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Book reviews by SPN

These SPN book reviews were done by SPN members, so feel free to join SPN and submit content. Here is a list of book reviews that we have done recently:

Upcoming SPN book reviews

The Service Professionals Network will be reviewing books by SPN social media group members, so check back here. Here are some books by SPN group members that SPN will be reviewing here in the near future. Please feel free to buy these books and submit a book review anytime.

How to promote a book online

The SPN social media groups has a lot of authors and book fanatics in them, so join us for help. The SPN will groups have a lot of people in them that will help you promote your book. SPN is all about Win-Win Networking & Marketing, so there are a lot of people willing to help.

We are also cool with you sharing content about your books in the SPN social media groups. Therefore, it’s a good way to get your book out to millions of people in a few clicks.

It takes time and effort to write a book, so here are tips to help you promote your book:

  1. Social Media: There is no better and more cost effective way to promote a book than a solid social media campaign. Hence, why FREE social networking sites and groups like SPN are great. Social media networkers that practice win-win can get your book out in front of millions of people. You can share your story about writing the book every step of the way thus building interest. Help other people promote their books and they’ll probably help you promote your book too.
  2. Blog & Email: Starting a simple WordPress blog and email campaign where you provide updates can build a lot of interest. This will also be more effective with a solid social media campaign.
  3. Use Press Releases & Free Websites: Writing a free press release and free websites to announce your book. You can also do a paid press release, if you it is in your budget. A paid press release is  a great way to get more response while also producing backlinks to your blog or website.
  4. Run A Contest: People love winning especially, if there is a FREE prize, so run a contest with your book being the prize. Caption this photo or suggest something about the cover contests are always fun ways to promote a book.
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