How To Use LinkedIn

Learning how to use LinkedIn is crucial due to the 562 million worldwide users. Not to mention the 146 million users in the United States alone. (Facts are from the DMR)

Finding success in business or with finding a job can often come down to what you’re doing on LinkedIn. It can also come down to what you’re not doing on LinkedIn. Therefore, we hope this article helps you learn how to use LinkedIn to effectively.  The tips in this article can help you find a job, build your brand or grow your business.

What is LinkedIn?

“What is LinkedIn” is a question that is sure to cause a lot of debate among LinkedIn users. You’re likely to get 562 million different answers to that question. The many different answers are due to the millions of people using Linkedin successfully. There are many different ways to use LinkedIn effectively so take all advice with a grain of salt.

Think of LinkedIn as a social media platform that is much like Facebook. LinkedIn just caters more toward professionals and fortune 500 companies. Some people make their living due to what they’re doing on LinkedIn.

However, many people miss benefits LinkedIn offers due to missing the beauty of the site. LinkedIn is online 24-7 every day of the year acting as a virtual newspaper. So your profile needs to be online and on point 24-7 too. LinkedIn is a virtual sea of opportunity, so you need to learn how to fish on LinkedIn for jobs, sales or chances to explode your brand. Like any opportunity, LinkedIn is what you make of it.

How LinkedIn is like fishing

I often tell people how LinkedIn is like fishing due to the amount of patience, skill, and luck that it can require to be successful. I also compare LinkedIn to fishing because you need to make sure you are using the right bait, hook, and boat to catch the fish of your choice.

  1. Your bait: Look at your engagement as your bait, because of the fact that no one does anything until you engage. The content, comments, and replies you put out there all equal your bait. Every time that you share or engage on content you’re putting bait out into the LinkedIn sea.
  2. The hook: Your name, profile picture, and LinkedIn title all act like the hook in this fishing analogy. They together to form the hook due to how they all should make the reader want to know more.
  3. You need a good boat: Your profile summary is like the boat because you should be able to eat if you get the right fish this far. The summary needs to help people identify what you can help them with right away. Everyone that is looking at your profile is taking time out of their day to learn more about you. Make it count for something. Make sure you catch all the fish that make it to the boat.

In short, you want to make sure you are using the right bait so you catch the right type of fish to fit your needs. A person looking for people to buy Grunt Style shirts should be posting something entirely different than a person looking to attract C-level executives. If you’re looking to attract C-level executives you should be engaging or sharing content that has a focus on business.

Join the Service Professionals Network (#SPN) social media groups on LinkedInFacebook and Google+

These groups are full of small to large business owners and entrepreneurs from around the world.

How to  use LinkedIn for branding, sales, or finding a job

There was a time when nearly everyone was using LinkedIn just so they could find a job. Now, people are learning new tricks on how to use LinkedIn for branding, sales, or building an audience. The days of being able to ignore your LinkedIn profile are long gone in a lot of professionals circles due to what the platform offers.

The bigger your network is on LinkedIn the easier it is to find a job for many reasons. However, having a big network doesn’t mean you are automatically going to get the job of your dreams either. People really judge a lot about you depending on what you put on your LinkedIn profile. They also look at your recent activity. People that hide their activity tend to get taken less seriously too, so it tells you the value behind having a strong profile.

Here are our 10 best tips on how to use LinkedIn correctly:

  1. Complete your profile: The more complete your profile the easier people can find you. The more info on your profile you have the more people have to see how you align with their needs. The more complete your profile the more you stand out.
  2. Customize your LinkedIn URL: It is so much easier to remember your Linked URL when it is custom. Use your brand name or full name if possible.
  3. Choose the right profile pic: A picture is worth a thousand words so put some serious thought into what your profile picture says to those that view it.
  4. Make sure your LinkedIn headline (title) doesn’t suck: Do not use generic one-word terms in your LinkedIn headline. Your headline should be interesting.
  5. Do keyword research: The skills you list and the words you use in your profile summary dictate how people find you. Make sure the skills you list and the words you use in your summary help your target audience find you. Use all 50 skill slots make sure to also focus on industry terms.
  6. Use every bit of your summary space: Your summary is the place where you share your story and convince people to help you with your goals. Make it count.
  7. Facts don’t lie: Have you done something really cool? Write about it in your summary. Facts don’t lie and they can help paint a picture.
  8. Be Nice: You should always be real and really nice, if possible. If you can’t be both real and really nice, then consider the option to ignore.
  9. Don’t Be Cliche: Don’t use buzzwords everyone else is beating to death. Just be you and tell your story. Let someone else tell everyone how to discover their inner why.
  10. Get personal: Make a friend and make a sale is an old-school piece of advice that also applies to LinkedIn.

Want more info on how to use LinkedIn? Check out these LinkedIn Networking Tips.

