Sharing Is Caring

Sharing is caring is a term you will see a lot on social media. That is due to power social sharing brings to any brand.  Everything on the internet is basically a referral or paid advertisement in some way, shape or form.

In the old days people would ask their neighbor, friends or family who they would use in times of the need. That is also true today, but people use the internet to communicate now. Getting a social share for any type of business shows people you have at least one fan. Likes and positive engagement on your social media posts also help a great deal.

Service Professionals Network- Social Media Marketing
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Not only does a social share give you positive referrals in that sharer’s network; it also provides value in the search engines too!

Google, Bing and Yahoo give credit to websites that get a lot of social media shares.

The search engines judge websites and businesses much like people do, because the more referrals the more credibility.

How Does SPN Help With Social Media Sharing?

The #SPN social media groups focus on helping entrepreneurs and non-for-profits build their digital marketing footprint. Mike O’Connor began the Service Professionals Network to help people get better access to influencers and digital marketing experts.

Everyone that wants to grow their digital marketing footprint and follows the Golden Rule are welcome to join the SPN groups. Each SPN group on the different social media platforms has something different to offer.

The LinkedIn will give you access to thousands of professionals from around the world in different industries. This is the original group, so there are more people to engage with.

Share any content you want, but you also don’t want to SPAM the group with your business. The general rule of thumb is special announcements or a monthly post about your business is cool.

Join the #SPN group on Facebook.
Join the #SPN group on Facebook

The Facebook group is newer, so it has room to grow, but the engagement is fun. There is a lot of positivity in this social media group and you are welcome to join the fun.

The Google+ community is there for you to drop your new blogs, websites or other links whenever you want. We will give you plus ones and support your posts. We ask that you return the favor by also dropping some plus ones on other posts that you like in the SPN Google Plus community.

Service Professionals Network Google+ Community
Join our #SPN Google+ community!

There are thousands of members in the groups, but even more people search for the #SPN hashtags too!

The Service Professionals Network (SPN) helps people in many different ways, because we care. You should join and engage in the SPN groups on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+.

SPN Paying Members Back By Building Brands

The Service Professionals Network will also begin to write blogs about members of the #SPN social media groups.

The blogs will be on this very website and will tell stories about group members, their non-for-profits and their businesses. SPN will never charge anyone to do a write up about their brand or non-for-profit.

We will start will the most active members of SPN and those that are doing the most to make the world around them a better place.

SPN was started to help people trying to make the world better, so we are strive to continue that at all costs. Contact us anytime to suggest an SPN member that has made a positive impact on you.

We want to highlight the best people of the best social media group online today.

Tips On How To Grow On Different Social Media Platforms:

Pinterest is a platform where it pays to follow people back. The more people you follow the more people looking for followers will follow you.

A Pin (photo) can link directly to your website, blog or other social media platforms, so they can drive traffic in a hurry.

You can also post a ton of images for free on Pinterest and you can PIN a lot of images too! If someone saves one of your pins it’s a good idea to save one of theirs back. This builds a win-win, because people notice who is saving their pins.

The Pinterest account linked to the photo below is fairly new, but growing by the day due to social sharing. It is driving hundreds of people a day to this site already.

Get Social Shares On Pinterest

Mike’s LinkedIn Profile is at the 30k connection limit due to the way he shares things on the platform. Mike’s rules of engagement on LinkedIn makes it easy for him to return the favor and grow.

If you connect with someone on LinkedIn you should also endorse their profile and recent activity. Everyone that comments on one of Mike’s post will get a visit to their profile, whether Mike is a connection or not. He will check through their recent activity and engage on a couple posts. This lets people know he cares and provides win-win engagement.

The person commenting on your LinkedIn post took a little time of their day to help you get more views through engagement. Returning the favor by liking, commenting or sharing a post of theirs goes a long way toward building a Win-Win Relationship.

It brings people back to your profile and ultimately helps you get your message out to more people.

How You Can Help SPN Raise Money For Good Causes

A lot of people use Amazon to do their online shopping, so we felt using their affiliate program could help charity.

What you spend on Amazon is set, so using our links will not cost you anything, but an extra click of the mouse. The affiliate commission is anywhere from 1 to 10% of the profit that Amazon gets from helping the merchant sell the product.

