Delete My Browser History Medical Alert Bracelet

The SPN gift guides have a lot of great gifts, but few save lives like “Delete My Browser History Medical Alert Bracelet.” That was a joke, but this is enough truth in that last line to make this a great gift for men.

Product description: “Delete My Browser Histor Medical Alert Bracelet”

This gag gift is engraved with “Delete My Browser History” on the front. There is also space on the back for custom engraving. This bracelet is a great gift for men, women or Christmas.

This gag gift is humorous and in no way should be used for any kind of medical purposes of any kind. Rely on your friends to delete your browser history like everyone else.

This item is perfect for kids 13+ and adults and it’s also great for home & office gag gift.

People also tend to like the “delete my browser history dog tag.”

Military Dog Tags - medical alert DELETE MY BROWSER HISTORY Dog Tag Necklace - Tag-Z
Military Dog Tags – medical alert DELETE MY BROWSER HISTORY Dog Tag Necklace – Tag-Z

Other reasons why I’m broke include:

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Home Planetarium Star Projector | Sega Toys Homestar Flux

Who doesn’t want a home planetarium star projector? Nothing says peaceful like 60,000 little lights that create the solar system on your walls and ceilings. There is a reason why this product is so popular. It’s awesome, but don’t take our word for it. Check out the product details and reviews on Amazon.

Sega Toys Homestar Flux (Satin Black) Home Planetarium Star Projector

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Power Press Push Up – Complete Push Up Training System

This Power Press Push Up- Complete Push Up Training System in the image below will help you take your push up power to the next level.

Build the impressive back, chest, and guns you’ve always wanted. Make sure to also check out Next Level Theory if you want to get good workouts in from the comfort of your own home.

Power Press Push Up Training System

This complete push-up training system will help you take your strength and fitness to the next level. The Maximum Fitness Gear Power Press pushup training system is also a great way to save time. This piece of equipment is small enough to make it easily transportable. It’s also beneficial enough to take it wherever you need to go.

Everyone knows that push-ups are a huge part of every serious athlete’s workouts. Now, they can also be a more efficient part of your workout. This system will help you get more out of your pushups.

This “plug and press” push up push up training board is a great system to help build muscle. Get all the details on Amazon.

Check out these other fitness items

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller for Core Workouts $32.45

Core Prodigy Python Power Twister – Chest and Arm Builder $37.95

Marcy Wrist and Forearm Developer $19.99

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Our Cool Stuff Gift Guides | Thanks For Shopping

The SPN blogs below offer more than our cool stuff gift guides. These blogs help SPN provide all the free value that we do to SPN members. They also help SPN with our nonprofit fundraising efforts.

Amazon Deals Of The Day!

Our cool stuff gift guides for everyone

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Get great gift ideas for women that any lady is sure to love.

Gifts For Men

Get the manliest gifts for men ideas on the internet today. Find great gifts that celebrate manly men.

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The gifts for kids guide really does have some gift ideas for kids so check it out.

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Serious gamers take their gear seriously, so check out our gifts for gamers guide to get the best present for the video game addicts in your life.

Christmas Gifts

Check out our Christmas gift guide to find the gifts for your Christmas loving friends.

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Check out the other reasons why I’m broke

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Why Grandparents Should Wear Thongs

Are you looking for really great anniversary gifts for your grandparents? Well, if they have a sense of humor as off as your’s appears to be they’ll love “Why Grandparents Should Wear Thongs.”

Novelty Book: Why Grandparents Should Wear Thongs
This lady understands “Why Grandparents Should Wear Thongs.” Buy It On Amazon!
  • THIS IS JUST A NOTEBOOK WITH FUNNY COVER – THE COVER IS A JOKE! The pages are blank, so don’t expect us to justify your grandparents wearing thongs.
  • This JOKE notebook is not to be bought for any other reason than entertaining men, women, and people in the home and office or man cave.
  • If you’re thinking about submitting content to SPN, then you can practice your writing in this notebook.
  • PRODUCT FEATURES – This book comes with 200 white pages without lines. Hardcover glossy paper, so it’s totally blank except for the cover where the joke takes place.
  • Get this gag gift today. Buy it on Amazon.

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100 Tricks To Walk Naked Without Anyone Seeing You

This funny notebook with a silly title is a great gag for the home and office. It’s also a great gift for boyfriends or girlfriends that like to walk around naked.