LinkedIn Networking Tips

Joining groups is a great way to learn how to use LinkedIn for your industry

It is no secret that I’m a big fan of networking groups on Linkedin. However, I’ve also been a fan of groups since the earliest social networking sites. I’m not new to the sharing-is-caring mindset so the value in LinkedIn groups is pretty evident to me.

Microsoft buying LinkedIn had a lot to do with Reid Hoffman. See, Reid is a person that knows a lot of people in the tech industry and a lot of people in tech know Reid. This has a lot to do with Reid’s experience in this tech industry, but it also wouldn’t be possible without his focus on networking. Joining groups on Linkedin is by the easiest way to build your LinkedIn profile and name within your industry. Reid made it easier for professionals like us to network like professionals like him by making groups on LinkedIn possible. Take advantage.

You can join a lot of different groups on LinkedIn so don’t be shy about joining and engaging in many different groups. Joining networking groups like the Service Professionals Network group on LinkedIn can help you grow a broad audience. Groups built around your industry will help you get knowledge and build connections that may improve your business. It also doesn’t hurt to join digital marketing groups to get info on how to succeed online.

Mike O'Connor is a marketing partner for Monat

About the Author: Mike is the creator of the Service Professionals Network social media project. Mike is also a content writer for 2nd Chance Water Restoration and a marketing partner for Monat. Please feel free to contact mike anytime.

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Social Selling

SPN reviews the book Social Selling: techniques to influence BUYERS and CHANGEMAKERS

Social Selling by Tim Hughes (Author), Matt Reynolds (Author)
It didn’t take long before the authors got into the meat and potatoes behind their introduction to social selling. They also make great points right away that I was not expecting to be in the book.  The very first chapter of the book talks about the difference between a network and a community. Many people really need to buy this book just so they can read the first chapter alone.

The information on how and why an online community is a place to be for any salesperson selling either B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer). Having a large network is great, but a large community is also way better. It is important to build solid relationships within your network due to the power changemakers have in the buying process.

Now, more than ever people outside the C-level are impacting buying decisions for the largest corporations in the world. Therefore, this book’s blueprint on how you to approach changemakers through proper social media marketing is priceless.

Building your online community

One of the great things about this book is it shows you how to go about building your online community. The information on what a social community manager (SCM) does is also gold advice. Many people think to have a platform of a thousand followers or more means you’re due to have success. Success does not follow just because you have some followers. You also need to get your followers to care while working on still building your audience. This book really nails down a good blueprint of how to engage on social media in a productive manner.

LinkedIn and Twitter

This book is over two years old, so I didn’t expect all the LinkedIn and Twitter tips to be up-to-date. However, I was able to also grab a ton of great info out of this book for both LinkedIn and Twitter.  The book gives the reader great ideas on how to know your target markets. It also gives you advice on how to listen, engage and interact with your target audience via LinkedIn and Twitter.

Selling On LinkedIn

Most people no idea how to go about selling on LinkedIn even though most have heard it is possible. I am pretty good at selling things on LinkedIn, but I also was able to learn a ton from this book. I made quite a few changes to my LinkedIn and Twitter profiles due to what I learned reading this book.


Research advice

One of the big take aways from this book is the research advice it provides. I was expecting info on how to sell on LinkedIn and Twitter due to the social media profiles of the authors. It was great to also get a lot of research advice as well. The book provides info on what plugins to use while researching social media prospects. There is just a lot of great stuff that will teach you how to sell things both online and off.

In closing, I look forward to reading the next book by the #ChangeMakers, which is coming up soon.

Smarketing: How to Achieve Competitive Advantage through Blended Sales and Marketing 1st Edition: Pre-order this book because it will be released on October 28, 2018.

Marketing Partner For Monat

Mike is the creator of the Service Professionals Network social media project. Mike is also a content writer for 2nd Chance Water Restoration and a marketing partner for Monat. Please feel free to contact mike anytime.

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How To Submit Content To SPN

If you want to submit content to SPN this article will help you understand the way to do it. Learn how to submit content to SPN here:

SPN contributor guidelines

We know there’s a lot to process, so here are cliffsnotes on the SPN contributor guidelines :

  1. We are looking for original content. Stories that have been done hundreds of times hold no interest to us. It has to be different.
  2. Back up what you say with factual information, personal stories, and well-known examples. Mix in published research with links to your sources.
  3. Do not submit content that is published anywhere else. You will be banned as a contributor. Articles must be original and exclusive. We don’t want old book reports or blogs.
  4. You must disclose if you took any payment for mentioning a person or business in the article. If you have a business or financial relationship with any individuals or companies that you mention you need to disclose it.

Being a contributor to the Service Professionals Network is something to be proud of. Please read through these guidelines and expectations prior to submitting content for publication. You can submit articles through our info-at-email address anytime.


1. What we want from SPN contributor writers

Length: We will not consider anything less than 500 words for any reason. Pieces running between 700-800 words are great, but longer is OK if the content is good. More than 1,200 words is usually too much.