We pay out over 50% of that affiliate marketing commission to different causes like URTFC or directly to fundraisers for the sick.

Our shopping blogs also have really cool gift ideas for everyone from the men, women, kids, gamers, geeks, shoe lovers and more.

*Please help The Service Professionals Network SPN raise funds by shopping through our Amazon links.

The Service Professionals Network (SPN) helps people in many different ways, because we care. You should join and engage in the SPN groups on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+.

The best way to get likes, shares and comments besides making awesome content is engaging on other people’s content. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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Gifts For Kids

*Please help SPN raise funds by shopping through our Amazon links, when shopping gifts for kids. It doesn’t cost anything extra to buy gifts for kids through these Amazon links, but you can help some great causes!

This gift guide is here to help you find fun gifts for kids of all ages. There are many gift ideas for kids here and all the games and toys are also for children of all ages. SPN is here to help you get gift ideas for your son, daughter, nephew, niece friend’s kid or grandkids.  This diverse list features cool, fun and cheap gift ideas for kids of all ages including board games, video games, actions figures, dolls and more.

Check out these gift ideas for kids

Educational Books For Kids

There are a lot of free educational books for kids listed below that you can download really easily. Some of the most referred books are the free educational books for kids in the kindle list below. Please feel free to contact the Service Professionals Network anytime to suggest educational books to add to the list. Here is the list of free educational books for kids as well some of the best selling educational books for kids on Amazon:

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Gifts for Gamers

The SPN has a lot of gamers in it, so we put together this list of gifts for gamers to help. These geeky gift ideas are perfect for any gamer of any age. Gamers take comfort as seriously as their gaming gear, so we include gaming chairs, drink stands and more here.

Buying gifts for gamers through these Amazon affiliate links also help good causes. You’ll be helping good causes by buying gamer gifts here, because we donate over 50% of our profit to

Aaron King, founder of URTFC, is also a professional gamer, so follow his twitch account to get gaming tips.

Subscribing to the URTFC Twitch account also donates $5 per month to their charity.  This short Youtube Video explains how you can get free gaming tips while also helping a charity.

The Service Professionals Network actually has a lot of professional gamers in our groups, so join us. We love talking about all things gaming related. There are a lot of members that also like to meet other gamers to talk about new releases and popular video games.  The SPN project has gamers that like classic video games and plenty that like the best selling games.

Gift Ideas For Gamers

Shopping for a gamer is never easy, so here are some gifts for gamers:

Make sure to also check out these blogs to get ideas for gifts for men and gifts for women!

SPN grows daily due to the Golden Rule:

SPN also offers a lot of different services on top of providing free help in our social media groups. We built SPN to help people with nonprofit fundraising and learning how to do things better.

Doing book reviews while also providing a platform to submit content was a logical next step in our win-win marketing & networking project. If it’s win-win it’s SPN is more than just a catchy business slogan. Building win-win relationships and making the world a better place is our mission. Thanks for joining SPN and contact us anytime.

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Data Center Climate Solutions

How Important Is Air Duct Cleaning?

Gifts For Boyfriends


Kitchen & Cooking

More reasons why I’m broke:

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How Important Is Air Duct Cleaning?

A lot of people wonder how important is air duct cleaning because it’s in the news constantly. There are also a lot of people selling local air duct cleaning services.

Some of these air duct cleaning companies are not doing things correctly, so I want to share some info.

Info On Air Duct Cleaning

The EPA provides great info on air duct cleaning and indoor air quality. However, I also understand their disclaimers about reading the articles all the way through too.

Air Duct Cleaning With HEPA Vac

We are going to make it easy because you should clean your air ducts if:

  1. There appears to be visible mold growth. Mold often grows in heating and cooling systems, so it’s a good idea to have a local HVAC company do an inspection once a year. You can also get a mold test done if you find a substance you suspect may be mold. Mold test can be fairly cheap.
  2. You have animals, insects, rodents, food or other organic material in your air ducts.
  3. Signs of water damage or build up.
  4. There are pets in the home.
  5. You’re moving in.
  6. People are developing breathing issues like allergies or asthma in the house.
  7. You have kids under 5 or elderly people in the home.

What Is Air Duct Cleaning?

