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Motor City Spindle Repair specializes in Motorized CNC spindle repair for HMC/VMCs, Turning Centers, Grinding machines, and other precision spindle applications.

Ted Ladzinski and Brian Burns make a great team and they’re also building an even great team in Detroit. Their company actually helps people with their repair needs across the nation now due to the business practices.

They do a little bit of everything from rebuilding belt driven or gear driven machines to remanufacturing CNC machine tool spindles. Their skill enables them to work on spindles from machining centers, a turning center, grinding machine and many other types of machines. They can practically fix any type of spindle.

Just give them a call at 734-261-8600 for info or a FREE quote.

The Motor City Repair Reputation

They’re also known for having the fastest repair time in the industry. Their emergency spindle repair services take on average just two to three days. They also back up their work with a full one year service warranty.

Major customers can also expect free pickup and delivery. The turn around for a quote is usually a couple of hours, so things move fast from start to finish.

Learn why Motor City Spindle Repair are known leaders in CNC Spindle Repair.

Specializing in rebuilding motors on belt and gear driven spindles for Japanese and German machining centers and turning centers.

(8) Full Time Experienced Spindle Room Technicians with over 157+ years of combined experience in our spindle room

Call for free estimates 734-261-8600 or e-mail us at [email protected]

They completely rebuild nearly every make and model spindle in the machine tool industry. The common spindles they rebuild are: Mori Seiki, Okuma, MAG, Setco, Enshu, Chiron, Mazak, Kessler, Weiss, Cincinnati, Pope, Bryant, GMN, DMG, Makino, NTC, OKK, Mitsui Seiki, Hardinge, Doosan, Alfing, Colonial and hundreds and hundreds more.

Motor City Spindle Repair 734-261-8600
Motor City Spindle Repair

More About Motor City Spindle Repair:



Dearborn, Michigan

Year founded


Company size

11-50 employees


Spindle Repair, CNC Spindle Repair, Spindles, Motorized Spindle Repair, Spindle Machining, and CNC Machine Spindle Repair

CNC Machining Repair Team

You can also follow Motor City Spindle Repair on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Everyone at Motor City Repair happen to also really like win-win marketing, so it makes sense to make friends with their entire team.

John WilsonShelby MusselmanLauren LaDellJames Hall and also the awesome Mandy Jahlas  are part of the social media team.

Please note that Motor City Repair and Mike O’Connor have been networking for years. Ted also contributes monthly to SPN project. We only promote companies that we feel hold to the Golden Rule and add positive impact to those around them.

Half of all profit also goes to the URTFC as part of our nonprofit fundraising. So we would write about Motor City Repair either way, but we want to be fully transparent. SPN will be blogging about SPN members and their businesses that stand out, so register your FREE account today.

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Jake Melton

Jake Melton is the SPN member of the day due to his being all about helping other people. His goal is to help other people take action and live the life they really want to live.  He does this by showing them how to cut the crap in their life that holds them back.

Jake is working to help people cut the crap out of their life, so they can focus on what really matters. He also knows that the more one can focus on their goals the greater their chance of success. Showing people how to minimize their distractions and excuses, so they can succeed is a clear passion of his.

It is an honor to highlight such a great person as the very first SPN member of the week.

Craig Wasilchak: Above all Jake, the readers would like to understand what is your true mission here on social media?

Jake Melton: Above all, my mission is to help others through leading by example. Every speaking engagement and opportunity to help someone also helps me. It helps me move my career along, but it also helps me perhaps help someone else understand they can do it too. That is why I push so hard with sharing my struggles, journey and success. It takes belief in yourself, determination and also a little help from your peers.

Therefore, I’m an open networker on LinkedIn and now SPN. Networking through social media can be so life changing it’s incredible. I just want to help others turn it around like have.

Craig Wasilchak:  In addition to the serious side of you life, Do you have a fun or unique unknown Gift or Talent that you can share with everyone?

Jake Melton: In addition to acting and improv. My unique gifts are voice impressions, sound effects. My voice impressions include Jack Sparrow, Yoda, Darth Vader, R2D2, Mickey Mouse, Scooby-Doo, Aaron Neville, Movie preview guy, door shutting, ambulance siren, helicopter, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Bing Crosby, Droopy the dog, and many more!

Craig Wasilchak: Tell me about you and your business, therefore we can get to know you better.

Jake Melton: As a speaker, author, coach, and owner of The J.B. Melton Group LLC, I speak and coach on mental health, wellness and the profound effects it has on organizational and personal development.

I also engage with CEO’s and businesses who want to focus on growth by identifying and letting go of crap that holds them back. It includes improving their employee retention and production by tackling mental health and wellness challenges that distracting them from added success and happiness.

I am the author of Minimalize to Maximize Your Happiness: Cut the Crap”.

 Minimalize to Maximize Your Happiness: Cut the Crap

Jake Melton – the personal side

As a young man, I had dreams of becoming an NBA basketball player, but I eventually realized it was not the thing for me. I had been an actor and took it up full-time in high school. Towards the end of high school in preparing for college, I wanted to become a public speaker. I had a knack for it and excelled in it. I loved being in front of audiences and inspiring on a larger scale. I’ve always belonged up on stage.

At 16, I was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome, motor tics, and I feared never being able to get in front of audiences without the judgment or embarrassment. I never thought I’d get married (I thought who would want to marry me, right?), and didn’t think I’d ever excelled in academia or obtain higher education because of my poor attention span, focusing ability, etc.