Topics: SPN is looking for content that educates, entertains and motivates people to make the world around them better. Articles that inspire, teach and give actionable advice are likely to go live on the site. Sales, business and life tips are great. We are less likely to publish political or religious pieces at this time unless they are really good.

Unique content: We do not want unoriginal content of any kind. If it is online somewhere we do not want it. Do internet searches on your topic and make sure you are offering a unique perspective or take-away.

What is your personal experience? Did your trials and tribulations teach you more than the most? How do you see things differently? Tell us a good story.

What is something only you can write for SPN? Do you have special insight into your industry, marketing trends, financial news or anything like that? If you have insights you think can change the world feel free to submit your article to our info-at-email address.

Submit content that is actionable & trustworthy

Is It Actionable: Stories that don’t teach or offer something readers can apply to their lives probably won’t be approved for publication. Advice is tips that users can put into action as soon as they read it. If you have solutions to common problems or communication issues our readers will most likely love your article. Therefore, we will most likely publish it.

Is It Trustworthy: Wikipedia is a great reference for some definitions of certain terms, but it also crowdsources information. Cite credible websites and sources of information to boost your odds of getting your article to print. Your website link in the about author section is one thing, but choose other info sources for your article. Trusted sites with additional information on your topic are good to cite.

Influencer Interviews: Before you schedule or do an interview for your article contact us, so you do not waste time. SPN does not want duplicate articles and we will not publish interviews on people that are not known influencers unless they are doing something special to help the world. We will also highlight members of the #SPN social media groups on occasion.

*SPN does not employ contributors, so do not represent otherwise. You can say you are a contributor to SPN if you have a published post.

2. Things to do prior to submitting an article

Ask to be a contributor. Every user of this site can be made a contributor, but you are not an official SPN contributor, until one of your articles are published in the main news feed. You can submit your articles by simply posting them in the contributor back office. Our editors will see them and begin the publishing process. We do not publish posts that don’t make the grade. Use the Yoast tool to write your post.

Proofread your article. The easier you make it on the editors of SPN the more likely your article is to be published. We will not accept articles with a ton of typos, spelling errors or bad grammar. The SPN team will not accept articles without proper capitalization, grammar or punctuation. Check your article a few times prior to submitting it.

Make sure it is original work. We do not want articles that are anything but original. Anyone that sends us content that was online somewhere prior to submitting us the article will get banned.

Backlink your sources. Having links to back up your information will give your writing a boost. It will provide more credibility and improve your odds to get your content on SPN. If you don’t cite sources your article will not go to print. Disclose who you are interviewing, quoting or citing every time. We want to know who said it first.

Disclose any and all financial ties. If you are getting paid to do a marketing piece about someone and your article goes to print you need to disclose it. Disclosing your financial ties is very important to SPN and our readers. Contributors that do not disclose payments or financial dealings to SPN and our readers will be banned. If you have questions about this, then contact us. Win-Win marketing and networking deals should be disclosed as well. SPN reserves the right to not publish any article at any time. We can also take down articles at any time, so keep that in mind, if you are trying to sell links on our site.

Submit content in the right format

Tell us if it is a time sensitive. Articles with a trending topic or time requirements might move up in the line depending on the piece. It is also best to let editors know when you submit content it is time sensitive.

Don’t overdo the self-promotional stuff. By all means mention your company, skills or anything that may show your expertise. It is great if this info helps tell your story or verify your knowledge. The idea is to provide education more than advertising. Articles that promote too much won’t be likely to make it through the cut. One or two links to your business, Amazon products or whatever is cool, but we will delete excessive links.

Use Microsoft Word: We will only accept articles in word format with appropriate hyperlinking at this time. We don’t want to cut and paste things before we consider them for publication. We also do not want to do your hyperlinking.

For your author profile: Go to our contributor tab and look at what we expect. Submit your image, links and bio to the info-at-email address.

3. What to expect after you submit content

  1. SPN does get a large volume of submissions, so please expect a response with 4-8 weeks. Any submissions over two months old are unlikely to print.
  2. If we approve your article we need a headshot (high quality only) and a couple sentences for your bio. We can also post your social media links and hyperlinks to books for sale or your website.
  3. Accepted articles will also most likely require edits or revisions. We will send back suggestions with your article if it makes it into serious consideration. Once you make changes you can resubmit the article for further review. You will receive an email alert when your piece runs.
  4. Once we approve the article for posting we will message you to let you know, so you can promote it.