I was cleaning air ducts back in the beginning of the century because I’m old. Now, people are starting to catch up on the whole indoor air quality thing. You can even buy a fancy air purifier with a HEPA filter in it online. However, most people are not aware of what air duct cleaning looks like.

Professional air duct cleaning companies use gigantic machines that attach to your heating and air system. Do not let the idiot with a large shop vac do work on your heating ducts.  The air duct cleaner that knows what he is doing will have a whip system. The industrial HEPA vacuum a professional air duct cleaner uses is awesome to watch. It attaches to your trunk lines.

Once the air duct cleaner has the HEPA vacuum system going they put a whip brush system down each vent and return. This brush system knocks all the dirt, debris, organic material or whatever else is in your system loose. Once the contaminants are no longer stuck to the side of your air system the vacuum does the rest. There is a night and day difference when you have your air duct cleaning done professionally.

Good Air Duct Cleaning Companies Near Me

I strongly suggest calling 2nd Chance Water Restoration for a free quote on air duct cleaning, if you’re in their service area. They’re the best air duct cleaning near me.  The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) can also help you find a good local air duct cleaning company.


Mike O'Conner Founder & CEO
Mike O’Conner
Founder & CEO

About the Author: I am, Mike O’Connor, a avid social networker that works as a content writer and SEO specialists.

I also know a lot of info on mold due to my mold remediation certification with the IICRC. Therefore, it’s no surprise that people ask me how important air duct cleaning really is to health. However, I insist that you do extra research on the subject. Don’t just take my word for it. 🙂

Thanks as always for reading and have a great day!

The SPN project helps people network more efficiently and raise awareness for great causes. We want to show you how to make money kicking ass on social media.

The SPN project proudly helps causes the Arc Light Foundation.

I have a large digital footprint because I accept connections on every platform and follow back.

Bonus Social Media Marketing TipHow To Find A Good Lawyer

Make sure to check out is made to improve your ROI on social media marketing. It’s Free and simple-to-use, but it’s also super effective. Making an FYI smartlist is a great way to put all kinds of info in one spot.

This also makes the smartlist awesome for search engine marking too! Google loves to get all the info in a nice convenient spot, so smartlist have a big advantage. Being able to put informative content around your affiliate links is a great way to get online sales. Feel free to contact me or use my Fiverr backlink building service.

I’ll also be glad to chat with you about reviewing your product or local home service. Feel free to contact me anytime.

I hope this little blog helps you some way and would also greatly appreciate a share.

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STAR WARS Best Gift Guide For Fans & Kids Of All Ages


Shop for all types of STAR WARS stuff on sale for less here on these links. Buying Star Wars toys, games and memorabilia here help you save some time, money and hassle while also helping URTFC.

Star Wars Toys

May the Force be with you. Thanks for shopping through the Service Professionals Network and helping us help others. Please feel free to contact us for more info on the SPN project anytime.

Jedi Store- Find All Your Stars Wars Gifts Here:

Buy Star Wars Toys

  • Jedi Toys
  • Darth Vader Toys
  • Models
  • Death Star

Find toys, games, puzzles, books, DVDs and other stuff for geeks and fans of all ages. Shop for Star Wars toys, posters and games online, so you can save time, money and hassle. Going shopping at the mall for stuff sucks, so shop online here.

Make sure to also check out these blogs to get ideas for gifts for men, gifts for women and Christmas gifts!

Star Wars Gifts

  • Spaceships
  • Droids
  • Lightsabers
  • Death Stars
  • Battleships
  • Sith
  • Padawon

We can help you get the right At At, walker, lightsabers, wookie, sith lord, Darth Maul and ewok toys. We can also help you get the best shoes for any sport, dance or special occasion.

10 Interesting Shoe Facts:

  1. Harrison Ford was originally hired to feed lines to actors auditioning for the roles of Hans Solo.
  2. James Earl was happy making his $7,500 for his 2.5 hours of work.
  3. They also were close to taking Orson Welles to be Darth Vader,
  4. The Millennium Falcon almost had a completely different look, because it originally was to similar to a different famous spaceship.
  5. George Lucas was looking for original, so he went with a flying hamburger that flew like a starfish for his spaceship.