The book is funny on any table or nightstand. It’s perfect for men or women with a sense of humor and even looks good in the man cave. Get this book: “100 tricks to walk around naked without anyone seeing you” on Amazon.

It’s also fun to guess what tips are  in 100 Tricks to Walk Naked Without Anyone Seeing You:

  1. Smokescreen.
  2. turning off all the lights & clocks.
  3. Create a distraction, such as playing really awesome music.
  4. I’m already out of ideas, so I have to buy the book…. The pages are blank because the book is a joke. It’s a gag gift, so don’t expect to learn how to be a perverted ninja. Just leave it on your table and wait for people to pick up and tease them.

Buy 100 Tricks To Walk Naked Without Anyone See YOU

100 Tricks To Walk Naked Without Anyone See YOU
100 Tricks To Walk Naked Without Anyone See YOU
100 Tricks To Walk Naked Without Anyone See YOU

Learn more about “100 Tricks To Walk Naked Without Anyone See YOU” and buy it on Amazon.

Check out these other reasons why I’m broke:

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You’re A Digital Genius And Probably Don’t Even Know It.

You’re a digital genius and probably don’t even know it! By Doyle Buehler

Where is your digital genius?

Do you know how to unlock it, discover it and uncover it? Have you found it yet?

It could be closer than you think. It’s no longer about your business, by itself, in isolation.

It’s not about being an expert in the digital field either. Nor ‘just’ about the tech. You have better things to worry about, right? Wrong.

The future of your business is counting on you becoming one. Every entrepreneur has the capability to become a digital genius. And, the bottom line is that you need to become one. Why? Those who learn to best understand the environment that they are operating in are the ones most capable of being able to leverage it to their advantage.

What do I mean? A great chef needs to know how to operate within their environment of the kitchen. The greatest chef still needs to know how to cook amazing food. This is your core business.

What if your competitor becomes better skilled at operating in the digital environment than you? Will you survive? Possibly.

If you want to survive the new environment, then it will take some new thinking.

Your ‘why’ is your core business – you are the “Chef”, after all.

And your ‘How’?

What if you could grow and scale your business by simply knowing HOW best to navigate the digital world? This is where you can put all of the pieces together, to master the online space – the environment where you are doing your “cooking”.

So, how are you going to develop your digital genius?

Check out the SPN book review on Doyle’s book: #BREAKTHROUGH Buy the book or get the kindle version for FREE on Amazon.
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#live20: Experiencing a Focused Life: Book Review

#live20: Experiencing a Focused Life by Luke Williams

In #Live20: Experiencing a Focused Life, Luke gives a lot of great tips to help people structure their time.  It took me a while to get through the book because I am not a person that likes structure or routine. However, I did get through the book and have to admit that I took away a few things from it that give me value today.

I’m a person that lives on the manic side of the bipolar spectrum to some degree. Needless to say, structure and rules have always been an obstacle for me.  This book does drive home some points about focus any business owner should listen to.

I practice mindfulness in a lot of ways, but I’ve also always had an issue with time management and prioritization. Anyone that reads this book should be able to get some actionable advice out of it depending on their mindset.

Check out the book’s reviews on Amazon.

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Bad Parking Cards For Every Occasion

Bad parking cards are a great gag gift for anyone that takes parking seriously. A bad parking card can help let people know exactly how you feel too!

These bad parking cards also come with a lifetime warranty. Look at the reviews about the customer service.

Bad Parking Cards
Get quality “bad parking cards” with a lifetime guarantee here.

We all know someone at the home and office that would love these cards, so don’t keep that in mind when looking for gag gifts. They’re also great if you’re just tired of A**hole parkers. 🙂

bad parking cards
Don’t park like a jerk-bad parking business cards…with a lifetime guarantee.

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W. Kevin Ward: Member Of Week Interview

W. Kevin SPN Member of the Week Interview

W Kevin Ward is the member of the week.  Kevin inspires his followers through his wisdom and insight constantly so it’s easy to highlight him as a win-win connection.

Kevin is a steady personality on social media and a connector of people that also enjoys helping others find their ah-ha moment.  He has teaching people how to think for themselves for a long time, so it’s an honor to highlight him as someone you should connect with.

Craig Wasilchak  What is your social media mission? 

My goal for social media is to gain an audience for a variety of purposes. I like to focus on creating a vast audience that can help others build connections through my connections. Another reason is to build an audience is to have a voice on social/business issues to help bring about change where needed. Finally, I am building a social network that can lead to an opportunity to build a business relationship with my followers.