4. Style matters

  • Punctuation matters, so be mindful of where you place commas, exclamation points and no use of emojis.
  • No double space after sentences or excessive spacing between paragraphs.
  • You need to include commas, periods, exclamation or question marks to go inside quotes.
  • We will not do the hyperlinking for you. Do not post your URLs next to words you want us to hyperlink for you.
  • Don’t use paragraphs that are longer than 150 words.
  • Do not use a lot of one line paragraphs. Two to Three sentences are ideal for a paragraph.
  • Avoid having more than 300 words between subheadings.
  • Use subheadings (h2 headings) to break up your article and illustrate different points.
  • Be mindful of how you use abbreviations, acronyms and jargon our audience might now be familiar with. Spell things out as much as possible and avoid acronyms that may have double meanings.
  • Do not use links in subheadings or excessively throughout your article.
  • Don’t make it all about the women or the men. If you must use “he” or “she” to illustrate a point do so. However, pluralizing your pronouns will go help your article resonate more with both genders. Words like “they,” “them” or “they” often work much better than “he” or “she”.
  • Consistency matters. Make your story and style consistent and easy to follow.
  • Don’t kick a dead horse. Avoid using the same words and making the same points repeatedly.
  • The only time you write out numbers that are larger than 10 is at the beginning of a sentence. The only time you write out numbers under ten is when they appear with the word percent.

Thank you for being part of SPN. We also want to thank you for taking the time to learn how to submit content to SPN.

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LinkedIn Networking Tips: What’s In It For Me?

Join the Service Professionals Network (#SPN) social media groups on LinkedInFacebook and Google+. These groups are full of small to large business owners and entrepreneurs from around the world. Learn how to submit content like the SPN contributor that wrote this article on LinkedIn networking.

LinkedIn Networking

Are you part of the “What’s In It For Me” On LinkedIn Networking Crowd?

I got on LinkedIn in early 2009.  My career has always been face-to-face sales, so internet marketing was not my forte. Up until a few weeks ago, I was hovering around 1,500 connections. I was doing what most people do and going to Google. I did a lot of searching for LinkedIn networking tips.

All I could seem to find was basic information that really gave everyone the same generic results. It was very frustrating and a complete waste of time in a lot of ways. People were constantly offering me their LinkedIn training or life coaching. My desire to learn more about how to use LinkedIn networking began to wane, so I quit looking into it.

It was starting to seem like the “what’s in it for me” crowd was beginning to take over. The feeling I was getting was everyone wants things from me, but no one really wants to just help. Getting a straight answer and solid advice was a chore.

The SPN Project Can Help You Grow

I came across a video on LinkedIn one day that was different. The person in the video was breaking all the rules and was so passionate. The words Win-Win and the Golden Rule kept coming up. I felt like I was watching a comedy show. It was too funny to be someone telling people how to sell on LinkedIn. I was laughing out loud, but I was also learning how to think differently.

The person was Mike O’Connor with #SPN.  In the video, he also dropped a rope for me to climb. “If you’re smart, you’ll call me” was a bold statement he made, so I made the call. We spoke for over two hours and I got real value from it.

Mike was different than other people that I had spoken with from LinkedIn due to his approach. He began asking questions right off the bat and I didn’t really know he was digging for info. After a few minutes, he began to ask about why I didn’t have a bigger network. I was using LinkedIn to sell and doing well with it, but it was a lot of work. It was a lot of cold calling and prospecting.

I work for California Surveying & Drafting Supply Inc. I’m a local account manager, so I didn’t see the value in having a large LinkedIn network. We are in a niche sales market in California, so I wasn’t thinking about the big picture. The more first degree connections you have on LinkedIn the more likely you are to have access to local customers in any niche market. Simply put the bigger your LinkedIn network the better, if you’re trying to sell things. The bigger the network of your first-degree connections the easier it is to sell things on LinkedIn.

How To Get Over 30k Followers On LinkedIn

Mike wrote a LinkedIn article on “How to get over 30k followers on LinkedIn“, so I read that. It was then that I had my ah-ha moment and began to think differently.  I got a lot of tips on the call and the content Mike puts out really helped me get it. Focusing on the growth of my LinkedIn network became a priority. The SPN project is unlike other open networking groups on LinkedIn due to the focus on building real life relationships. Hence, the push to pick up the phone and make a call to get to know your connections.

It was with this new way of thinking that I really began to make LinkedIn networking really work for me. My networking took off right away and began making some really awesome connections. I also began getting a lot of calls from people in California or in need of my services. Mike began referring people to me. He was actually telling people about Ira Bowman with CSDS. That was not something I was really expecting.

It was on the call where I was saying thank you that I got it was just business as usual for him. This is what he means by Win-Win marketing and networking. He took the time to learn about how he could help me and began to help right away. His only concern was that I was to pay it for forward by dropping the rope for the next person.

LinkedIn Networking Made Easy With Project Help You Grow

The Service Professionals Network was so good to me that I was hoping to contribute more to the group. Mike actually told me to start my own #SPN group, so I could focus on helping people like me. His focus is on helping people in #SPN grow through his charity marketing and contributor projects. The idea behind the #ProjectHelpYouGrow group on LinkedIn is to help SPN continue to help LinkedIn beginners.