More reasons why I’m broke:

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Shoes of all types on sale for less here on these links. Buying footwear here help you save some time, money and hassle while also helping U R the Future Charity.

Shoes On Sale

Buy Shoes Online

  • Women’s high heels
  • Men’s dress shoe
  • Kid’s gym shoe

Find shoes, booties, heels and slip on sneakers for women, man and also kids on sale for less. Shop for shoes online, so you can save time, money and hassle. Going shoe shopping at the mall is never any fun, because you don’t ever get to shop for today’s best deals on shoes!

50% of all profits from our online shop goes to, so please shop our Amazon links.

We donate half of our profits directly to U R the Future Charity. URTFC uses the funds to help other non-for-profits grow and complete their missions.

Make sure to also check out these blogs to get ideas for gifts for men, gifts for women, Christmas gifts and gifts for geeks!

Having good footwear is extremely important due to our need to healthy feet to compete our day-to-day activity. Therefore, it should be no surprise to anyone that the history of the shoe is nearly as long as human history. Having a good footwear is a privilege that a lot of people around the world don’t get to enjoy. SPN wants to change that, so over 50% of the profit that we get from selling cheap shoes and boots online will go to charity.

Over 300 million children in the world are without shoes, so it’s important that we do all that we can to help.

Cheap Sports Shoes

  • Basketball
  • Running
  • Gym
  • Tennis
  • Wrestling

We can help you get the right basketball, wrestling, dancing, running, tennis and gym shoe. We can also help you get the best shoes for any sport, dance or special occasion.

5 Interesting Shoe Facts:

  1. Sneakers are actually named due to their rubber soles making them quieter than other boots.
  2. A King of England used barleycorn to determine shoe size. Read the history of shoe size here.
  3. Men wore high heels first, but women wear high heel shoes, so they won there.
  4. The average woman in the US owns nearly 20 different pairs of shoe. Therefore, the women of the United States can also solve the world’s shoe problem. 🙂
  5. Jimmy Choo made his first shoe at the young age of 11. Buy Jimmy Choo Shoes.
Shoe Store- Find Great Shoes For Less
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Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifts are not always easy to settle on, because they are taken so many different ways. Finding the right Christmas gifts to buy can also be difficult.

Everyone knows it’s hard to buy the right Christmas gift for your friends and family. Buying a Christmas gift for your boss, neighbor, mailman, co-workers and friends can also be hard. Therefore, it makes sense to look at our Christmas gift ideas.

Our goal here is to give you some great Christmas gift ideas, so you use our Amazon affiliate links for your Christmas shopping. Buying your Christmas gifts through our affiliate links really helps, so please feel free share this blog with your friends.

Buy Christmas Gifts For Charity:

When You Just Got To Go Ho Ho Ho! OLIA DESIGN OliaDesign Seat Cover, Medium, red $4.99
When You Just Got To Go Ho Ho Ho!
OLIA DESIGN OliaDesign Seat Cover, Medium, red $4.99
Find the perfect Christmas gifts for anyone on Amazon!

Make sure to also check out these blogs to get ideas for gifts for men, gifts for women and gifts for geeks!

Find the perfect Christmas gifts for anyone on Amazon!

50% of all profits from our online shop goes to

We donate half of our profits directly to U R the Future Charity. URTFC uses the funds to help other non-for-profits grow and complete their missions. You can make a big difference this year, if you use our site to buy Christmas Gifts for your friends and family.

Shop For Christmas Gifts Here:

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Top 10 Countries To Visit In 2018

Traveling is food for the soul, so the SPN project has complied this list to help you get some ideas for your 2018 vacations.

Here are the top 10 countries to visit in 2018:


Visit Turkey

Check out more views of Turkey. With cities immersed in past, shores, and fine-looking landscape, a visit to Turkey assures you enthralled holidays. Republic of Turkey owes contiguous boundary; it is situated in the western part of Asia and the eastern part of Europe. This country is the beautiful merger of European and Asian touch. Its beautiful cities are Antalya, the place of jaunty beaches, roman ruin and kaleic region. Izmir, a city which owns kadifekale castle. Do not forget to visit another charm of turkey that is Pamukkale, there are thermal spa porches and Hierapolis wrecks.


