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These groups are full of small to large business owners and entrepreneurs from around the world.

Do you provide a service or product? 

Do want to build your resume, clientele and get leads? 

Do you want to network with #LinkedIn influencers?

Do you have questions about networking, marketing and LinkedIn? 

Do you want a free review and promote your book?

Do you want to share a charity or fundraiser?

#SPN groups help people improve results on social media marketing, because we believe in Win-Win. We help people grow by sharing and engaging on their social media posts.  Our goal is to help drive traffic to your blogs, websites and social media pages, so you do better with your internet marketing.

Our goal with the #SPNproject is to have fun helping others grow their business online while also raising some money for good causes.

If it’s not Win-Win it’s not #SPN is more than a catchy marketing slogan, because we help others.  #SPN engages on many different social media marketing sites, so we can help your digital marketing efforts everywhere. We know sharing is caring, so #SPN members engage and share content on social media.

Shop Through The Service Professionals Network

Shop through the Service Professionals Network gift guides, so we can raise money. Money is great, because we can buy more things we don’t need and help good causes too! SPN has a lot of #geeks who are members and spend way too much money online while working from home. Therefore, it makes sense that we offer product and book reviews on things we like. We also make a little money from our affiliate links, so it’s a win-win. Let us know, if you want us to review your business, book or toys. We love toys so we will look forward to reviewing those anytime.

Get great gift ideas for men, women, kids and geeks of all ages through our shopping blogs. We also have great gift ideas for the man cave, home or office.

The Service Professionals Network does not have a lot of overhead, so we hope to make things happen. Finding the best gifts for women or men on the SPN helps us make a difference.

Find the best gift ideas and help a good cause, so you feel good about yourself. Helping people by shopping through our great gift guides will also earn you some karma points.

We practice Win-Win in SPN, so we will be glad to help you develop your social media marketing skills. Thank you for also keeping us in mind, when you need to buy Christmas gifts too.

The Service Professionals Network Knows Digital Marketing

SPN has members around the world with various backgrounds with many professionals in digital marketing. These professionals are sharing digital marketing tips on social selling, open networking, branding, SEO and more in our blog.

We are always looking to help an entrepreneur get going, so contact us anytime to suggest topics. We will also be sharing tips on how to work from home and how to start a home based business too!

The creator of the SPN project, Mike O’Connor, is a social media and kindness enthusiast that enjoys helping other entrepreneurs.

Please remember that you’re welcome to join the SPN groups on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+.  These groups help professionals connect and build Win-Win relationships.

Entrepreneur development is what SPN is about, so join us to grow your social media network and business.  Our members are engaging and ready to help you get your influencer on. We work from home and run our home based business, so can show you how to do it too!


SPN has a lot of accounts, so we offer a backlink building service on Fiverr. We can help you target just about any location, industry or keyword without issue. You should also make sure to open some accounts due the way smartlist can help generate leads. We use these smartlist to drive traffic and also make sales.

You can use the FYI smartlist for social media marketing, because they help curate all your content into one nice package. We only offer backlinks and social media marketing through Fiverr.

Home Based Business Ideas

A lot of people looking for home based business ideas, so we are reviewing the best ones in SPN. Almost everyone needs to make additional income, so we are going to highlight home based business ideas we like.

Quite a few people in SPN are pushing Monat.

Therefore, it made sense to start with the number premium hair care company in the United States. It did not take long to see why so many hair stylists and barbers use Monat for supplementary income. SPN became a Marketing Partner With Monat Global due to the word of mouth in the SPN social media groups.

The SPN project is also developing a social media networking site to take our fundraising efforts to the next level. There are a lot of big plans for 2018!

Why Should I Join The SPN Project Again?

The answer is simple, because SPN is built on win-win and there is no cost, drawbacks or catches. The SPN social media groups are a bunch of professionals that like to have fun and do good deeds.

There are also many different types of social media influencer in the SPN project. These social media influencers are known for helping others, so don’t miss your chance to engage.

Join the Service Professional Network social media groups and learn from branding, digital marketing and social media experts. Engage with the pros that know.

You will learn a lot and also meet a lot of people that can change your life in SPN.

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