We work together to make it easier for people to learn how to make money and find jobs through LinkedIn networking. I am currently over 6k first degree connections with over 2k of them in the California area. Making the call to learn how to market on LinkedIn better was the best decision I made in a long time.

I take lessons that I got from Mike and apply them to my every day life. SPN teaches people how to communicate in business, online and in person. People pay big money for higher education and the type of training courses that SPN gives out for FREE.

Network With C-Level Executives And World Leaders

The best part about SPN is you really do get to network with c-level executives and world leaders. SPN has millions of people in it due to the massive network that Mike has built. Joining the Service Professionals Network groups on every platform really opens a lot of doors people don’t pay attention to. It’s all in who you know, who knows you and how they feel about you. Mike is known as #TheClownOfLinkedIn.

The truth is he is more like the ring leader of the circus due to the way he connects so many people. Mike works tirelessly to raise money for charity while also helping nearly everyone that reaches out to him. He helps everyone from the people with the smallest of networks to the largest of corporations equally. Knowing Mike and connecting with the SPN social media groups really does change lives.

The Service Professionals Network is project that can help you grow. SPN is a networking project that helps better connect millions of people with C-level executives and world leaders. It is also growing daily on multiple social media platforms.

SPN Contributor: Ira Bowman

Ira is a proud member of SPN, the founder of #projecthelpyougrow and a 20 year business to business sales professional.  As an Account Manager for Californa Surveying & Drafting Supply, Inc (CSDS) and a happily married man with eight children, Ira never lacks for things to do, but writing is one of his passions and helping people is always a top priority.

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Nonprofit Fundraising

Nonprofit fundraising is not easy for several reasons. One of the big reasons is so many people have so many nonprofit causes. Another reason is that there are also a lot of issues with money management at some nonprofits.

Therefore, it is not easy to raise money for a lot of nonprofit causes no matter how noble. Different people want to support different causes, when it comes to donating to a 501(c)(3) organization with their cash.

How SPN Can Help Market Your NonProfit

Successfully raising money for a nonprofit requires outside-the-box thinking and a big audience. The Service Professionals Network can help you find that audience and present your nonprofit differently.The Service Professionals Network grows everyday.

More and more people join our social media groups and visit our website everyday. Join the #SPN social media groups on LinkedInFacebook and Google+ to introduce your nonprofit.We also have a marketing partnership with U R The Future Charity. Any donation through the #SPN charity link will help good causes that SPN supports. SPN chose to work as a marketing partner for the #URTFC due to their mission statement.

U R The Future

The U R The Future Charity board of directors also has a lot of long time networkers with Mike O’Connor.

Our goal is to turn SPN and the URTFC into major nonprofit contributors for causes around the world.#SPN will also help other nonprofits raise money for their causes through our marketing partnership with the URTFC. Our networking power will help your charity reach a much larger audience at no cost.

That is right; SPN provides FREE charity marketing help to nonprofit causes as we are able.SPN will help market nonprofits that we feel are good with money and doing good things with donations. We do this, so you can raise money and do more good in the world.

The goal we share with the URTFC is to help you make a better future for you and yours. We want to do it through #WinWinMarketing & #WinWinNetworking.

Join The SPN Social Media Groups & Introduce Your Nonprofit

All you have to do to get help from the URTFC and #SPN marketing team is join the SPN social media groups and engage.  Join the #SPN social media groups on LinkedInFacebook and Google+ to introduce your nonprofit.

Engaging and sharing content about your cause in the SPN social media groups will introduce you to a whole new audience. The Service Professionals Network has many thousands of people from around the globe in the project. When SPN members get behind a cause they can push millions and millions of views in a short period of time.There are also a lot of veteran related causes in the Service Professionals Network.

The SPN project was originally made to help people doing good in their local community and to support veterans. Therefore, we have a lot of ties with a lot of nonprofit and veteran related causes. Here is the FYI on some of the best charities SPN supports.

Contact us to let us know, if you would want help with charity marketing.

You can also contact one of our #SPNcontributors to ask them about doing some charity marketing for your nonprofit.

Nonprofit marketing

Corporate Social Responsibility Leads Marketing Trends

Most large corporations pay attention to their target audience, so charity marketing growing is no surprise. Millennial values are preventing corporations from putting profits over the welfare of the planet. The old ways of doing things no longer work, so corporate social responsibility leads marketing trends now. Charity marketing is becoming more popular due to way buyers respond to it. People are starting to support good causes and companies that support them more and more.

The internet and social media groups are making a huge difference in the way business is done. Sharing is caring is growth mindset that is making raising money for charity a lot easier. It is also making it easier to let your friends know about companies that are less than ideal. Businesses everywhere are learning every day that it pays to have corporate social responsibility. Companies are starting to pay attention to how they do things due to fear of backlash.  One reckless employee on social media can do a ton of damage, so many companies want to do charity marketing for PR reasons.

The SPN project can help you make win-win marketing deals with companies that may want to support your nonprofit.