Paris View

From the drives of Paris to the up-to-the-minute shore huts of the Côte d’Azur, France facilitates some of the furthermost gorgeous decor in the domain. France glees dreamers with mythical forts, high churches, and awesome townships. It amazes stoics with its liberal, modern elegance. Let’s begin by mentioning Eiffel Tower, the contemporary logo of France. Evolution’s most famous work can also be found in the Louvre Museum in France. Moreover, Provence is also a good place to visit, a flawless balance of bucolic natural prettiness.

Thailand     Thailand Chiang Mai Thailand ensures a lot of exceptional landscapes and places that it could make you feel to be in heavens. From its many beautiful landmasses to its ageless cities, Thailand outfits to almost all kinds of tourists and finances. People who visited Thailand write the wonderful experiences they had spent in some weeks traveling state gardens, prehistoric wrecks, Virgin Islands, and contemporary cities.

Egypt    Egyptian Pyramids The preliminary place which attracts travelers or people to select Egypt as their travel destination are the pyramids. They are the finest and the oldest wonders of the world. Definitely you’ve learnt in school about numerous stories of pyramids. There is also a ton to learn about Egypt that you can only take in by visiting. There is a lot of other really great reasons to visit Egypt due to their long history and culture.

The bazaars, the museums, the castles and old forts add up to the grace of Egypt. Please make sure to also use our affiliate marketing links to get cheap flights, if you’re traveling to Egypt.


See the best views of Pakistan

Pakistan, country located in the southern fraction of Asia, with the area of 796095 square kilometers. It is a naturally beautiful country. Pakistan’s capital city is Islamabad. It is one of the most attractive capitals of the world due it’s style, lure and charm.  Islamabad stands on the number 2 spot for the most beautiful capital cities in the world. It is also the city on which all the inhabitants of Pakistan have the honor of owning it. As Islamabad is not less in its outlook, same there are a number of places in Pakistan altogether which enhance the true beauty of the country. Some of its northern areas are worth visiting. If you have plans to witness the peace, visit Murree, Kaghan, Naran, Nathia Gali, Swat, Ayubia, Abbottabad, and also Gilgit.


Best Views Of Greece
Any vacation to southern Europe is not complete without a trip to Greece. Greece is a country with thousands of islands across the Aegean and Ionian seas that has been influential in history since ancient times. It earned the nickname the “cradle of civilization”. Some of the landmarks in Greece including those in it’s capital city of Athens date all the way back to the 5th-century. You have to put seeing the Parthenon temple on your bucket list. Greece is also known for it’s amazing beaches including those with pebble beaches and the black sands of Santorini.

Best Views In Switzerland

Switzerland is definitely a small country but owes some of the best and elegant beauty in it. It is considered as the most beautiful worth visiting country of the world. Having Alps and jaunty streams dictate the uppermost Swiss spaces to visit. There are the highest peaks and plateaus. The glaciers and the landscapes would definitely hypnotize you for time.  The foods and traditions facilitate the tourists and make them to be fulfilled of their desires. Switzerland is know for it’s beautiful countryside, but they’re also known for the nice people.

Travel To Morocco
Visiting Morocco is definitely quite expensive but worth visiting and every change paid in morocco or for morocco is actually an investment for your fun and entertainment. The offers its tourists some of the best experiences with the glances of beautiful landscapes ever tasty foods. The Muslim cultural merger makes you to feel in out of the mess of the world. Mosques, deserts and restaurants all will pay you off. Morocco is beautiful, but it also has a ton of history worth checking out.

Indonesia Views & Travel Info
Indonesia presents wide-ranging and varied about 18,000 islands, so you can find everything fancy there. The beauty of each landscape and each beach enhances the elegance of its own. Tourists are attracted and usually opt this side to spend good quality of time because of its shores and facilitating resorts.
The fact that will make you to add it in your bucket list is it is the surrounded by the water. They also manage it well and keep the water looking amazing. Traveling to Indonesia is a great idea, so get cheap airline ticket.

India Temple
India, the oldest civilization of the history! You will also find the ruins, deserts, touch of modernism among it’s  landscapes. The things which make people to turn their heads towards it is The Taj Mahal, it is the beautiful carving of the love story. You can witness the culture, different religion’s traditions and a pure desi taste in all stuff. Amer fort, the red fort, Himalaya ranges and other places are worth visiting. Jakarta, mount bromo and many other places are here to visit in 2018.