Moving forward about a decade, I found a beautiful woman who loved me for me. Obviously, I married her and we now have two beautiful children. I obtained a BA in strategic communications and an MA in organizational psychology. Amazingly enough, I had overcome two of the biggest feats I thought I would never be able to achieve.

Jake Melton – An entrepreneur at heart

Unfortunately, I was unsatisfied working in the corporate world. I never liked the control, I had terrible luck with some of the companies I chose to work for. I was an entrepreneur at heart and working for someone else just wasn’t what I was programmed to do.

With my organizational development and human behavior background, there were a lot of things I realized companies needed help with and I couldn’t do it when I was limited working in a specific role for someone else’s company.

January 2018, my family and I had just moved to Texas after I took a job that lasted only 3 months before they told me they couldn’t afford my position. We had moved into a place a week before this and we had no furniture, no fridge, nothing. Our families were across the country and we didn’t know hardly anyone in the state.

My wife took a leap of faith for me and told me to start my own business. I listened and jumped on the support she offered. So, I overcame my third fear and started my own speaking and coaching business. Here I am today. Proud of my family, proud of my education, and proud of my work.

Jake Melton's Instagram

Top Social Media Friends

Craig Wasilchak: Time for the “Top Social Media Friends” that have helped you grow the most on social media.

Jake Melton: Above all, these Top 6 Social Media Friends helped shape me into the person you see on Social Media. There are many more who helped along the way.

  1. Fanny Dunagan pushed me to dive into LinkedIn and social media for my business and has continued to support me.
  2. Jake Jordan has supported me since day 1 and introduced me to some of the most amazing people, plus we get lunch every week and have become best friends.
  3. Jaime Cohen has become one of my best friends and is there for me each and every day supporting me and helping me grow.
  4. Lila Smith not only is she one-of-a-kind, but she was the one that pushed me into engaging on social media and meeting people outside of the platforms.
  5. Brian Schulman is my #twitchbrother and someone who remains positive day in and day out.
  6. Joe Crenshaw has supported me and continues being there as a friend and fan.
Network with Jake Melton on LinkedIn

Connect with Dallas-Fort Worth’s hottest keynote speaker, Jake Melton on LinkedIn!

Craig Wasilchak: What favorite organization or group do you belong to and why is it your favorite.

Jake Melton: I am a part of the Tourette Association of America. I have had Tourette’s Syndrome my entire life and couldn’t think of a cause I’m more passionate about supporting than being able to help people overcome challenges that I’ve been able to overcome.

Craig Wasilchak: What is one piece of wisdom that you received, that changed your life forever?

Jake Melton: My mom has always taught me that life is hard, but it’s worth it. She’s my hero.

Craig Wasilchak: How do you find inspiration?

Jake Melton: In prayer, music, meditation, poetry, movies, and podcasts. In the shower, in my car, out in nature.

Craig Wasilchak: What would you say to the 12-year-old version of yourself knowing what you now know?

Jake Melton: Stop wishing your life away. Cherish it ALL.

 Craig Wasilchak: What’s your favorite quote?

Jake Melton: “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” –Matthew 6:21

Craig Wasilchak’s Caffeinated Questions

Craig Wasilchak: What book or podcast have you read/listened to in the last 90 days and what was your biggest takeaway from it?

Jake Melton: I reread one of my favorite books of all time, “The ONE Thing” by Gary Keller. This book has drastically changed me like and gave me a fresh perspective of life and what I’m doing on an everyday basis. It uses some of the concepts of productivity that I use but truly focuses on the science behind our focus and productivity.

Craig Wasilchak: If you could drink coffee with anyone that has ever lived but is no longer living…

  1. Who would it be? Dean Martin
  2. What would you talk about? His life experiences, what it was like singing with the Rat Pack, and ask him questions about all the celebrities during his career.
  3. Why? He is my favorite singer and celebrity of all time—even named my son after him!

Craig Wasilchak: If you could drink coffee with anyone that is alive today…

Who would that be? Justin Furstenfeld, my favorite musician and artist.

What would you talk about over coffee? I’d talk to him about his journey, mental health past, music, family, and get advice about overcoming weakness.

Craig Wasilchak: Who is your typical client?

Jake Melton: An organization or individual looking to get unstuck, leave all the crap behind, and start a fresh journey.

Jake Melton is the owner of The J.B. Melton Group LLC  He is the Auther of  “Minimize to Maximize your Happiness, Cut The Crap” speaker, and coach. Contact him for speaking or coaching engagements at:  [email protected]

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Happy Employees Create Happy Customers

Happy Employees = Happy Customers

Rewarding and keeping your employees happy has a direct impact on your customers. If your employees are taken care of, respected, empowered and trusted, they will pass that along to your customers creating a better customer experience.

Building a strong culture is more than offering free drinks it is about you as a person, pushing you to achieve greater good and the freedoms to do that.

The culture is one where it is company-wide, supported by leadership and something that is natural and not forced. As part of that culture, employees have a clear career path and advancement opportunities are everywhere. The culture should also challenge you to be a better person both at work and outside of work.

Part of the culture is also being part of the team where everyone is working together, challenging you to be a better, supporting each other and encouraging each other to achieve the team and personal goals.