Social Media Groups Can Help Companies Show CSR

The SPN project and millennials in general share immense buying power. Social media groups like #SPN gain power due to new members, so charity marketing grows in power daily too. People around the globe become more connected everyday. We also become more aware of all that is going on behind the scenes in the business world. The buck stops here on social media and the internet in general. Groups like SPN help regulate the business world while also promoting good causes and nonprofit organizations. This is why Win-Win Marketing & Networking is becoming so popular.

Consumers are getting smarter every day in part due to social media groups and easy access to info. Now-a-days a consumer can learn everything about your business in three clicks of a button, so it pays to help. People are using this information to make buying decisions. Social media groups with thousands of people can get causes out in front of millions of people, so it pays to engage.

Join the #SPN social media groups on LinkedInFacebook and Google+ to introduce your nonprofit.

Offering great products and prices is no longer enough, because you have to also have corporate social responsibility. Companies have to be careful about their brand more than ever due to social media. This is why so many companies are starting to practice win-win marketing. Making friends with nonprofit leaders helps companies avoid PR nightmares. Companies pay attention to corporate social responsibility (CSR) more than ever now due to the way it affects the bottom line.

Long story short….SPN helps.

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Win-Win Marketing & Networking

If It’s A Win-Win It’s #SPN!

Win-Win is a basic concept, so a lot of people are really starting to get it. In this blog, we will cover win-win marketing and win-win networking. This material can change your life, so take it seriously and please feel free to contact us with questions.

The #SPNgroup on LinkedIn is how the Service Professionals Network #SPN project got its start. Mike O’Connor began the #SPN project, so he could help promote good causes and people. That mission is the same today.

The only real rule in the #SPN project is the Golden Rule. The #SPN project has three social media groups that all offer their own advantages. For example, the Google+ community is great due to the #SEO value plus ones from other SPN members gives your website and images.


Join the Service Professionals Network (#SPN) social media groups on LinkedInFacebook and Google+.

These groups are full of small to large business owners and entrepreneurs from around the world. Shopping our Amazon links help SPN help others.

Win Win Marketing

A lot of people are starting to see the power of win-win marketing. The power is obvious due to the rapid growth of companies that use win-win marketing. Companies like Motor City Spindle Repair, FYI and charities like the URTFC are growing rapidly through win-win marketing.

There are more companies and charity organizations every day that are using win-win marketing to grow through social media and direct sales. These companies are growing due to their engagement on social media. They work together within their own companies. Their companies also work together to help promote each other through social media. They build tribes of people with common goals. The #SPN project is home to a lot of tribes and a big tribe for all like-minded people.

Motor City Spindle Repair really has it down better than about anyone. Ted Ladzinski has grown his business a lot by getting his team going on social media. Their growth really took off, when they all bought into the Win-Win growth mindset. Everyone in this picture really does have all that experience and they also help their company grow through win-win marketing on social media.

What is Win-Win marketing? How does it work?

Win-Win marketing is not as hard to figure out as it may seem.  There is strength in numbers and people can build much large social media audiences by joining social media groups like those in the #SPNproject.  Join the Service Professionals Network (#SPN) social media groups on LinkedInFacebook and Google+.

Joining the #SPN groups is not enough though. You also have to share content and engage with the content of others. The place where most people fail in social media is the act of reciprocity. It is one thing to share great content, but why should people care?

Sam Hurley with OPTIM-EYEZ is the master of it paying back social media love as you can see through his Twitter feed. The guy didn’t even have a website, but he had a growth mindset, so he became the number one digital marketing expert in the world. Sam was featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc. all without even having his own site up. He did this by working hard, providing value and also by playing the win-win game. His growth is built on a foundation of kindness and playing well with others.

Therefore, it should be no surprise that he is a big inspiration behind the term win-win marketing.

Grunt Style does Win-Win marketing

Grunt Style and some of their brand ambassadors like Top Rated MMA use win-win marketing to sell their products and services. They also use win-win marketing to help raise money and awareness for good causes. Take this t-shirt drive to help save Rachael Blaze’s life and raise awareness for breast implant illness for example. (shirt drive is over now)

Top Rated MMA even donates 25% of all their profit directly to Hire Heroes USA.

Thank you for helping Save Racheal Blaze’s Life, Grunt Style!

American consumers see the brands that take care of their veterans and support good causes. The more companies work to exceed expectations the better the world will be. People are tired of helping big companies that don’t give back to the people that buy their products and use their services. It’s not all about the quality t-shirts or even the bacon or beer guarantee. It’s the way that they go to bat for the little guy and drop a rope down to help people rise. That is why the Service Professionals Network is proud to support these companies and social media personalities.

No one should care why you are helping people. The point is that you’re helping people when a lot of companies and people, in general, are looking out for number one only. It is refreshing and endearing to see brands both large and small doing what they can to help people.  Paying it forward and manners are making a come back, because of companies that practice win-win marketing.

