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About Service Professional Network

Welcoming new members to SPN!

We are open networkers and we have groups on LinkedIn, Facebook & Google+.

Our Philosophy

If it’s not Win-Win it’s not SPN is our motto and words we live by. The SPN project members will be glad to engage and help you on every major social networking site.
This philosophy extends into the business operations of the Service Professionals Network marketing company. We only partner up with the best discount providers and only advertise what we consider to be “great deals”.

The golden rule is the golden rule for a reason.

We rise by lifting others and we will help promote you, if you promote goodwill.

Lets make a difference. Lets show them that there are infinite possibilities, when professionals work together for a good cause.

Our Story

SPN got started as an open networking initiative designed to help people figure out social media and raise some awareness for charities. A lot of the SPN members on LinkedIn especially run different non-for-profit organizations.
This charity organizations can use help with advertising and raising funds. This e-commerce site and our marketing services are an attempt to make a living while doing some good in the world.

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Mike O'Conner
Mike O'ConnerFounder and CEO
Mike is a social media influencer with nearly 30k 1st degree connections on LinkedIn. He is known for driving engagement and views for all of his connections. He will do his best to help where he can.

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