Some examples of organizations that have a great culture, that ultimately touches their customers; Texas Roadhouse, Chick-fil-A, KFC, Nike, and Starbucks.

We all strive for that harmony that keeps the company moving forward – sometimes it is the little things outside of bonuses, perks and paid days off that will make a difference for your teams.

Some of the little things that go towards building a fun and rewarding culture are included below.

Create a Career Path

Noting worse that being in a job that is a dead-end. Create a career path for each team member so that they have something to work towards. When they have reached the next level, reward them with a promotion or raise. Growth in a department means a lot in the end.

Empower Your Employees to Make Decisions
Empower your employees to make decisions – you hired these talented individuals for a reason, now let them do their jobs and make the decisions that are necessary.

Applaud and Celebrate Their Efforts
People like to receive recognition for a job well done. Make sure you take the time to applaud the team or employees for those efforts.

Build Ownership
Let your team members build ownership with their positions, their decisions and the projects they are working on. Once they begin thinking like an owner, they will make better decisions for the benefit of the business.

Celebrate Birthdays and Anniversaries
Like a birthday, the work anniversary is also something that should be a big deal. Bring awareness of this at the 1 year, 5 year, 10 year and so on – you can also do a notification each month as employees celebrate their work anniversaries.

Support Community and Volunteer Opportunities
The ability to volunteer in ones community is something that employees will value, have pride and really showcase the brand/business they are working for. It allows them to give back to causes that are important to themselves.

Make Work Fun/Create a Productive Atmosphere
Work doesn’t have to be boring and to the grind in order for people to get things done. It is good to break up the day and weeks with outside events or even events/games within the office. Make the work-space fun and inviting.

Give Free Passes as Rewards
Most employees have a set number of days off they are allow. Do something special for holidays or events where you can give your employees off a day where they don’t have to use their days. Set up incentives during the summer that is they pass a certain goal, they can get Friday’s off. Make it fun but not so hard to achieve.

Keep Them Informed
The sharing of information and the passing of information down is important in helping your employees know what is going on with the business – it will also help them make decisions based on the information that is passed down. Nobody likes to work in the blind and your team is no different.

Ask For Their Input
When you ask your team for their input, they are more likely to accept a business decision more readily than if they were not ask their thoughts or opinions. This will also give you insight from other team members that have a different perspective that you do.

Flex Hours
Be flexible with work hours when things come up such as a doctors appointment or a kids lunch at school. So jobs do require that your employees are there at certain times, but it is ok to be flexible with hours with important life opportunities outside work.

Welcome and Encourage Family into the Office
Your employees family should be encouraged to come into the office. It is always good to meet someones significant other, their kids and so on. This gives you more to talk about than just work.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to your employees – there are many things you can do to build a positive culture! It starts with leadership and it is supported at all levels.

Happy employees are productive employee, which create happy customers!

Bernie Fussenegger

Bernie Fussenegger

With more than 25 years of experience in marketing, Bernie is a Director of Digital – Customer Identity. His current focus is building and scaling a progressive digital marketing foundation that balances the needs of both consumers and national/local stakeholders —  all while delivering measurable ROI to the business. All comments, opinions, feedback, and views are his own.

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How To Avoid The Social Media Police And Build Your Brand

The social media police are out there, so you need to know your rights to build your brand. You have the right to remain silent and everything you say can and will be used against you. Yea, kind of like real life.

A lot of people really fear the social media police due to the way they patrol the internet. It would be great to say that social media police don’t have any real powers, but that wouldn’t be entirely true.

Luckily, the social media police only tend to have as much as power as you give them. So don’t give them power to affect how you build your brand.

I want to make a disclaimer here, so you must know that I’m not a social worker. I am also not a doctor or anyone with a lot of degrees revolving around social work. Now, I have spent plenty of time talking to therapists, but my profession is social media marketing. Spending as much time as I do on social media does help one better see patterns in people though.

Therefore, it makes sense to take this article with a little grain of salt.  The goal is to get people to think about how to discern what criticism is constructive while also identifying the malarkey.

It doesn’t take a genius or a degree to know wasting time on malarkey costs money. Avoiding the malarkey will help you save a lot of time and energy so you can focus more on your goals.

Who are the social media police?

One of the best ways to avoid issues with the social media police is knowing how to identify them. Social media police differ from the real police due to the way they don’t really protect or serve anyone. They act like more like any abuser does so you can save time, hassle and pain by being aware of their tactics.

Tactics of social media police to watch out for

  1. Gaslighting- 

    The term describes the act of manipulating events to make someone question their own thoughts or perceptions. Gaslighting is also really great for social media scam artists. It is easy to spot at first if you’re paying attention so make sure you do. The act of gaslighting starts with telling or condoning blatant lies. Lies set a precedent, so pay attention to how truthful someone really is.

    If a person gets away with telling you a lie they know they can tell a bigger one later. If they know you know they lie, but you play along you become a target. There are many different ways to go about gaslighting someone, but the goal is always the same. Trust your gut and the things you know you know.

  2. Lovebombing- 

    Lovebombing on social media is pretty easy to fall for due to the way we all need social media love to thrive. People that like and comment on everything you post no matter what may be lovebombing you online. The abusive pattern starts when the person starts to invite you into drama or gets mad about your engagement with others.