These brands know it is more about helping people than it is just helping the bottom line.

Win-Win networking

People want to know the difference between win-win marketing and win-win networking, so here we go. When you are marketing a good cause or a company that is promoting a good cause you’re practicing win-win marketing. There is an immediate mutual benefit between two or more parties in win-win marketing.

With win-win networking, the reward isn’t immediately financial or necessarily relating to business. Win-Win networking happens when two or more parties began a relationship that isn’t based immediately off the bottom line.

When you’re engaging on a social media post that doesn’t directly lead to improving your business, then you’re networking. You are also helping your contact with their marketing. You’re helping them win in a lot of ways. When that person comes back and engages on your social media posts, then they are helping you win.

With Win-Win networking different parties are engaging at the same events or on the same social media posts. That doesn’t mean they share a mutual interest other than helping each other through networking.

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If you want to learn more about win-win marketing and win-win networking opportunities with #SPN, then please contact us directly.

SPN is a proud marketing partner of Monat. We can help anyone looking to get started selling the #1 hair care products & work-from-home opportunity.

Additional digital marketing tips:

Sharing Is Caring

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How To Be A Cash Flow Pro

How to Be a Cash Flow Pro: A Mr. Biz Guide to Crushing Business Owner Insomnia by Ken “Mr. Biz” Wentworth

Buy The Book:

Ken “Mr. Biz” Wentworth is a Cash Flow Specialist who developed his expertise during 20+ years in financial leadership positions at a Fortune 15 company and most recently as a CFO/Business Advisor for small businesses. He enjoys spending time and traveling with his family. You can learn more about his recent activity through his LinkedIn profile.
*disclaimer, I have known Ken for some time through social media and I was sent a free copy of his book for the purpose of this review. I am also really bad at managing my cash flow, so it’s been a big help.

Most businesses that fail do so due to bad cash flow management. “How to Be a Cash Flow Pro” provides a blueprint with proven techniques to help you sleep better at night. Learning some of the strategies in this book will help you avoid a lot of money pitfalls that many small business owners fall in. Some of these amazing techniques include:

* How to make credit cards work for you to create a huge advantage
* What is THE most important information to include on an invoice?
* How to effectively control your expenses without hurting your business
* Simple tweaks to make to your collection process to get money flowing in the door
* Two tips to reduce payroll’s cash flow pressure
Bottom line – if improving your company’s cash flow is a goal of yours, this book is for you!

Mike’s Take on: How To Be A Cash Flow Pro

Personally, I did enjoy the book and there were many things that I took away from it. Ken provides great information for people in the construction and remodeling business right off the bat, so it was a big hook. His advice on how to go about charging for and collecting on services rendered is top notch. His no BS approach is one that I really appreciate, because it does stress the importance of the subject. Many business owners  with local home service companies really fail with the cash flow side of things.

Ken teaches how important it is to have your customers sign off on every step of the work while also steps stressing what steps to take. With nearly two thirds of most businesses having cash flow problems due to late payments this book makes a lot of sense.

This book also gives real world practical advice on everything from credit card processing to invoicing changes.

Marketing Partner For Monat

About Mike O’Connor

Mike is the creator of the Service Professionals Network social media project. Mike is also a content writer for 2nd Chance Water Restoration and a marketing partner for Monat. Please feel free to contact mike anytime, so you can develop a win-win relationship.

Buy The Book:


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Unf*ck Yourself By Gary John Bishop – #SPNreview

Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life Hardcover – August 1, 2017

Buy the Unf*ck yourself book here.

SPN Book Reviews

Jake Meltons review:

As a frequent self-help reader and author, the books I enjoy the most are those that tell it to me as it is. I am reading with the intention to improve myself and change, so when I find a book that meets all of my personal preferences, I keep it on my shelf.

I don’t enjoy books that sugar coat ideas or concepts and try to paint the world as a place filled with unicorns and fairies.

Unf*ck Yourself Cuts The Crap!

Unf*ck Yourself,” written by Gary John Bishop, is a book that will remain given a permanent place on my bookshelf because of its direct, powerful impact on overcoming your own negative thoughts and behaviors and getting out of your own head and into the world.

“If you’re easily offended, stop reading now and re-gift this to someone in your life that you think might benefit from it,” says Bishop in the introduction of his book. If you want a book that lifts you into the clouds, surrounding you with lollipops and rainbows, this ain’t your book!

Bishop lays out methods and concepts for you to apply to your life to step out of the norm, get away from what the world considers normal, and live your life in a way that you want to live. He teaches that you are your actions, not your thoughts. It doesn’t matter what you think, so long as you do.

He explains ways to overcome our thoughts, change our reality, and accept ourselves for who we are. He teaches us that we can step out into reality and change it, rather than stay inside our heads and hope for change.

Again, if you’re looking for direct, bold ways for you to improve your life and get out and start living, or you need a kick in the butt, you need to get a copy today.” 