W. Kevin Ward- The business side

As a certified trainer, the majority of my time is spent training teachers and leaders of all types. My role is to help them use to refine their vision and internal communications. I like to help people streamline their business and implement procedures that improve employee satisfaction.  Working primarily with start-up companies gives me the opportunity to help business owners build a solid foundation that will lead to long-term profits and growth.

Connect with Kevin
Connect with W. Kevin Ward on LinkedIn!

W Kevin Ward – the personal side 

I am an introvert by nature! Some find that surprising given my choice of work. The definition of my name is actually pretty accurate – William (the “W” of my name) means “protector”. Kevin means gentle. People that know me also know that I am a gentle protector.

However, I once was a cocky person and rubbed people the wrong way.  I recently wrote an article on LinkedIn about my journey to humble confidence entitled The Story of the Cocky Rooster…(moving from cockiness to genuine confidence)!

I wrote the article to hopefully help others become more secure in who they were born to be. Being more secure in who you really are will help your personal life and it will also help your career.

I was my own problem for a long time and my life really was able to improve as my mindset did. You can not control everything in life, but you can always control how you react to things. We all need a friend, mentor or coach to help us from time to time. A good coach can help with everything from developing one’s confidence to checking ego. A great coach will help you become congruent with your, body, soul, and spirit!

What good causes or charity organizations are you trying to help? My charitable support is primarily through my local church and veteran’s organizations. As a member of the George State Defense Force, veterans are near and dear to my heart. I also have 2 sons that are veterans.

What brings you joy or sense of accomplishment? The biggest sense of accomplishment is when I see students have an ah-ha moment. There are few better feeling in the world.

What are you doing when you’re not working? When I’m not working I’m usually volunteering or learning.  I also like to work on computers or anything you would consider technology really.  

What is your fun or unique unknown gift, skill, or talent that you can share with everyone?  It has a lot to do with my last answer. I can fix most anything mechanical, electrical, or electric. I also repair jewelry and musical instruments.  

W Kevin Ward – An entrepreneur at heart 

In some ways, I’ve been an entrepreneur all of my life. Even in my pre-teens, I had different money-making things going on. When I was 9 years old, I had to drag a milk crate around to the side of a car in order to wash windows and earn tips at my father’s gas station. I got the entrepreneurial bug from my father who always had some kind of “hustle” or “side business” going on. I suppose my first “official” entrepreneurial effort was when I started my first business in the mid-’80s. For about 15 years, I was the CEO of a small residential construction business. Currently, I have come back to my entrepreneurial foundation as the CEO of WKW Consulting Services.

Top Social Media Friends

Craig Wasilchak: Who are the TOP 6 Social Media friends that have helped you grow the most on social media?  List their name and a single sentence or two stating how they helped you.  (I will Tag them if they are on the SPN site as users—please don’t use Mike O’Connor)

Ok, this one is bit touch but here it goes.

William Harrison – He got on board supporting my posts and including liking and tagging all over. He quietly supported me all along the way.

Rob Balmer – He took me under his wing early on and shared about the algorithm and how to be most effective with gaining engagement. He was also great with liking and commenting.

Rodrigo Martinez – He has been a great help and encouragement especially with the technology side and spiritual connections.

Amer Kayyal – He has done a great deal to help me get exposure. He has included me in many opportunities to become more visible.

Judd Borakove – He helped me to get out of my comfort zone using video. He encouraged and pushed me to try it and offered practical advice too.

Jay MacDonald – early on he quietly supported and promoted my posts to help get exposure for them. He was always there quietly providing support. 

Craig Wasilchak: What is one piece of wisdom that you received, that changed your life forever?

The need to find and be who I have been Created to be. Whatever I’m going to do now and, in the future, I need to always grow as a person, especially in my faith walk. If that is where it needs to be, the other things will take their place.

Craig Wasilchak: How do you find inspiration?

Through prayer, fellowship and time observing the awesomeness of Creation! As a result, I learn from others. 

Craig Wasilchak: What would you say to the 12-year-old version of yourself knowing what you now know?

Learn not to worry about what others think and walk in accordance with who you’ve been born to be.

Craig Wasilchak: Quotes make us stop and think.  What are some of your favorite quotes and why?

“Better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt”– Abraham Lincoln

I dream of a day when my children will be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin”– MLK, Jr

Reach out to connect with Kevin directly to learn more about him and his habit of helping others.


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