Traveling Spots And Cheap Flights For 2018

The are plenty of great traveling spots that are must see in 2018, but there is also a lot of cheap flights too! The SPN project wants to hear about your traveling adventures, so join the Service Professionals Network social media groups.  We also want to about any traveling tips or discounts on hotels that you may find.

The SPN project will be writing a lot about traveling in 2018 due to our goal of visiting our social media connections in person. Please feel free to contact us to help us to share info about other traveling spots that we need to highlight in 2018.

This SPN website will also be glad to write about your traveling business or products, if they can help people better enjoy their vacation. We are always looking for new traveling destinations, so please feel free to reach out anytime.

Here is a great book on traveling: 1,000 Places to See Before You Die: Revised Second Edition


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Data Center Climate Solutions

Data centers are growing as rapidly as bandwidth and other computing needs grow. Therefore, data center climate solutions are also in more demand.

These data centers produce a fair amount of heat due to all the running hardware. These data centers start to break as the heat rises, so it’s important to have the right data center climate solutions in place. Heat issues destroy data centers. Data centers that stay cool stay running and making money.

Data centers tend to start out small with just a few racks in a server room. There isn’t typically a lot of thought put into cooling systems, because of the humble beginnings. However, the need for good cooling systems grow as the data center does. HVAC companies that specialize in data center cooling in Chicago are growing too!

The bigger the data center becomes the more heat it produces. Servers will slow down and potentially break down completely, if there is too much heat. The same is also true, when the servers become too cold. Therefore, it’s vital to have quality data center climate solutions in place.

Different data centers have different heating and cooling needs due to their size and the amount of heat produced by their servers.

If you manage a data center you know even a brief breakdown can spell disaster for your business. Keeping data centers running cool is vital, because the data is usually we really expensive. That doesn’t mean it has to cost a lot to maintain climate control.

Here are 3 tips to help manage heat in data centers and keep servers fully operational:

  1. Vent Properly: you can greatly reduce the amount of energy and work needed to cool a data center, if you use vents to remove heat. You can also use existing HVAC vents. A good commercial HVAC company will give you a free estimate. A good data center cooling specialist knows where to look to reduce the impact of heat sources.  Baseboard heaters, lights, people and the equipment itself all produce heat. Reducing the heat these sources produce also reduces the data center cooling cost. Keep the air moving.
  2. Know the affects of your HVAC system: It’s important to understand the affect the building’s HVAC system has on the data center cool.  Most buildings use HVAC systems in cycles to conserve energy and this can be very costly for a data center. Knowing how the building’s HVAC system affects the temperature of the data center is important, because it helps to properly plan a solution.
  3. Remove extra heat sources: It is costly to keep a data center cool, so it makes sense to eliminate as many unnecessary heat sources as possible. Finding and minimizing extra heat from these sources is the most efficient and quickest way to save on energy cost. It has to go, if it produces heat.

Commercial HVAC Specialist Help

Data centers dedicate a lot of money to keep their servers cool, so it makes sense for them to build relationships with the right commercial HVAC company. Keeping data centers cool increase the lifespan of the equipment while also decreasing chances of malfunction.

Keeping data centers cool is so important that big companies like Microsoft are using self-containment data center systems. Most smaller data centers can’t do that, so it’s important that they find local HVAC companies that specialize in cooling data centers.

Data Center Cooling Systems

Most tech companies understand the importance of having good climate solutions for their data centers. However, they also need to consider the cost and reliability of their cooling systems.

There are constantly new methods and cooling tech in this field, so it pays to have a commercial HVAC company that specializes in data center cooling systems in your contacts.

HVAC Professionals Specializing In Data Center Climate Solutions

The tech field is booming. The demand for HVAC techs focusing on data center climate solutions are keeping pace. There are more college courses on data center cooling every day.

The tech field only accounts for about 2% of the total HVAC employment, but that percentage is going to be increase. The Individuals looking to specialize in data center climate solutions can expect a good career.

Let us know, if you want us to review a data center cooling company. We are glad to review different local home and business services. Thank you for reading and have a  great day!

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How To Find A Good Lawyer

The Service Professionals Network wants to help you know how to find a good lawyer.