Unf*ck Yourself Toward Self Improvement!

I mostly read books like “Unf*ck Yourself”. They peak my interest because I like to learn how to improve myself. I also like these types of books because I can pick them up at random times and only read a page or two and get an immense amount of valuable information which I can apply immediately.

And let’s face it, the title alone is AMAZING! It cried out to be on shelf!

Most self-improvement books want to help you discover your inner drive and tell you how to get things done, however Gary John Bishop offers a completely different approach.He doesn’t care if you’re always in the right mood or mindset to get your life in order or complete your goals. He simply tells you to JUST DO IT like #NIKE!

Chapter 2 had a great quote:  “Life won’t stop for your pauses and procrastination’s; it won’t stop for your confusion and fear; it will continue right along without you.”  Life will go on if you decide to do something or not.  You must decide what you are willing to do and not willing to do. If you want to procrastinate you will get the result of that – failure and disappointments.  Most people live their lives with constant negative self talk. We tell ourselves we are not good enough. These thoughts and talk pause our life and causes us to not move forward.

This paragraph also resonated with me:

Only when you are unwilling to continue just simply existing feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled will you make the effort necessary to make a change. Only when you are unwilling to put up with the BS any longer will you grab your shovel This book will help you grab your shovel too!start digging. At times there is no greater motivation to change than the unwillingness to do this any longer.

You must reach the point or hit your lowest low before you pick up your shovel. When that happens, and you get your ass in gear, amazing things start to happen. It’s only when you finally give yourself the permission that you are worth it, and no one will stand in your way will you see positive changes happen in your life!  I grabbed my shovel and started digging!

Laura is the Marketing Director for Cottage Corporation a Custom Plastics Fabricator in Saint Paul, MN as well as a Mompreneur, Connector of People & Resources Ambassador of LunchIn™ and #SPN #WINWIN Marketing Partner. Living and working in Milwaukee she is an active contributor on LinkedIn and invites you to connect.

Unf*ck Yourself To Your Next Win-Win

There are many parts in this book that strike home for me. I’ve felt trapped on a hamster wheel of doubt before, so the hard truth within this book woke me up. Since I began reading this book many things in my life have began to change due to it’s lessons.

Mr. Bishop really laid out a blue print for me to follow, so I took it and ran. Now, my network and audience is growing like never before, so I highly recommend this book. I have spent a lot time taking therapy and learning how to cope with life’s crap. This book helps me cut the crap in a lot of ways. There is a lot of #HowTo information in this book, so you need to apply it.

I can’t tell you how much of a difference it has made for me personally. I keep the book as a guide that I skim daily, so I maintain a focus. A few lines here and there out of the book actually help. It’s hard to nail down the best parts due to “power of purpose”, “ugh” and like every other chapter.

Marketing Partner For MonatAbout Mike O’Connor

Mike is the creator of the Service Professionals Network social media project. Mike is also a content writer for 2nd Chance Water Restoration and a marketing partner for Monat. Please feel free to contact mike anytime.

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Silk Suit Pajamas

The Official Men’s Legendary Suitjamas (Silk Suit Pajamas) make the SPN gifts for men hall of fame. These are awesome silk suit pajamas will make any man feel like a million bucks before going to bed. They are made from silk and cotton, so they’re as soft and comfortable as can be. There is also the official version of the silk suit pajamas from How I Met Your Mother.

Please feel free to help support #SPN by shopping on Amazon here.

ZBoss Inc The Official Men's Legendary Suitjamas (Silk Suit Pajamas)

Here Are Other Reasons Why I’m Broke

You should also check out our blogs with gift ideas for shoes, jewelry, fashion, man cave, Canadians, and clothing lovers too.

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Kitchen & Cooking

Kitchen & Cooking

There are a lot of cooks and grilling masters in SPN, so we made this list of kitchen & cooking gifts. These are great gift ideas for any kitchen & cooking lover. They’ll also look great in your kitchen.

If you know someone that is big into their kitchen & cooking general you need to share this page with them. Any serious cook would be out of their mind if they didn’t love this kitchen & cooking tool kit.

Kitchen &Cooking Gift Ideas

Buying These Kitchen & Cooking Gifts Help Charity

The kitchen & cooking lovers in SPN put thought into this gift guide, so your kitchen will rock.  You will also help the URTFC by buying kitchen & cooking stuff through this SPN gift guide. The things listed above and below can help anyone in a kitchen & cooking job too!

Buying gifts for grilling lovers and cooks through these Amazon links also help good causes. You’ll be helping good causes by buying kitchen gifts here because we donate over 50% of our profit to

The Service Professionals Network actually has a lot of professional cooks in our groups, so join us. We love talking about all things kitchen & cooking related. There are a lot of members that also like to meet other grilling and cooking fanatics. The SPN project has cooks that use these great kitchen & cooking tools.

Here Are Other Reasons Why I’m Broke:

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