    People that give you a lot of social media love are awesome, but it is important to be mindful here too. Some people will give you a ton of social media love only to invite you into conflicts with others. Lovebombers may also threaten to withhold the support if you don’t do x, y or z.  Lovebombers will use you to build their brand only to move onto the next person that can help them better later. Appreciate all the love you get, but be wary of people that demand more than a simple win-win mindset.

  3. Benching- 

    Your social media tribe is like a roster on any sports team due to the group mentality. No matter who you are there is only so much time in a day. Some people have built millions of followers by treating their followers like people on a sports team. It is an approach that makes a lot of sense in a lot of ways. You need to take care of your best players to put the best team on the field.

    Don’t waste a lot of time trying to make someone else’s starting rotation. It’s always best to focus on your team and decide who is on the field playing for you. A great online networker will be on a handful of teams at any time. A bad online networker only works on their team and focusing on how much their team scores. People that make money online don’t tend to spend a lot of time sucking up to anyone to get off the bench. Join a team that teaches how to be the coach like the SPN social media groups. 🙂

  4. Ghosting-

    This one is a little trickier due to the anonymity behind social media and the crazy people that dwell on it. Ghosting a random social media follower that gives you the creeps is one thing. However, someone that you have gotten to know a bit deserves more. If someone is irking you for whatever reason, then you owe it to yourself and them to air the issue. Experience has taught me most misunderstandings or things people do to irk you are truly unintentional.

    Most people really want to do good and spread positive vibes. It is important to remember that how you treat people online is a reflection of your character. No one likes to be ghosted, so avoid ghosting people unless you have reason to fear for your safety. Safety is always first, but following the Golden Rule should also always be on your list of things to do.

    Don’t worry about how you build your brand as much as you worry about how you make people feel. Telling someone your boundaries and letting them know they are pushing them is the proper way to go.

  5. Gossip

    One of the best ways to spot someone working for the social media police is watching out for gossip. Those that gossip to you will gossip about you, so be mindful of those in the gossip circles. It is also important to hear what people are up to, but there is a line between spreading need-to-know info and partaking in gossip. Gossip can kill your brand in many ways. Those that gossip tend to do the other social media police activity too, so be alert. Misery loves company and so do haters. Successful people don’t waste a lot of time with gossip. They’re too busy reading blogs with topics like how to build your brand better.

Final thoughts on the social media police and how to build your brand

The internet is a sea of information full of life and creatures of all kinds. Learning how to navigate through the social media channels can lead someone to a great life. Making a passive income on the internet is tough to beat, so the lure is always there. There is also plenty of danger and things that will get you to float off course.

Don’t let anyone that is acting as the social media police to chart your path. Plot your own course and set sail as you see fit, so you can truly be captain of your own ship. Build your brand and social media tribe like a captain builds the ship and crew, so you feel comfortable at sea in calm waters or hurricane like activity.

History remembers the bold captains that went where no else did. The ones that treated people right along the way sure have a better legacy.

Michael (mike) O'Connor

About Michael (Mike) O’Connor

Mike is the creator of the Service Professionals Network social media project. Mike is also a content writer for 2nd Chance Water Restoration and a marketing partner for Monat. Please feel free to contact mike anytime.

*SPN would also like to thank this month’s sponsors Cottage Corp, Motor City Spindle Repair, Next Level Theory, Alt Biz SolutionsGW DISTILLERY.

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How to Make LinkedIn Work for Your Business

LinkedIn is a social media site, so for a lot of people, it’s just a place where they go, create a profile and move on. If you do something like that you are losing quite a lot of benefits, as LinkedIn is very powerful and with the right approach it can help you quite a bit.

It can offer you visibility and it will also make it easy to create a business connection. As you know, networking is very important for any business, and LinkedIn allows you to achieve that online. Not only that, but it also makes it easier to maintain a connection with the people you already met. So yes, it makes a lot of sense to use it for your company. But how can you make it work for your business?

Include photos and videos on your LinkedIn profile

If you really want to make LinkedIn work for your business, a good idea is to create a very good profile. Make it shine and stand out in front of the others. What this means is that you need to add videos and photos the best way that you can. In this situation, you want to add multimedia content that’s super important for your business as a whole. As long as you include such content in your profile, it will be easier for people to browse it but also connect with you. The process of adding videos and images is very simple, and the best part is that everything is adaptable.

Create content that’s informative and valuable

LinkedIn also allows you to write content, and that can be super important for your business. You can start by updating the status often and show people that they can indeed get lots of good information from you. It’s a good idea to create some posts that showcase your knowledge regarding this sector too. making it unique and distinct is super important, and it’s the type of thing that will provide you with a wide array of benefits in the long term.

Add more and more connections

One of the best things about LinkedIn is that it makes it super easy to add connections. The challenge here is adding connections that you really know. Just like other social sites, you will also receive random invites here as well. You want to have a meaningful online presence, so make sure that you get the right connections is ideal here. You can also invite people via LinkedIn as well, and you can send a personalized invitation. This will increase the chances of success as well.

Check who views your profile

Once you do that, connect with them. But remember, you want meaningful and professional connections. Random connections won’t really help you that much. But the right and proper connections can indeed do wonders. While you won’t connect with everyone out there, it’s safe to say that it will be a very good idea to check the profile views. It will give an accurate insight into who is interested in your content and so on. Stuff like this is super important and it can do wonders for sure.