Whether you need help with estate planning, immigration, DUI defense or any other legal representation you need a quality attorney with enough experience. There are countless lawyers to choose from, so it can be difficult to find the best lawyer.

Make sure you find the best lawyer for each unique situation, because lawyers come with different experiences and skills. The Service Professionals Network knows how difficult it can be to find the right attorney. Therefore, we feel sharing this info on how to find a good lawyer can help in your time of need.

10 Tips To Find The Best Defense Attorney:

  1. Not all experience is the same: There are many different types of law offices and lawyers that specialize in certain types of legal practice. Make sure that the lawyer you consider to represent you have experience relevant to your case. For example, you don’t want a lawyer that does tax law doing your divorce. Everyone needs practice for improving, but you don’t want a lawyer using your case as practice. Go with an attorney that has plenty of real-life experience handling cases like yours.
  2. Get a hungry and competitive attorney: There is big difference in an attorney applying knowledge and education versus one going to war to win. When going to war or court it’s important to go with all guns blazing, so get a hungry lawyer. Lawyers like all of us have ups and downs in their lives. You don’t want to have an attorney representing you that is dealing personal issues or hates their job.
  3. Listen To your feelings: Trust your gut, when considering an attorney, because the jury may get the same impression. Make sure the attorney is both a good speaker and LISTENER also.  A lawyer that listens intently to you explain your case is less likely to miss details. That lawyer probably also cares more than an attorney that is rushing you. Go with the attorney that seems to care about you as much as winning the case. A good attorney will give you options and advise you on what they feel is best. Get a different attorney, if you feel uncomfortable during the initial interview.
  4. A good law office is better than a good attorney: It takes a village to raise a child and a team to win a legal battle. There are attorneys that do good on their own, but getting ready for court is much easier with a team. What happens, if you hire a single attorney that gets sick or can’t make it to court for whatever reason? It’s never a bad idea to ask a lawyer to meet their administrative staff, paralegals and other lawyers on their team.
  5. Look for genuine confidence: Lawyers tend to have less than a stellar reputation, because there are a lot of lawyers that make grand claims only to under deliver at court. Be concerned, if an attorney is making promises or guarantees, because there is always risk, when it comes to law and legal proceedings. You want a lawyer that is will build a strong case through strong preparation. Make sure to ask any potential attorney how they would go about handling your case, before you decide to retain them as legal representation.
  6. Good Communication: Hire a lawyer that takes the time to listen to your story and gives you all the time you need to understand what is going on. Having a lawyer that communicate in court is a must, but you also need an attorney that communicates well with you. You want an attorney that speaks and writes like an attorney, when needed, but also knows how to communicate with you.
  7. Check References: Great lawyers tend to have a great reputation, so make sure to check references and online reviews. Asking friends and trusted associates for a lawyer they recommend is great, but you should also check them out online too. Even the best lawyer may have a bad review or two, but the good should outweigh the bad.
  8. Make sure the fees make sense: You may not always get what you pay for, but you always pay for what you get especially with lawyers. An experienced attorney typically cost more than a lawyer fresh out of law school, but a good lawyer also tends to cost more than an average one. Do your homework on your attorney and their fees to make sure they’re charging reasonable fees.
  9. Check with the bar: It’s never a bad idea to check with the State bar association and public records to insure your attorney doesn’t have serious complaints. You also want to make sure there aren’t on-going disciplinary actions that may interfere with how you’re represented. Most local bar associations also have a free referral service that help you find the best attorney to suit your case.
  10. Find a lawyer with serious court time: Going to court is never cheap and usually has big consequences tied to it, so make sure you have an attorney that isn’t afraid to go to court. Make sure your potential lawyer isn’t afraid to go to trial and has the experience to represent your successfully.

Law Offices That The Service Professionals Network Refers:

Illinois- Jaleel Law P.C. is located in central DuPage county, but they represent clients in trial and appellate courts across the state. Some of the courtrooms they work include: Daley Center; 26th and California; Bridgeview; Skokie; Rolling Meadows; Maywood; Markham; and all the branch courts in Chicago Cook County; Du Page County Wheaton Courthouse; Kane County and the Northern District of Illinois along with all 5 Illinois Appellate Courts and the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.

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