to the Golden Rule and add positive impact to those around them.

Half of all profit also goes to the URTFC as part of our nonprofit fundraising. So we would write about Motor City Repair either way, but we want to be fully transparent. SPN will be blogging about SPN members and their businesses that stand out, so register your FREE account today.

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