Endorse people

Not only will this make your business show support for people that are meaningful, but it also offers exposure. Those persons that see your endorsement will most likely check your page and even connect with you. It can be very hard to acquire a lot of endorsements, and that’s exactly what you need to take into consideration in that perspective. Make sure that you offer endorsements to people that you know. And make them accurate as well as to the point. Once you do that the outcome can be nothing short of impressive every time.

Join SPN on LinkedIn

Enter groups

Make sure that you enter LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your industry. Once you enter this kind of groups it will be a lot easier to obtain the exposure and results that you expect. Another thing to note is that you can find lots of groups, so pick the best ones that really matter to you. It’s important to note that you can join up to 50 groups, so you really have to take that into consideration.

Once you create a LinkedIn profile, you need to be active. You have to create content as often as possible and you really need to deliver quality information to your readers and visitors. The more exposure and connections you get, the better it will be. So do try to take that into consideration and the results can indeed be among some of the best.

Henry Landau is CEO – Executive Recruiter at First Health Pro

About the author: Henry Landau is CEO – Executive Recruiter at First Health Pro, where he recruits healthcare professionals and helps them find their dream jobs. Henry has worked with a lot of candidates to guide them on how to get them hired, Henry has also worked with a lot of healthcare organizations to help them come up with a strategy on how to find the best talent in the market. You can expect complete professionalism and honesty when working with Henry. Feel free to reach out and ask for advice

First Health Pro: Health Care Staffing

Make sure to join the SPN social media groups, so you can also share your content here. Please also remember that SPN does nonprofit fundraising through our shopping blogs. Thank you and have a great day!

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How To Impress People

How to impress people is something that I have been trying to figure out my whole life. My twin brother and I grew up in a family of 7. Our family life was not always perfect, but there were also things I would never trade.

My dad was perhaps one of the best salespeople that I’ve ever met. He was also a professional gambler for more than 3 decades, so the man knew how to impress people. He also knew that living to impress people wasn’t the key to happiness. However, impressing people is often a side effect of being genuinely happy.

I lost my last 3 MMA fights, so there I was after last one sitting in the dressing room. I was upset, so my dad asked me why. My response was that I wasn’t happy with my less than impressive performance.

“Don’t worry about impressing people. You shouldn’t fight to impress anyone nor care what they say about it. If you have a dream chase it and don’t worry about impressing people while you do it. Most of them don’t know what you’re trying to do or why you’re trying to do it. You’re O’Mazing and I know it. Besides, it is easy to impress people; just show them who you are.”

My dad was not always the most supportive or outwardly loving people, so his words made a huge impact. Most of the reason why I was fighting was so I could impress him. He didn’t say amazing but went with my catchphrase at the time so I knew he cared.  He was gone not long after that, so I think about these words often. The more I think about them the more I get how much meaning was put behind them.

won the war within

Don’t Live To Impress People

You should never live to impress other people because it’s a waste of time and energy. You’ll be a lot happier if you live to impress yourself.

However, it is also important to have the ability to make a good first impression with people. Knowing how to impress people can really help you improve your life. So it’s my hope that these tips on how to impress people are easy-to-apply to your life.

Most people decide within seconds whether or not they’ll like, trust and respect you. Therefore, these tips on how to impress people should help with finding a job or fundraising for nonprofits.

10 tips on how to impress people you need to know

1. Put people at ease first:

It is always important to remember that people are animals that have DNA wired to anticipate danger. We also live in a dog eat dog world, so being mindful of that pays. I ‘m a rather large individual that can look angry very easily. I’m also an extrovert that never stops talking, so I try to always put people at ease through self-deprecating humour and being mindful of their cues and body language. Part of the reason why I dress down on most occasions is to be taken less like a threat.

If you’re approaching someone online you still have to put them at ease. Sure, their guard is not up as a result of a physical threat, but there is also danger online. So it makes sense to start things off slow when it comes to forming online relationships too.

Make it clear that you aren’t in a person’s inbox or social media thread just to get something from them. That is a great way to impress people online.

2. Do your share of helping others:

We all have our problems and issues to deal with and we all need help from time to time. That is why it is so important to help people when you are able to. It doesn’t really matter why someone needs help. Do your share of helping others, because it’s the right thing to do. Impressing others is just a benefit that comes along with doing some good deeds.

SPN was built to help others through our social media groups and nonprofit fundraising. We grew into a marketing company due to the way people appreciate our efforts to help others. Now, we can focus on helping others that are fighting disease or a going through a major life crisis. People like Rachael La Rue who is fighting for her life due to breast implant illness.

3. Avoid the drama:

We all have good days and we all also have our bad days too. The ability to consistently avoid the drama is one sure to impress people.

The ability to apply tact and make a point without making enemies is a great way to impress people.

No wants to hire the person that brings drama to the table. It doesn’t really matter what role they’re trying fill either. Most people are trying hard to avoid the drama, so keep that in mind. If you’re hiring an employee, dating someone, choosing friends would you choose the drama?

No one else does either, so try to avoid the drama.

People don’t want more drama in their lives and you can’t blame them. Therefore, it makes sense to limit the drama you share online or off.

4. Follow the Golden Rule:

Do you like people that treat you the way you want to be treated?

Yea, so do most other people. Following the Golden Rule makes it a lot easier to avoid the drama. It also helps others to avoid the drama, so it’s a total win-win way to impress people.

There is a huge reason why treating others the way you want to be treated is known around the world as the Golden Rule. Sadly, it’s not as common as it perhaps once was. Making it clear you follow the Golden Rule will also put people at ease and help you build trust. You should try to never break the Golden Rule.

5. Take ownership of faults and work to make amends:

We all really do have our bad days or moments and say things we probably shouldn’t. The option to take ownership of faults and work to make amends is also there for everyone. To truly make amends with someone you first need to take ownership of your faults or wrongdoings. This is very hard for a lot of people to do for a variety of reasons.

Develop the ability to take ownership of your faults and wrongdoings. Working to make amend is an awesome way to impress people. It is also one of the best ways to follow the Golden Rule. If you want people to apologize or make amends for the wrong they do provide the same courtesy to others.

Mike O'Connor's appearance on Own Your Awkward

6. Keep it real while picking your battles:

Every wannabe influencer on social is talking about how to keep it real. Authentic is also perhaps the biggest buzzword of 2018 in a lot of circles. Part of me hates it because so many people just say the words without making a true effort. Part of me also really likes it because you should always be real with people.

However, keeping it really real all the time can cause a lot of problems with the whole “avoid the drama” tip. So it is important to pick your battles. Be mindful of cues and use a little tact when keeping it real. It makes life easier. If you can’t use tact and keep it real, then it’s time to move on.

Keep it real while picking your battles and you’re sure to impress people. You will also build a lot of self-respect if you can keep it real while following the golden rule.

7. Maintain your integrity no matter what:

At the end of your days, you can take nothing with you, but your integrity. Unless you lose it along the way.

How you made people feel and the positive impact you make will be your legacy. Maintaining your integrity no matter what will impress people. It will also help you build life-long friendships. Maintain your integrity and you’ll most likely make a positive impact on the world.

It’s hard not to like someone that follows the Golden Rule and tries to do the right thing. You can get a lot of grace from a lot of people for many faults if you act with integrity. Acting with integrity is a great way to influence people, but it will also bring long-term happiness.

It’s not always easy to act with integrity especially when it’s not the popular thing to do. Acting with integrity is not always the best way to impress people.  However, it’s always worth it because it’s always the right the thing to do.

8. Chase down dreams like a hungry lion chasing a gazelle:

Without passion, you lose hope and people without hope don’t impress people. The people that truly chase down dreams like a hungry lion chasing a gazelle impress people. They impress people because it takes a lot of passion most of us don’t use to truly chase down dreams.

You shop on Amazon and SPN helps others in need.

9. Stay positive

Having the ability to stay positive is one of my favourite ways to impress people. Everyone loves sunshine, puppies and rainbows due to the way they make us feel. Find the positive vibes in every earthquake and people will gravitate to you.

Your intentions don’t matter as much as your tone due to the way people avoid the drama. If you have something that needs to be said, then stay positive and find a good way to say it. It’s always worth the extra time to say it right. It also helps make a good impact on the world when you teach others to stay positive. Hang onto your positivity like you do your integrity and you’ll be alright.

10. Have confidence

This list could easily be named “10 tips on how to be sexy.” Have confidence because having true confidence is a surefire way to impress people. Life is always beating down on top of all of us. We can all find a million reasons to not have confidence.

Successful people tend to have confidence. They also tend to have confidence before they’re successful.

Final thoughts on how to impress people

It is important to know how to impress people, but your life can be so much more. People are drawn to those with an open mind and passion for other people. Don’t just strive to show how much drive and empathy you have for other people. Develop your drive to get things done to help other people. That drive will also help you get the most out of life.

Life is not meant to be spent chasing respect or love from other people. Spend your life by giving respect and love to people. You will find that giving people love and respect is the best way to get love and respect. Being mindful of how you make others feel will change your world. It will also change their world.

Life is too short and none of us knows when our time has come. We can get that one-way ticket to meet our maker at any time, so make sure keep that in mind. Knowing that life is short and unknown is not something you should worry about. It is something you should embrace to impress people enough for them to want to do the same. Live your life in a way that inspires others to have a little more drive and empathy. It will be a life well spent.

Warmest regards and thank you for reading. Please let me know in the comments or by sharing how you feel.

More about Michael (mike) O'Connor

About the author: Michael (Mike) O’Connor

Mike is the creator of the Service Professionals Network social media project. Mike is also a content writer for 2nd Chance Water Restoration and a marketing partner for Monat. Please feel free to contact mike anytime.

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Book Reviews

These SPN book reviews were done by SPN members, so feel free to join SPN and submit content. Here is a list of book reviews that we have done recently:

Upcoming SPN book reviews

The Service Professionals Network will be reviewing books by SPN social media group members, so check back here. Here are some books by SPN group members that SPN will be reviewing here in the near future. Please feel free to buy these books and submit a book review anytime.

How to promote a book online

The SPN social media groups has a lot of authors and book fanatics in them, so join us for help. The SPN will groups have a lot of people in them that will help you promote your book. SPN is all about Win-Win Networking & Marketing, so there are a lot of people willing to help.

We are also cool with you sharing content about your books in the SPN social media groups. Therefore, it’s a good way to get your book out to millions of people in a few clicks.

It takes time and effort to write a book, so here are tips to help you promote your book:

  1. Social Media: There is no better and more cost effective way to promote a book than a solid social media campaign. Hence, why FREE social networking sites and groups like SPN are great. Social media networkers that practice win-win can get your book out in front of millions of people. You can share your story about writing the book every step of the way thus building interest. Help other people promote their books and they’ll probably help you promote your book too.
  2. Blog & Email: Starting a simple WordPress blog and email campaign where you provide updates can build a lot of interest. This will also be more effective with a solid social media campaign.
  3. Use Press Releases & Free Websites: Writing a free press release and free websites to announce your book. You can also do a paid press release, if you it is in your budget. A paid press release is  a great way to get more response while also producing backlinks to your blog or website.
  4. Run A Contest: People love winning especially, if there is a FREE prize, so run a contest with your book being the prize. Caption this photo or suggest something about the cover contests are always fun ways to promote a book.

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The SPN social media groups on LinkedIn & Facebook led to this networking site you see today. You can join the SPN groups on both LinkedIn and Facebook. You can also now register an account on this site now too!

The SPN social media groups are on all the major social networks, so SPN can help you grow quickly. SPN can also help you learn how to build win-win relationships with C-level professionals around the world. The more people that join the SPN social media groups and add the value the better everyone in SPN will benefit.

The core values of the SPN social media groups are the Golden rule and paying it forward. SPN was built to help people that are trying to make the world a better place. That is also the reason behind our efforts to work help the URTFC raise money for nonprofits.

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There is perhaps no better way to engage with the best of the best on LinkedIn. Some of the biggest social media influencer and business professionals in the world are in this #SPN social media group.

It is also a great place to share your LinkedIn content to get additional views to your profile while growing your audience.

The people that can best show you how to use LinkedIn are in this social media group, so engage them.

Join the SPN group on LinkedIn so you build your professional network with C-level executives and social media influencers. You can also share your social media and business related content like you can in other digital marketing groups.

Why you should join the SPN Facebook group

The SPN Facebook group is valuable due to the way it helps people build their Facebook network. LinkedIn professionals that also like to ply their craft on Facebook are in the SPN Facebook group too.

Our SPN group is a great way to:

  1. grow your Facebook audience.
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  3. share your content, news and nonprofit work.
  4. meet business leaders and change makers.
  5. learn about new things in the tech and digital marketing industries.

The list can also go on for quite awhile.

SPN is social media networking

Why you should join the #SPN community on Google Plus

  1. The is no better backlink for your website, social media page or YouTube channel than a Google Plus Backlink with a plus one or two.
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  3. Google Plus likes help you index faster on Google so you get more traffic from Google.
  4. It only takes a second to paste a link in the SPN Google Plus Community, so it provides the best long-term ROI.
  5. It opens you up to a whole new audience.

Again, this list of benefits can go on for quite a while, but these 5 points should be reason enough.

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Bringing Your Brand And Customers Together With Geofencing

Bringing your brand and customers together with Geofencing

by Bernie Fussenegger SPN

 There are many industries that can benefit from Geofencing, but today, I’m going to focus on Geofencing and Marketing.

What is Geofencing

To get us started, Geofencing is a location-based tool that gives brands or marketers the ability to define geographic areas.  Geofencing also provides the ability to message customers as they enter or exit the defined geographic area. 

The Geofencing software interacts with your Native Apps via the app SDK (iOS and Android) to deliver the message to the customer.

Geofencing has two types; active and passive. Active is when a customer has your app open and passive is running in the background collecting data.

Geofencing example

Benefits of use Geofencing

Geofencing can be a competitive advantage when you are up against strong competition. The tech can also be used in many industries such as QSR, retail, florists, stadiums, and automotive/car dealerships, to name a few. This tech will also allow you to:

  • put your locations to work for you.
  • conquest customers when they are at a competitors location.
  • create customer segments and then to target those segments with messages and offers that are relevant.
  • push messages based on past behaviors or past orders – this can really be set up to trigger off any number of set criteria.
  • collect data on your customer to use later. Now, you don’t always need to take action when a customer is at your location.
  • increase customer retention of the App.
  • do more than just an alert. The tech is smart so it uses customer data to send the right messages at the right time.
  • send an entry/exit message to customers.

Type of message you can send with geofencing include

  1. Alerts
  2. Notifications
  3. Offers/promotions
  4. Branded messages
  5. Personalized
  6. Targeted
  7. Display content

Information you can gather

There is so much information you can gather and learn from your customers from their behaviors

1 – Determine your customers home and work locations

2 – Determine if your customer is traveling

3 – Sales data

4 – Behavioral data

5 – What stores are performing better

6 – What customer segments are performing better and what message is driving action

7 – Determine who your customer is and tie the App data into your overall data to get a full 360 view of the customer

Geofencing Example

Walgreens is a great example of how geofencing works. I was driving past a location recently and got the following push notification saying I was nearby and to stop in.

Check out Walgreens for deals

Was this creepy? Maybe five years ago it would have been, but not in today’s digital age.

 It did several things including:

  • Let me know I was close to a Walgreens thus creating awareness.
  • Got me to open the app to see the coupons and my rewards which were targeted for me.
  • Trigger my thinking of what I actually need to buy.
  • Help make up my mind to go inside and buy something.

The timing was perfect so kudos Walgreens!


Not every brand has a need nor does it make sense for everyone. However, you can increase your brand awareness while being very targeted and personalized with your customer using this tech.

When thinking of mobile and native apps, think about all the possibilities and how they can work for your business or brand.

If you have any questions around GeoFencing and how it could help your brand, shoot me a message on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Bernie Fussenegger

With more than 25 years of experience in marketing, Bernie is a Director of Digital – Customer Identity. His current focus is building and scaling a progressive digital marketing foundation that balances the needs of both consumers and national/local stakeholders —  all while delivering measurable ROI to the business. All comments, opinions, feedback, and views are his own.

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Four Simple Tips to Improve Your Sales Performance

Four Simple Tips to Improve Your Sales Performance

Are you looking to step up your sales performance?  Seriously, who doesn’t want to win more deals?  I am always looking for techniques to help increase my sales in a given month to blow past my quota.  The cycle repeats every month.

Seasoned sales professionals are always looking for ways to improve their sales performance. The business world continues to evolve, so we must adapt or chance being left behind. The more up-to-date we are on technology and changing times the better our sales performance will be.

In a world full of information, it can be hard sometimes to extract the most helpful tips to propel forward in better ways.  Relax, as this article contains four simple yet impactful strategies you can incorporate to achieve better results moving forward.

Icebreakers and Rapport Building

First, you simply can’t rush to get to home plate. To score, you need to slow your roll just a bit. I know the time is ticking and you need sales now. We all do. To get better results, you need to take a moment and get to know your prospect. You’ve heard, “they don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” before right? This profound truth is paramount to successful selling in our world today. Sensitivity and perceived disrespect are at the high end of the proverbial pendulum. You can lose before you get started if you come off as too aggressive.

People will respond to your desire to show them what you have to offer if they know you are not just in it for yourself. You have to let them see you as a real person before they will open up to you. Humility and staying humble will help with this approach. You can be confident and not be arrogant, so be mindful of your nonverbal communication too. Small changes in how you build rapport and use your body language can have a huge impact on your sales performance.

Do some research before a sales meeting with a prospect so you have ideas on how to break the ice. Check out the social media profiles of your potential clients before you engage with them. You can brush up on what makes them tick and perhaps discover their goals.

A little research can also help you avoid potential landmines too. Don’t feel bad about using public information to improve your sales performance. You are simply adapting to the new information available at your fingertips. Use everything you can to help establish a new professional relationship. Be authentic, remember to smile and don’t talk too much.

Talking less will help your sales performance

We tend to focus far too much on ourselves and our product or service when speaking with potential clients.  Instead, we need to get them to talk to us about what they want and like.  We can tell our friends all about our day and what we like after work is over.  During work, our role is to talk less and listen more, so we know what to say when it’s time to speak. Listening more and talking less is the best way to improve your sales performance in a hurry.

Doors can shut or open wide depending on how we use our verbal communication.  The same is also true of our nonverbal communication. If you want to win more deals, ask questions. Make sure to be a good listener when the potential client is answering your questions. It is so important that your nonverbal cues tell the client you are paying attention and care.

Learn to let your audience do the talking and watch their excitement build as they let you see inside.  This method of questioning will help you further develop rapport too, if not establish a budding friendship. Making friends with your potential clients makes improving your sales performance a whole lot easier.

So how do you apply this technique effectively? Give it about ten seconds after asking a question and the potential client quits speaking before you continue. An awkward silence sometimes leads to the gateway of success as your new friend opens up.

Use open-ended questions to get as much from them as you can.  Sure you need to be mindful of the clock, but if you talk more in the conversation than they do, you have lost.  Basically, you can learn to win more by saying much less.   When it comes to sales performance less is often more.

Benefits to the Potential Client Make the Difference

After you break the ice and discover how to help them specifically, you now are ready to use closed-ended questions and speak in sentences.  You can now start leading your new friend to the solution to their problems.  To gain the most traction, use your words in ways that clearly highlight the benefits your solution offers.  Try your hardest to keep it short and sweet.  Remember to keep terminology simple and your message will hit the mark.

Please don’t discuss feature details, or talk about specifications at all.  Instead, tell them how a feature will help them.  Starving sales reps focus on the product.  The best sales performers adapt.  Your clients’ interest lies in what you can do, not how you can do it.

Show the Win-Win to Close the Sale

Breaking the ice, building rapport and sharing the benefits that will help your potential client are key to increasing your sales.

You won’t win, until you show them how to win.  Are you currently struggling to add sales, but unsure of why your prospects are choosing your competition?  Do you want to know why they are not choosing you?  Many deals are won or lost based on emotion and logic.  Losing deals can come down to simple comprehension of how the purchase helps.

The vendor with a better relationship and the one who explains their value proposition better, will win most sales bids.  If you are losing more often than you win, you should look at the value you are offering.  Consider how well you are explaining the impact implementing your proposal will make.  You might have developed a great solution but need to improve your method of sharing it.  Are you showing them how they will win?  Can they see clearly how you both win when they sign with you?

Clients don’t want to be sold.  Clients want to buy things that help them!  Build excitement, add value, paint the picture of how you will help them get what they want.  Too simple?  No, it’s simply brilliant.  Apply these techniques and close more deals.

SPN Contributor: Ira Bowman

Ira is a proud member of SPN, the founder of #projecthelpyougrow and a 20 year business to business sales professional. As an Account Manager for Californa Surveying & Drafting Supply, Inc (CSDS) and a happily married man with eight children, Ira never lacks for things to do, but writing is one of his passions and helping people is always a top priority.

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*SPN would also like to thank this month’s sponsors Cottage Corp & GW DISTILLERY.

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